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Have you been thinking it’s time you tried playing online slots for real money but are not sure which ones to go for and which casino is the best to play at? If so, then you have landed on the right page. We understand exactly what it’s like to take that leap of faith for a gambler, especially someone who is new to online gambling. 

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For this reason, we’ve put together a fully comprehensive page about the best casinos to play online slots, the latest bonuses that you can get your hands on, and finally all you need to know about how slots work. Read on to understand more about this game and to find answers to all the frequently asked questions. If you want to play right away, check out our recommended list of casinos below; we’ve made sure to list only the safest, most trustworthy casinos with the most competitive  Welcome Bonuses for new players!

Before we begin looking into how slots work and what players need to look for when choosing slots, let’s first answer the question that is on everybody’s minds: why play slots for real money?

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Free Slots vs. Real Money Slots

Essentially, free slots are for fun whilst real money slots have the potential of enjoying a cool payout. These slots have proven very popular in the South African market as players have an opportunity to win real cash.

Let’s see the difference between the two;

Free SlotsReal Money Slots
No Registration is required to playRegistration is required to deposit and play
No Deposits are needed, you will have access to virtual coins which one can play with.Requires deposit from card to set the bet levels before spinning
Cannot withdraw winnings as these are virtual coinsCan cash out and withdraw winnings to an account of your choice almost instantly at most casinos
No risk of losing money involved but funMuch more fun as you are betting with real money with a chance to win
Ideal for beginners to experience what slots are likeExperienced players can bet with real money and try out their luck.

How Slots Work

Slots are really easy to play – all you have to do is press the spin button for the reels to start spinning. But the trick is understanding what goes on behind the scenes, and what a win looks like.

So, let’s start from the beginning. As mentioned, very easy game; anyone will be able to understand it and hence slots provide a  popular gambling option for South African punters. 

As we mentioned, the entire game is controlled via the spin button, so whenever this is pressed, it causes the reels to start spinning and after a few seconds those reels will start slowing down and eventually land on certain symbols. 

The reels displayed in the games are created using a combination of different symbols. We will get into what these symbols mean very soon.

To win and cash out on slot machines, you must stop the reel on the winning combination. What determines when and on which symbols the reels land on, is something which is decided by a chip. Each machine has a chip inside called a random number generator (rng), which computes mathematical calculations very quickly to determine which random combination of symbols should appear in the slot reel to the user. The random number generator does not have a memory module installed, i.e it does not remember what combinations were displayed before hence it cannot show the same combinations. This ensures that slots are fair and not biased towards the casino. 

Before each spin, a player will bet an amount of money, to which they will get a return if 3 or more symbols line up in a pay line. The amount of the value won depends on the;

  1. symbols landed on 

  2. the size of the wager. 

To become a seasoned pro at online slots, understanding the symbols that make up the slot game is vital. Here are the three main symbols found in slot games:


Wilds is a symbol which appears in the classic, video and progressive slots. Its role is to replace other symbols and complete your winning combinations. For example, if you have the symbol combinations monkey-monkey-rabbit-monkey-monkey, the rabbit wild card can replace the rabbit symbol with a monkey to make making the combination a winning one.


Scatter is another special symbol. It typically pays regardless of its position on the reels as long as a sufficient number of symbols have landed. Scatters can trigger bonus games or free games and sometimes they deliver payouts. In most cases, Wilds don’t substitute for Scatters.


When we talk of multipliers, we talk about bonus features that increase your payouts. Sometimes Wilds act as multipliers and multiply all payouts from the combinations in which they are included. Multipliers can be active during free games too. In certain games, they come as an award after completing certain requirements like progressing up the levels.

As we have seen, these are the main symbols for the casino. It is important to note that these symbols may change to match the casino’s design as no uniform design exists. Different bonus and special button types also exist for each casino which is something to keep in mind. For more information, we always suggest you read more about the slot before actually playing the game. The information and terms and conditions are usually accessible from the game screen itself. 

To give you an example, we will refer to one of the latest slots, Frog Fortunes

As you can see here, any information about the slot can be accessed from the information icon (i) at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

When you click on this icon, a window will pop-up that contains everything you need to know about the slot game. From the right-hand-side, you can also scroll further down to see more information about the game. When you’re done viewing this, you can simply click on the “Back” button at the top left of the screen and return to your game. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that every slot game will be different and you might find that these buttons or icons are not always situated in the same place, but this gives you a better idea of what to look for, and where to find it, when you want to discover more about the slot.  

RTP (Return to Player) - What is it, and why is it important?

Another important element of slots return to player (RTP) in slots. This is the amount the slot pays back to the players over a large number of spins, i.e your chance of winning. For example; if a slot has a 94% return to the player, that means that for R100 that is deposited, R94 is expected to return to the player.

 It’s important to keep in mind, however, that this percentage is calculated over a huge number of spins – we’re talking millions, which means that truly anything can happen in a single session. What’s important for you to know is that typically, online slots that have an RTP less than 94%, are usually considered bad. 

So, when you’re about to decide on a slot game to play, make sure to check its RTP. We recommend going for games with an RTP higher than 96% to increase your chances of winning. Basically, the higher the percentage, the better. 

Checking a slot’s RTP is very easy; as explained above most slot games will have an information icon (i) somewhere on the screen. When you click on this icon, you will get all the information you need about the slot – from symbols to bonus feature to winning combinations and RTP. 

Variety of Slots

Now that you have become more familiar with how slots work and what symbols are, know the symbols and how to play, we shall next up we will dive into the different types of slots that exist. This classification will help you make the right choice when deciding what kind of slot game to play. When opting to play at a slot. Slot machine types include:

Classic Slots

Also known as 3-reel slot machines. They are played at 3 reels and use retro symbols, just like old-school slot machines which can be found at brick-and-mortar casinos. They will provide you with a nostalgic gaming experience and typically deliver high payouts.

Video Slots

Online video slots feature 5 reels and 3 or 4 rows. Instead of 1 or 3 pay lines offered by classic slots, video slots provide you with multiple winning chances thanks to more pay lines. They are themed and sometimes the story behind the slot machine can be so that engaging that you can spend hours spinning the reels.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots do not differ from video slots in terms of gameplay. What makes them special is a progressive jackpot or more of them which can be hit at random in most cases. Progressive jackpots can increase up to mind-blowing sums as they can be a part of the progressive network. For reference, a progressive network is when multiple slot machines from multiple casinos are combined to create one large jackpot. If this is the case, each bet placed on the games from the network contributes to the prize pool the awards are paid from.

There are 3 types of progressive slots;

Standalone Progressives

As the name implies, the machine is not connected to the others and has a fixed jackpot price. The progressive jackpot uses certain amounts of the coins which have been in play to create an award for the largest winning combination of symbols.

Local Progressives

Local Progressives combine slots at the same casino that are linked. These may combine a few or else a large combination of machines this all depends on the casinos. These jackpots are larger as the pool of bonuses has now increased to all local machines that are connected.

Wide Area Progressive

Wide area progressive combine local jackpots with other jackpots. These progressives can take into account different casinos thereby increasing the total amount a punter can win significantly. Again these combinations depend on the casinos and the agreements that have been set up.

Fairness Procedures

Slot providers take this very seriously and so do we at Online Casinos Online. As mentioned earlier, all online slots are powered by random number generators (RNG) which eliminate any bias or human error. These games have a randomisation process that is separated from the games themselves. Other games that use a similar technology include keno number, poker (for it’s cards) and slot machine symbols.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gaming has come a long way, nowadays most of the leading casinos offer portable gambling-on-the-go, which is accessible all over South Africa. These websites use html5 which adapts the website to mobile gaming or any platform being used. In many countries, including South Africa, mobile gaming is the primary medium for gambling. Software providers dedicated to the production of slot machines have understood the demands of the market. 

As more and more South African residents use mobile devices, mobile casinos offer real money slot machines that can be played on the go. Supported mobile devices in most cases include Android and iOS-powered smartphones and tablets. A number of South African casinos also support Windows Phone and Blackberry handheld devices. All the features of slot machines are in most cases, preserved, especially bonus features which can help you win big wherever you are.

Secure & Reliable Payment Processing

Leading casinos now accept a wide range of depositing options which are processed almost instantly. Also, withdrawal methods have vastly improved, enabling players to use decentralised payment methods which may offer various benefits to the user. More info about some of the payment methods offered may be found here

How does OnlineCasinosOnline Review Slot Games?

What makes a slot machine worth playing? This is quite a tough question as it includes multiple aspects such as the games’ aesthetics and their functionality. One slot machine cannot be a perfect fit for two people. That’s why we pay attention to every detail of the gameplay and the story behind each slot. This helps our readers find the games that suit their taste.

The appearance of a slot machine is the first thing you notice when you launch the game. Today, slot machines boast impressive visuals which are in accordance with their themes. Along with a soundtrack and sound effects, they set the game's atmosphere. This may be the first test if the slot is worth playing or not. Once you have given the nod to the way the game looks and feels, you should check its functionality.

In terms of functionality, it is important that the game offers smooth gameplay, a user-friendly interface and, of course, multiple opportunities to win. Video slots are typically played at 5 reels and multiple paying lines which can be fixed or adjustable. The number of lines varies from one slot release to another other. However, the more paying lines or ways to win, the bigger the odds of winning -, you should remember this!.

Another factor that affects the winning potential of the slot machine are bonus features. These include; bonus games, free spin rounds and an increase in return to players, amongst others. These features They can be quite innovative and rewarding, thus adding more excitement to the gameplay and boosting your winning chances at the same time. Each one of our reviews provides you with information on the bonus features a slot offers, so you can easily find out if it is worth your time and money. In addition, you can find the details on the top fixed jackpot, progressive jackpots and other prizes worth mentioning. You can check out the game reviews here, where you can also try the game out for free!


What makes slot machines the most popular casino games?

Slot machines are highly popular as they are games of pure luck which can be enjoyed by both beginner and experienced players. They are affordable for all kinds of players. The luckiest ones can hit some really big awards in a single spin. South African online and mobile casinos offer special bonuses and promotions on slot games.

Are slot games fair?

Slot games provided by reputable gaming companies are 100% fair. They are all operated by the Random Number Generator (RNG) which guarantees fair and unbiased results. The RNG and slots are tested on a regular basis by independent auditors which certify games as being reliable and fair.

Are slot games suitable for beginners?

Slot machines are suitable for beginners as they do not require any special skills or strategy to play them. However, beginners should configure their stake wisely and stick to their bankroll without exceeding it.

What are the most rewarding slot games?

It is hard to give a short answer to this question as there are multiple factors on which your results may depend. When looking for a slot machine, you should pay attention to its RTP (return to a player). The term is used by casinos to describe how much of the money wagered on a slot machine will be paid back to you. This is a theoretical value, but it practically means that if you wager R100 on a slot game with an RTP of 95%, you can expect to earn R95 in payouts.

How to find new slot releases?

Instead of searching for the latest slot releases on your own, stay with us and you will be informed about each new slot title launched by South African casinos. Read our reviews and master playing real money slot machines with us.

Which online slots pay real money?

All of the casinos mentioned in the above review pay real money. The winnings can then be withdrawn using the same mentioned methods above or in any way the user desires. Most of these methods are safe and free of charge.

How many symbols are there on a slot machine?

When slots were first created, just 5 symbols used to exist, nowadays there are a lot more around 10 more or less. 

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