SA National Gambling Board Hosting 2-Day Conference


sa-national-gambling-board-hosting-2-day-conferenceThe National Gambling Board (NGB), responsible for the oversight of regulation of South Africa’s gambling industry, announced that it will be hosting a two-day conference in Pretoria in July.

The conference will run under the theme ‘The Gambling Regulators’ and Operators’ Dialogue’, on July 18th and 19th, 2019.’

Participants from all sectors of South Africa’s gambling industry are expected to attend this important conference, including representatives of the government, Department of Trade and Industry agencies, gambling regulators at national and provincial levels, gambling operators, test labs and manufacturers.

The NGB also expects representatives from major associations in South Africa’s gambling market to attend, including:

• BASA – The Bingo Association of South Africa
• CASA – The Casino Association of South Africa
• SAGMA – South African Gambling Manufacturers Association

The Accounting Authority of the National Gambling Board, Caroline Kongwa said about the upcoming conference: “We are delighted with the calibre of presenters at this conference, offering plenary sessions dealing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the transformation of the gambling industry.”

“The transformational aspect will be further covered in two separate abstract sessions, followed by gambling technology and regulation over the two days, making this an essential event for anyone in the industry.”

“This conference will be of extreme interest to regulators, licensees, potential licensees, manufacturers and suppliers, laboratories and law enforcement agencies,” continued Kongwa. “The NGB will launch its National Gambling Registers at the conference. We also encourage civil society members to attend to broaden their depth of knowledge relating to NGB as an entity and the gambling industry as a whole, as part of our mandate is to provide a broad-based public education programme about the risks and socio-economic impact of gambling.”

Objectives of the Upcoming Gambling Conference:

• The conference will expose the latest trends and developments in South Africa’s gambling industry. It will discuss the challenges facing the industry.
• Common future goals and objectives will be discussed with industry stakeholders.
• Peers within the industry will network to share resources and best practices.
• An exhibition platform will be available for industry players to present their latest technology and tools.

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