Limpopo Powerball Winner Will Use Winnings to Improve his Community


Limpopo Powerball Winner Will Use Winnings to Improve his CommunityA man who won R43 million in a Powerball lottery jackpot has promised to use some of his winnings to improve the lives of his local Limpopo community.

When handed his winnings by Ithubu officials, the man – who has preferred to remain anonymous – said: “My father and I have our own family business and some of the money will go towards expanding and growing the company. This will also allow me to create jobs within my community,” the man told Ithuba officials when he went to collect his winnings.”

The winner also intends using some of his windfall improve his own children’s future through education opportunities. As a father of three young children, the winner said that it was very important to him to give them the best education.

“I will save a portion of my winnings to be able to give them the opportunity to go to university one day to make their dreams become a reality,” he said.

Buying Lottery Tickets on Mobile Platform

With changes brought about by COVID-19, many lottery players have taken to purchase their tickets remotely. Such was the case with the Limpopo winner who bought his winning ticket through the Nedbank banking app.

He chose the ‘Quick Pick’ selection method to find his lucky numbers, which were 10, 12, 21, 27, 43 and Powerball 15.

The man spent just R22.50 to win the jaw-dropping R43 million.

Limpopo Becomes Lucky Lottery Land

Limpopo seems to be on the map this year when it comes to multi-million rand wins.

On March 5th, a 30 year old player from Polokwane won R51 million in a Powerball jackpot draw. He spent just R30 and made a manual selection.

The man plans to acquire his social worker degree and build a house for his family. The rest of the money will be invested, and he will live off the interest. His dream was always to complete his education but there was no money to send him to school.

Most importantly, however, the winner also plans to give back to his community.

“Winning this money does not mean that I must abandon my dream. It was never just about me. It has always bothered me to see young children suffer in my neighbourhood. Their parents receive social grants for them but end up just wasting the money on their wants.”

“I want to be able to offer effective and sustainable assistance to my community, and getting the social work qualification will help me do just that,” he said.

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