Casino Banking Methods

banking There are a variety of online casino payment methods currently available for South Africans and if you have been using your debit or credit card over and over again, the time may have come to make a switch. Using new casino deposit methods is not just a great way to try out methods that may be more secure than the one you’re using, but it’s also a smart way to earn more bonuses, since different casinos try to encourage players to use certain online casino banking methods by offering them extra bonuses for doing so. But is there anything you need to know before you register for new payment methods? We’ve figured it all out for you and listed the top online casino payment methods right here.

Our Top Recommended Banking Methods for Casino Players in South Africa:

Banking Method Extra Bonus Accepted Currencies Read Review
None Available ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
None Available ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
5% – 15% ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
5% – 15% ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
None Available ZAR Only Read More
5% – 15% ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
5% – 15% ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
5% – 15% ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
Multiple ZAR, $, £, €, AU$, CA$, NZ$ Read More
None Available $, €, ₽ Read More
None Available 25+ Currencies Read More
None Available Virtual Currencies Read More
None Available - Read More
None Available Multiple Read More

Using Your Cards to Make a Deposit

The most commonly used and trusted casino deposit methods are debit cards and credit cards. In the last few years, very few South Africans have stuck to the idea that cash is king and now, especially with lower to no bank fees being charged on single transactions, many have seen the logic of using a debit card to play at their favourite online casinos. Even credit cards are getting more usage because although they do carry fees based on the amount owing, they are quick and convenient when it comes to making an online payment.

Though using a card may be a quick and easy method of making payment for players, for casinos it is not one of the most popular. Many casinos worry about chargebacks, which is when a card is reported as having been used incorrectly or fraudulently, and the money that was used to play at the online casino has to be refunded to the player. Some players have been known to use chargebacks as a way of “playing for free” but once they are found out, they are more often than not banned from the casino.

Credit card options include MasterCard and Visa, while debit cards include Maestro and Visa Electron. In some cases, players also use prepaid cards that allow them to load money onto a card and use it at an online casino with no need to divulge financial details.


Ewallets are some of the safest and smartest methods to use when playing at an online casino. Not only are the top ewallets systems classified as safe and secure, but once the initial registration is done, they are quick and easy to use for both deposits and withdrawals. Ewallets act as a kind of middleman between the player and the casino by providing a gateway through which the player must pass before any kind of casino payment can be authorised.

Using ewallets allows players to enter a password before they make a payment to the casino and not only does this increase the chances that the player themselves is legitimately using that account, but for casinos, this means less chance of chargebacks. Casinos usually encourage players who want to use ewallets as their methods of online casino banking, and will often incentivise them with special bonuses for doing so.

Ewallet systems include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and many more. Be sure to check what kinds of bonuses are available to you for using ewallet.


The term “EFT” has become a very popular one in South Africa in the last decade and with so many people using apps on their phones to transfer money straight from their bank accounts to pay for online and offline purchases, it makes sense that this method is used for online casinos too. But how safe is it? Players who make payments using EFT will likely have some concerns about this method of payment, not just in terms of security but also in terms of how quickly their payment would reflect. This is the reason that some companies have set us EFT portals that give players peace of mind.

One example of this type of portal is EasyEFT, a South African-owned payment portal that allows potential players to make their deposits straight from their bank accounts without actually giving up their bank account details.


Though wire transfer is not the most well-known or broadly used payment method in South Africa, but it certainly has a place on the list of transaction methods. Methods such as Moneygram and Western Union are more commonly used in the United States, but some South Africans prefer to use these as their casino deposit methods for the simple reason that they provide a certain amount of anonymity. Using wire transfer does not require you to divulge any sensitive personal or financial information to a third party or to the casino, which means if you prefer to keep your details off the internet, this is the way to do it.