SA Lottery Operator to Add New Raffle Game

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South African Lotto Ithuba, operator of South Africa’s National Lottery, has decided to add a brand new raffle to its portfolio of games. The new raffle will mean even more entertainment for South African lottery players, as well as the chance to be one of over 1,500 guaranteed winners.

Start off 2017 on the right foot with Ithuba’s new raffle, with the inaugural draw scheduled for December 30th. There won’t be a better way to blast off into the New Year than being among the 1,560 winners of a prize. 15 lucky players will be handed keys to a luxury Mercedes-Benz C-Class Carbriolet. Think of how much fun you’ll have driving off into 2017 on that set of wheels

According to Ithuba, at least four raffle draws of the new game will be held each year. They will complement the operator’s regular schedule of Lotto and Powerball games in Ithuba’s line-up. The operator will announce the prizes in advance, with players given at least two months to buy tickets into the draw.

Entering the new raffle is simple enough. Players who enter will receive a unique ticket number that is randomly generated. On the day of the draw, players match their ticket number against the number in the draw, and they will find out on the day if they are lucky winners.

Ithuba said that the draw scheduled for December 30th will feature 15 Mercedes Benz cars as well as 1,000 other cash prizes, with amounts ranging from R1,000 to a staggering R100,000.

This doesn’t mean, however, that players should forget about weekly games such as Lotto and Powerball, which offers prizes worth millions of rands each weekend. Last Saturday, for example, the Lotto jackpot went past R28 million, while Powerball’s jackpot reached a life-changing sum of nearly R50 million!

In May this year, a high court confirmed that Ithuba was the legitimate National Lottery operator after the fact was challenged by former operator, Gidani. At the time, the National Lotteries Commission welcomed the reconfirmation, saying that now that court issues were out the way, it would concentrate on shifting to matters of regulation, funding and working for the public good.

Ithuba also said that it had once again emerged victorious after Gidani was unsuccessful in the latest of a number of court challenges aimed at attempting to reclaim the lottery license.

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