Welcome to our scratchcards game guide where we will look at the game’s basic rules and how to get started if you have never played scratch cards before. It is not difficult to play scratch cards games but we have managed to put together a couple of tips which will help point you in the right direction. These tips could really help you win big! 



Here are our TOP 10 Scratch Cards Tips:


 – Decide how much you want to spend on scratchcards per week or month and stick to that amount. Scratch card casinos give you the option to choose the sum you want to spend on money scratch cards daily, weekly or monthly which gives you the opportunity to always stick to your budget.

 – The main idea behind scratchcards is to have fun. Choose themes or scratch games that you enjoy. The great thing about scratch cards is that no skill is required to stand a chance at raking in jackpot winnings or even lucrative prizes such as cars and more. You have the option to choose either numbers or symbols on your tickets and then you simply sit back and wait in anticipation. It is something that everyone can enjoy. 

 – In South Africa, you can benefit from a match bonus to fatten up your bankroll. This is when an online casino matches the amount you deposit. So, if it is a 100% match bonus and you deposit R100, you will be able to R200 worth of scratch cards. 

 – It’s a good idea to first play a new scratch game in the free play mode. That way you can first learn the rules and determine whether you like the game before you spend your hard  – earned cash on it. To access free games, go to the casino’s home page. Search for the word scratchcard in the search option and you will be redirected to a new page where the free and real money scratch card games will be on display.  

 – Remember that winners know when to quit, and they know the best time to do this is when they are still ahead. You should then keep your winnings or put it aside for your next gambling session. It is understandable that the excitement can be overwhelming when you win a big prize but always remember to remain cool-headed. 

 – If you keep losing, take a break for a couple of days, until you feel luckier. Desperate players hardly win and you should never chase your losses. If you feel that you need help, contact the customer services department of the online casino. They will give you all the information you need to limit your deposits or game time. 

 – Don’t always play the large jackpot cards or lottery games. Chances that you will win more money are still good but remember that a larger number of people will take part, which means your odds of winning will be lower.

 – While it’s OK to play games when you have had one or two drinks, you should never play scratch cards or play any gambling games when you’ve had more than more than the recommended units. Your judgement will be impaired and there is a big chance that you will lose some form of money.

 – You can get higher payouts with some online scratch card games sites that have a higher rating. These reputable gaming websites tend to offer many types of scratch card games where the jackpots amount to millions. 

 – Last but not least, you should only play at casinos that are licensed and that have good security. Your money and personal information should always be in good hands. If it is not, you will unfortunately pay the price. 


Our Favourite Scratch Card Game for South African Players


When it comes to scratch cards in South Africa, the options are endless. But which scratch card game should you choose? Lucky for you, reviewing games is what we are good at. We’ve tested and played dozens of games and can honestly recommend Winners Club Scratch from Playtech. 



Winners Club Scratch Online South Africa

Winners Club Scratch has become increasingly popular at South African online casinos and we totally understand why. The feel of the game is quite unique, the betting options are different and it offers lucrative payouts. What we do love most about this scratch card game is that it is suitable for all players, with any budget. 

How it Works

Your screen will display ten new scratch card tickets. One of these cards will move over to the right side of your screen. You can either select which scratch card you want to move or the top card will automatically move to the right. Once all cards have been played, the stack is depleted and a new batch will be dealt. 

Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum are the four levels in this game and your bet represents the card’s value. You can play for a progressive jackpot when you play gold or platinum cards because they are jackpot cards. To win a jackpot, you need to match three prize symbols and to win the progressive jackpot, you need to get three jackpot symbols. 

How to Play Winners Club Scratch 

First you need to select a ticket level. The levels are marked with a colour and once you have selected your preferred level, all your cards will change accordingly. Next you need to click the play button to move your cards to the right side of the screen. You can then click on every block to be scratched with a coin to reveal the prize value or you can scratch all of the blocks in one go. There is also an option that allows you to autoplay 2 – 99 tickets, using the same scratch ticket value. If you get matching symbols from nine, you win the value of the value of the symbol. 

Our Top Choice for playing Winners Club Scratch –


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