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Fruits like plums, lemons, and cherries are all “must haves” for a classic slot machine. And if you mix them up with some heat, you get a winning combination. At least this is what you get if you play Hot Slot: 777 Crown by the Polish casino software developer Wazdan. This game comes with all the familiar features you expect from a classic slot machine and throws in a few more for good measure. It’s “classic meets modern”, with familiar symbols combined with big wins and state-of-the-art graphics. Now, let’s dig deeper into this amazing game and check out everything it has to offer its players.

Hot Slot 777 Crown

  • Fast loading game
  • Familiar game format and mechanics
  • High-quality graphics
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable volatility
  • High range of stakes
  • Gamble feature
  • No Wild symbol
  • No bonus features
  • No bonus free spins
  • Crammed interface when you play it vertically on a smartphone

How to Play Hot Slot: 777 Crown

Don’t be surprised if you find Hot Slot: 777 Crown familiar from the get-go: it is a “retro” slot machine that has everything you would encounter when playing its famous predecessors. It has fruit symbols that are reminiscent of classic Vegas slots or fruit machines. And it works like one, too: the game is a lot like a classic real-life slot machine with just a handful of features, but full of action and wins.

Setting up your game 

Once you load the game, you’ll be greeted by a welcome screen with details about its rules. You can, of course, set the game not to show it to you for subsequent sessions. Then, the game takes you directly to the play area. If you have played Wazdan games in the past, there will be nothing new here for you: you have a Spin button, controls to adjust the game’s speed and volatility, Autoplay, and the game’s controls on the bottom left.

You can set the stake by selecting it at the bottom of the screen, from 0.2 to 10,000 coins:

  • Between 0.2 and 2 in increments of 0.2
  • Between 2 and 10 in increments of 1 (for some reason, you can’t set stakes of 7 coins)
  • 10, 15, and 20
  • Between 20 and 100 in increments of 10
  • Between 100 and 1000 in increments of 100
  • Between 1000 and 10,000 in increments of 1000

The game can be set on Normal, Fast and Ultra-fast speeds – represented by the usual Turtle, Rabbit, and Cheetah symbols. You can set it to spin automatically between 10 and 1000 spins, with advanced settings to stop Autoplay at certain amounts won or lost also available. Also, you can set the game’s volatility:

    • Low volatility: the game will pay much more often but the wins will usually be lower
    • Medium volatility: lower hit frequency but bigger wins
  • High volatility: infrequent wins but higher amounts

The game’s settings hide some quite interesting features, like its “Fullscreen mode” that transitions to mobile-friendly controls, and the setting that changes the “Gamble” feature between a classic, card-based one and more unique and original variants.


Like any fruit machine, Hot Slot: 777 Crown has a limited number of symbols on its reels. Most of them are fruits, putting the game in a well-deserved “fruit machine” category. It only has one symbol with a single special role.

Low-paying symbols

  • Cherries will pay if at least two of them are on the same win line
  • Lemons, Oranges, and Plums all pay the same amount, from 3 matching symbols up. All these symbols pay up to 10x your stake.

High-paying symbols

  • Hot Slot 777 Crown symbols 2Grapes and Watermelons pay more than the symbols above, from 3 matching symbols up. They will put up to 25x your stake amount in your pocket when 5 of them land on the same win line.
  • Lucky 7s are the highest-paying “normal” symbols in the game, paying up to 250 times your stake when 5 of them land on the same pay line.

Special symbol

  • The only special symbol in Hot Slot: 777 Crown is the Crown. It is a scatter symbol that pays in any position, with no need for them to be on the same win line – it’s enough to have 3 of them on the screen at the same time for you to pocket a win. But it’s not the highest-paying symbol: it will only pay 50 times your stake for 5 matching symbols on the screen.

When you set up your game’s speed and volatility, and you set the stakes to your liking, it’s time to start playing the game. You can press the Spin symbol on the bottom right to spin the reels at your set speed or click and hold the Spin button (or press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard, in case you play on a desktop computer) for Fast Spin until you let go.

Gamble feature

Once you win any amount, you get the chance to double or even multiply your wins. This can be done by pressing the “Gamble” button that appears right above the stake bar on the screen.

Play For Free – Hot Slot: 777 Crown Demo

Want to give this fantastic online slot a go. Take it for a spin with the demo below.? Play Hot Slot: 777 Crown for free in demo mode below:

Hot Slot: 777 Crown Payout and Volatility

Hot Slot: 777 Crown can pay out up to 250 times your stake on a single win line. This means that landing five “Lucky 7” symbols on the same win lines can pay out up to 2,500,000 coins (if you play with stakes of 10K coins). The maximum payout allowed by the game is 305 times your stake. 

The game has adjustable volatility, a feature beloved by Wazdan slot machine fans. You can set the game’s volatility to low, medium, and high, finding a balance between win frequency and the size of the payouts.

Hot Slot: 777 Crown Graphics

While the development studio describes the game as “retro” and “classic”, this doesn’t show when it comes to its graphics. Its visuals are sharp and state-of-the-art, with more than enough animations thrown in. The game’s user interface is the one you have gotten used to playing other Wazdan games, adjusting automatically to the device used to play the game.

Overall, Hot Slot: 777 Crown is a beautiful slot machine with a retro atmosphere but built with all the attention to detail you’ve come to expect from the developer.

Hot Slot: 777 Crown Special Features

Hot Slot: 777 Crown is a simple slot machine. This means that it doesn’t overdo it on special features. As you might have seen above, the game has only one special symbol – the Crown, which acts as a Scatter. But even this symbol doesn’t trigger any bonus spins or other special features – it only pays in any position, when at least 3 Crowns land on the screen.

What’s worth mentioning about this game is its Gamble feature. 

Of course, the chance to double or multiply your winnings is a standard feature for many slot machines. But Hot Slot: 777 Crown offers something more when it comes to this: a chance to adjust the game you play.

If you go into the game’s settings, you can select whether you’d like to play a game of “guess the colour of the next card” (with choices of Red and Black), and Wazdan’s own “gem coin flip” gambling game which is basically the same (you can guess Red or Green), but looks so much better. You can do this across seven rounds, so you can potentially pocket quite a large sum of money. If you’re lucky, of course.

Hot Slot: 777 Crown Mobile Option

Being a modern-day take on a classic format, Hot Slot: 777 Crown is completely mobile-friendly. You can play it on your smartphone both in a horizontal and vertical orientation. We would recommend the horizontal option, though. While the vertical variant is also pretty decent, the interface is crammed into a small width which makes it look unnatural and annoying. If you play the game with a horizontal orientation, the play area is big enough, and the controls are accessible enough to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Hot Slot: 777 Crown Bonuses & Free Spins

The only bonus in the game is triggered by at least three Crown symbols landing on the screen simultaneously. The Crown is a “scatter” symbol, so if three of them land on the screen in any position, you win. Of course, it’s not the highest-paying symbol in the game – that would be too easy. But it’s a welcome addition to the otherwise retro game.

Should You Play Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

If you are looking for a truly classic slot machine experience, Hot Slot: 777 Crown is a great choice for you. The game recreates the atmosphere of the classic fruit machines without any complications. There are no distractions, no special features, no bonuses in the game. If you play it, you get the classic, unadulterated “fruit machine”, just like the ones you may come across in land-based casinos – or even some pubs. 

If you are a high-roller with a large bankroll and lots of patience, Hot Slot: 777 Crown might also be a great choice for you, considering its high stakes and potential for big payouts. Be wary, though – when you set it at “high volatility”, playing it at high stakes can quickly burn a big hole in your bankroll.

If you are a casual player, Hot Slot: 777 Crown is also a fun game to try. You can set it to “low volatility”, adjust the speed to your preference, and enjoy the frequent payouts with flashy graphics attached to them.


What is the RTP of Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

Hot Slot: 777 Crown has an RTP (return to player) of 96.47%, around the industry average.

What is the volatility of Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

Hot Slot: 777 Crown has an adjustable volatility that you can set to low, medium, or high.

What are the smallest and highest stakes you can play at Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

The lowest stake at which you can play Hot Slot: 777 Crown is 0.2 coins. The highest is 10,000 coins. These values may vary from one casino to another.

What is the highest possible payout on Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

The highest amount you can win while playing Hot Slot: 777 Crown is 305 times your stake per spin.

What is the format of Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

Hot Slot: 777 Crown has a classic 3×5 video slot machine format, with 20 fixed win lines.

Can I play Hot Slot: 777 Crown for free?

Yes, Hot Slot: 777 Crown is available in a free demo version at the majority of South African online casinos. Check the above list of the best casinos where you can find it.

Can I win real money on Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

Yes, actually, you can. But, of course, for this, you’ll have to play it for real money at an online casino.

How can I win at Hot Slot: 777 Crown?

Winning at any slot machine, including Hot Slot: 777 Crown, is up to chance. Wazdan is a licensed and regulated online casino software provider. This means that it is required to keep its games completely fair – as in random. Neither the casino nor you, the player, can do anything to influence the outcome of any spin. This means that every spin you play at the game will be decided by chance alone.

Who is Wazdan?

Wazdan is a casino software developer founded in 2010 in Poland. In just a few months, it has blasted into the world of iGaming with its high-quality, popular games. Today, more than a decade later, Wazdan is licensed in a dozen jurisdictions by regulators like the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and many others. It has a portfolio of over 120 casino games and a partner list that includes quite a few high-profile international and South African online casinos.

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