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mac-logo Mac casinos may not get mentioned as much as their PC counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not out there. The biggest difference between playing on a Mac and on a PC is that most Mac casinos don’t offer downloadable versions for their users. But if you’re a fan of instant play anyway, this shouldn’t bother you much. If you’re a Mac owner and you’ve been wondering what kinds of SA online casinos for Mac are available to you, wonder no more. We’ve made a list of the best casinos offering their wares to Mac players so that you can make a more informed playing decision before you pick a casino.

How Mac casinos work

As mentioned, most South African online casinos don’t have a downloadable casino on offer for Mac users. This is because downloadable casinos are developed in executable files (which you’ll recognise as having the file extension .exe). Many Apple Macs do not recognise executable files and do not allow you to install them. This is an advantage of having a Mac for some, and a drawback for others. The inability to install .exe files means that the chances of viruses and other fraudulent computer attacks is lower, but as far as online casinos are concerned, it can be frustrating.

Some Mac users may feel a little limited in as far as the amount of games they can access, but this is not as big of a problem as you might imagine. Most of the kinds of games many players enjoy will be available on browser-based casinos, and all you need, as a Mac user, is a great browser like Safari and the latest versions of both Java and Flash. Some online casinos accepting rand (ZAR) even make provision for the fact that not all players are on a PC, and offer bonuses to Mac players specifically.

It is important to note that some casinos do offer downloads to Mac users but when you’re in the process of finding the right casino to meet your needs; this is not something you can expect to find in every casino you come across.

Programmes you need to access Mac casinos

If you’re considering playing at SA online casinos for Mac, you will need a few things before you begin. The first is a great browser. Most Macs come with Safari pre-installed but if you’re not a fan of the interface, you can download Firefox, which is a great browser for online games. Some casinos even work well with Google Chrome, so be sure to try that out and see if it meets your needs.

Next, you will need the latest versions of Adobe Flash and Java. The former is used more often by online casinos when it comes to presenting games, but some casinos do still make use of Java to handle their games. Having both of these installed ensures that you don’t struggle to access the games you want to play. You will also need to ensure that you a fairly decent internet connection. With data costs being as high as they are in South Africa, you may want to consider using Wi-Fi. You won’t need a huge amount of bandwidth, though the more you have, the faster you will be able to access games.

Accessing your favourite games

If you’re playing at a Mac casino, you should have no problem getting access to the same kinds of games PC players would be able to access. Because you may have to play in your browser, your choice of games could be more limited than if you had access to a downloadable casino, but for the most part, the kinds of games only available on download are usually those that are not as popular, so you probably won’t be missing out too much.

In terms of the quality of the games, you may also notice that some of the games don’t seem to work quite as well as you’d hoped when you play on your browser, or the graphics are not as crisp and clean as they should be. This could be caused by problems with bandwidth or with the casino’s server. However, this being said, you probably won’t even notice this as most casinos try to make provision for this kind of problem, and they do it quite well.

Choose the casino that’s right for you from our list of top Mac casinos and find out why we think they’re the perfect choice for Mac users.

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