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Crash-style games are becoming increasingly popular at online casinos and JetX is one such game that seems to be a player-favorite across the online gaming arena. If you’re familiar with other instant-win crash type games such as Aviator, then you can hit the ground running when you load up JetX. The game is easy to play and you can win a considerable amount of money in a short period of time. The rules are quite simple and the game is packed with handy little features that range from automation to socialization. 

As of 2022, hundreds of thousands of players across the world have boarded JetX with hopes of soaring high. Some players have won big while others have crashed and burned. If you haven’t had a ride on this precarious jet yet, it could be your turn to buckle in. Before you take off, though, read this thorough JetX guide to maximize your odds of flying high and winning big! 

JetX Overview and Theme

JetX is the work of a game development studio called SmartSoft Gaming and it was launched in 2019. JetX first surfaced at a casino called CBet Casino and has spread like wildfire since. Today, any full-service web casino worth its salt will feature this crowd favorite.

JetX is just like Aviator (another popular crash style game), except with more interesting visuals. It features a futuristic looking jet that seemingly has the potential to escape earth’s gravity and venture far out into the solar system, and maybe even into deep space. 

Each round begins with an animation of the jet parked as passenger boarding is in progress. During this initial phase, the game basically consolidates all bets placed and locks them in for the upcoming flight. Then, the pilot goes full throttle with afterburners blazing. The Jet takes off and the value of the multiplier climbs rapidly with it. 

Eventually, the Jet succumbs to the forces of its own velocity and explodes in a brilliant fireball. This could happen right after take-off or far into the void of outer space, there is no telling when the jet will blow up. 

The entire saga plays out to some anticipative background music. Some prefer to mute the game, particularly if they’re going to play a lengthy session with lots of rounds.  

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JetX Game Features

For a simple crash game with a fancy skin on it, JetX sure has a variety of features that add to the overall gaming experience. Not everyone is going to use every feature, but they all offer some benefits and values to different types of players. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this game below. 

Live Stats

On the right-hand panel, there are three tabs at the top, these are – current stats, my bets and statistics. Under the current stats, players can view live stats of prior rounds as soon as they conclude. This includes what other players bet, what amount they collected at and how much they won. Under the My Bets tab, you can see your own bets in the previous rounds and it gives you an indication of how well or bad you’ve done so far. 


When the jackpot option is activated, a single player is chosen by the software to receive the prize. The minimum coefficient during the withdrawal of the bet must be at least 1.4 and the user’s wager must be at least 1 coin. Whether or not a wager qualifies for winning the jackpot, 0.21 percent of all bets make a contribution to the jackpot. When playing bets that qualify for jackpots by betting on the coefficient 2.00, the greatest RTP of 97.9% may be attained. Only 70% of the winnings from a jackpot are given to the jackpot winner. The prize’s remaining 30% is carried over to finance the following jackpot.

Auto Collect 

Instead of having to press the collect button each round, you can tell the game at what multiplier you want it to collect automatically and then simply enable the auto collect option. This way, even if you get disconnected, the game will collect your bet. Auto bet can also be enabled for each round and disabled at any time. 

How to Play JetX

Playing JetX is really quite easy. You just need to place your wager before the jet takes off. If you place your bet once the jet has already taken off, the bet is considered for the next round. You can place one bet or two using the two betting panels. Both bets will be placed on the same flight/betting round. Once the bet is placed and JetX is in flight, the collect button is available and you can click it at any time to cashout how much ever you’ve won up to that point. The longer you wait to collect, the higher the jet will fly and the more you can potentially win. However, the longer you wait, the more the chances of the jet blowing up as well. If the jet blows up and you haven’t collected yet, you lose your stake. 

Play JetX in Demo Mode for Free

Many websites and online casinos offer JetX in a fun play or demo mode version. When you play in this format, there is no real money at stake and hence there are no chances of losing any money. You’re just playing for fun. There are no chances of winning any real money either. By playing in demo mode, you can understand exactly how the game works and how to time your bets and get a first-hand experience on the game without risking any money. After you’re comfortable with the game play you can move on to making a real bet. 

Where to Play JetX

If you’re trying to play JetX in demo mode, you can just Google terms like “Play JetX Demo” and a boatload of websites that provide JetX in demo mode will appear in the results. You can easily play JetX for free on such websites without even creating an account. However, playing in demo mode will not allow you to win real money. You must be at least 18 years old and create an account with an online casino if you want to play for real money. The JetX game is available at several casinos, including Bitcasino, CBet Casino, Play Amo Casino, Casinozer, and others.

Tips to Win at JetX

JetX is a game of chance. The game is highly dependent on luck. You can use a strategy, but that does not assure you will not lose. However, by using the below suggestions and tips, you can certainly reduce the chances of loss and increase the odds of winning. Apart from practicing in demo mode, you can also:

Hedge Your Bets

Since two bets are allowed on the same flight, you can make two contrasting bets – one risky and one safe. If you win, you win both. But if you lose the risky one, you may still win the safe one and reduce the total amount that you lose in that round. In the long run, this strategy can make a considerable impact on the bankroll. 

Cashout on Low Multipliers 

If you’re always trying to win big like 5x and up, then this will only happen occasionally and you will lose most of the rounds. However, if you play a lot of rounds and cashout on low multipliers like 1.10x, you will win a lot more rounds. Your payout may not be huge, but it can be pretty good if you bet big and collect while the flight is still flying low. 

Our Verdict on JetX

JetX is one of the more engaging crash-style games with an arcade gaming feel to it. It’s a hybrid of arcade and casino gaming and brings together the best of both worlds. The visuals are interesting and captivating. The social aspect of the game is also fun and you won’t feel like you’re playing all by yourself. JetX is a must play if you’re into crash games! 


How is the win calculated in JetX?

The win potential is calculated by taking the flight coefficient and multiplying it with the bet value. The win potential will only manifest into the win if you collect before the flight explodes.

How do I receive my JetX Winnings?

You need to press the collect button before the flight explodes. Or else, the flight will explode and you lose your bet. 

What Happens if I Lose Internet Connectivity while Playing JetX?

If you get disconnected with an active bet, the bet will continue and the round will conclude even if you are not connected. If you can reconnect prior to the plane exploding, you can collect your bet or you will lose the bet (unless the plane flies all the way to the max payout multiplier). If auto cash out is enabled, your bet will be cashed out as configured.

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