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Spaceman is not a regular slot game; in fact, it is not a slot game at all. Spaceman is a Crash game from the instant win category. Don’t bank on much entertainment, but you can play along with many other players, and even communicate with them through chat, if the game permits, i.e. you’ll find in a race against time by making instant bets and cashout before the spaceman crashes out himself. You have a 50% cashout option so that your other 50% stays invested. 

Spaceman Key Features

  • Confirm Bet
  • Increasing Multipliers
  • Quick Cashout
  • 50% Cashout
  • Auto Cashout Option
  • Multi-Player Game
  • Live Chat Feature

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Spaceman Theme and Symbols

As the name suggest, Spaceman is a space-themed game, which revolves around the astronaut. Spaceman is not a slot game; it is an arcade-type game, which comes under the Crash Games category. Hence, there are no symbols. The spaceman, his spaceship, the beam, and the space debris are images, to add to the visual appeal of the game.

Spaceman Free Spins and Bonuses

Again, since Spaceman by Pragmatic Play is not a slot game, it does not have the conventional features of slot games. In fact, there is no spinning involved. The wins have increasing multipliers, but apart from that, there are no bonuses. 

How to Play Spaceman

You have to be on your toes to play Spaceman. The game also falls under the instant win games category, and everything seems to happen very fast. Indeed, your reflexes determine how much you may win or lose. You have to bet and cash out before the spaceman crashes. Once you select your bet, click on ‘Confirm Bet’ to start the game round. 

Pick a bet from €1 to €100 per round, between crashes. Once the new round starts, you will be offered two new buttons: Cashout and 50% Cashout. You have to click your best option before the game crashes. If you click on Cashout, you get your winnings but are removed from that round. 

If you opt for 50% cashout, half your balance is returned to while, while the other can collect higher multipliers; the thing is you have to still cash out before the spaceman crashes. The spaceman keeps rising until the maximum win limit is reached or he crashes. 

You must cash out before the spaceman crashes. If you do, you get your winnings with multipliers according to your stake. If you cannot cash out before the spaceman crashes you lose. The thing to note here is that if the spaceman crashed at 1 time your bet, every player loses. 

There is also an Auto Cashout option, which cashes you out at a preset rate. The cashout window is open between 1.01 times your bet and 4,999 times your bet. You can see a line of past results at the bottom of the screen. You see the rules of the game at the top right of the screen and links to other features. The live chat window can also be found here.

Play Spaceman in Demo Mode for Free

Crash games are a new genre that’s slowly finding acceptance at online casinos. The fact that an established, popular and licensed studio has ventured into crash gaming has given respectability to the genre, to the extent that slot reviewers have started exploring this genre. 

New games should always be played in demo mode first. Even if you’re familiar with Aviator, The Incredible Balloon Machine, or Crazy Hook, Spaceman is a new game even for Crash games enthusiasts. Demo mode is ideal to get to know the game’s dynamics. 

Demo games allow you to get to know the rules, the gameplay, and how it pays out, without you risking your money. You can also see how entertaining it is, though crash games are not really made for the enjoyment of playing. Of course, thrill-seekers have a lot to play for, and the demo version of Spaceman might provide their kind of entertainment. 

You can play virtual games in demo mode at the majority of online casinos, where the studio is a provider. You can play Spaceman at almost all Pragmatic Play casinos unless you are outside the licensing jurisdiction. 

How to Win in Spaceman

As mentioned, to win, you must be on your toes and keep a keen watch on the different game rounds. You have a limited time to select your bet and get the game to accept it. Then you need to select your cashout option before the spaceman crashed. There are a lot of betting and cashout options; going through them all in little times can be overwhelming. 

You might want to select the same betting option for different game rounds to save time. You might be tempted to set Auto Cash to 1,01 times your bet, with which you can collect on a string of game rounds. The rub is it takes only one crash to eradicate the wins you’ve racked up till then. It can be fun trying to find the right opening between win frequency and win values. 

The maximum you can with Spaceman is 5,000 times your win. Improbably though it may seem, it’s theoretically possible to win the maximum, you can only cash out the entire amount if you set the Auto Cashout to 4,999x), or if you can hold on to it and cash out before the round crashes.

RTP and Volatility

The return to player of Spaceman is a solid 96.5%. There is no volatility in the game since the various game rounds have the same attributes. The volatility can be in your play, but the game rounds progress more or less uniformly. 

Spaceman comes with ‘Provable Fair’ mathematics, which delivers the result of every game round. If they choose to, players in the know of the SHA-256 algorithm can see the strings of decryption, which appear after each game round. 

Why do South African players enjoy playing Spaceman?

Spaceman is part of a new category of Crash games, which few South African players would be fans of. What we can say for sure is why players from the Rainbow Nation might enjoy Spaceman:

  • Game brings the genre to the cusp of wide acceptance
  • Popular space theme
  • Multi-player game with a chat feature
  • High paced, high-pressure game
  • Lightning game rounds for more wins
  • Opting for the right feature can help you win more
  • Good choice for players who like to experiment

Similar Slots

Crash games have been around for some time now, and all have similar features. These include Aviator from Spribe, The Incredible Balloon Machine by Crazy Tooth Studio, Crash Bandicoot by Naughty Dog, High Striker by Evoplay, AstroBoomers: Turbo from Spearhead Studios, Zeppelin by Betsolutions, and Crash, Blast and Fighters xXx from BetConstruct, etc.  


Does Spaceman have a no deposit free spins bonus?

Spaceman is not a spinning game, and no casino can offer a free spin on it. When the genre becomes more popular, operators may devise a no-deposit offer for some aspect of the game’s dynamics, but that is only hypothetical at present.

Is a free play version available?

Free-play demo versions are available on many websites, which review slot games, arcade-style games, and other categories. You can play a demo version at most Pragmatic Play casinos, provided the game is available in your region.

Can I play Spaceman for real money?

Spaceman has been created to be played with real money, which you can do at any Pragmatic Play casino, which offers it.

How much money can I win playing Spaceman?

The theoretical maximum win potential of Spaceman is 5,000 times your bet. Practically, your wins depend on how fast your bets are accepted and how you manage your cashout options.

Is there a jackpot?

No, there is no jackpot, static or progressive.

What’s the theme of this slot game?

The theme is space. But the major theme comes with the crash genre.

What are some of the best features in this game?

The best feature in this game is the Auto Cashout option, which allows you to preset your default cashout rates according to your bet multiplier.

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