Wina Manje Guide

How to play Wina Manje

wina-manjeYou buy a Wina Manje scratch card and see if you can find any matching symbols on the card, which will mean that you have won a cash prize. You need three matching symbols to win a prize. You have 365 days to claim your prize, should you win. Your odds of winning varies at around between 48 and 55%

How much does Wina Manje cost?

Tickets cost anything from about R2 for affordable games like Fast Cash, Goldfish and Piggy Bank, to up to R10 for more lucrative games like Money Talk, and Pharaoh’s Gold. When does Wina Manje take place?

Wina Manje scratch card games close once all the tickets in a certain game are out in the market. There is usually around one million to five million tickets printed per game. The closing date of a certain game is published in the local media. Players can also send in their used scratch cards to the Mina Manje game show to stand a chance to win extra prizes or to appear on the show.

Wina Manje Game Show

Wina Manje’s big draw card is its game show that airs on local SABC TV stations. Wina Manje players seem to not be able to get enough of this game show. The show was first broadcasted on eTV in 2009 but moved to SABC 1 this year. You can catch it at 6:30pm on Monday nights.

Gidani is the company that runs the South African National Lottery and Wina Manje. Thembi Tulwana, Gidani spokesperson, said: “Wina Manje scratch cards are part of four products under the auspices of the National Lottery and they offer prizes that start from R2 right up to R500 000 and we are pleased to announce that the Wina Manje scratch cards game show is back.” The first Wina Manje game show run of 2009 is now complete, keep an eye on the local media to find out when the next show will be broadcast.

“The Wina Manje scratch cards are all about instant winning opportunities and translates into the up-coming game show where you play now and you win now,” said Tulwana.