South Africa Powerball Lottery R12m This Week

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powerball-blog-2 South Africa’s most popular Lottery, the Powerball, carries a massive estimated R12 million this Friday, after its fourth rollover didn’t see a division 1 winner in the Tuesday September 9th draw. While nobody won the R10,400,000 that was up for grabs on Tuesday, that doesn’t mean to say that there were no winners. In fact three lucky players correctly predicted five numbers in the Division 2 category and took home R260,000 each.

Winning numbers were 2, 4, 18, 19 and 29, with the Powerball number being a 6.

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Looking ahead to the draw on Friday, September 12th, lottery retailers are reporting on frantic ticket sales as players dream about hitting the big one. This will be the fifth time the jackpot rolls over, and the life-changing prize is simply begging to be won.

The South African Powerball lottery is a game of chance and is held twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays. The game essentially has two grids, the first, main grid requires that players choose five out of the 45 displayed numbers. The second grid requires that players choose one number out of the 20, and acts as the Powerball. It costs R3.50 to play each board.

Gidani, operator of the South African lottery, introduced Powerball as part of its commitment to introduce new games throughout its license period. It chose the Double Matrix style game because of its popularity in other countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Greece and so forth.

Powerball works as a rollover lottery, meaning that in the event that the jackpot is not won in a specific draw, it will roll over until the next draw, for as many times a necessary, until the jackpot is won.

The twice weekly lottery draw is broadcast live at 9.30 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the results are issued to the national media 45 minutes later. The following morning, the results are made available at lottery retail outlets across South Africa. The National Lottery website also publishes the draw results 30 minutes after the event.

Players have up to a year to claim their prizes, and retail outlets are authorized to pay out cash up to R2,000. The National Lottery pays out prizes by cheque or EFT.Click here for Lotto Results | Click here for Powerball Results

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Fact-checked by: Lawrence Muller