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Fact checked by Lawrence Muller

Slots_Club_bet365There is no denying that most players have a soft spot when it comes to playing Slot machines at their favorite online casinos. These games are fast paced, provide instant rewards, are generally highly entertaining and, with a bit of luck, players could see themselves winning top jackpots while playing the large range of games made available to them.

Bet365 Casino, the leading gaming site, recognizes that players want to not only enjoy the slot games at the site, but also get the most out of their gaming sessions. As such, Bet365 is inviting players to join the Slots Club this January and start off the year on the right note.

According to Bet365 Casino, the Slots Club is “a great way for you to enjoy a range of special offers and promotions tailored specifically for slots players.” As such, the site runs regular specials that are geared towards slots fans, giving them an extra helping of super bonuses.

The great news is that joining the Slots Club at Bet365 is absolutely free. There is no ‘membership fee’ as you’d expect to find in joining other types of clubs, which means that you gain all the benefits without having to invest an extra cent!

By joining the Slots Club at Bet365 Casino, you will be able to take advantage of a special promotion running throughout the month of January. This promotion entitles members to claim an extra bonus on their favorite slot games from now until January 31st.

To claim this bonus, players need to earn a certain number of Comp Points on as many days as possible. It doesn’t require much to earn Comp Points in this promotion – the aim is to do so over as many days as possible. You will be able to earn three Comp Points for every ten units of currency spent playing the slots and progressive slot games at Bet365. Playing these games has double value – not only do you put yourself in line to win the jackpots on the game, but whether you win or lose, you will be earning Comp Points throughout your game play.

This is how the Slots Club January bonus works: First of all, play your chosen slot games at Bet365 and you will earn Com Points as you do. You then select your currency from the table provides at the site. Your next step is to aim for one of the Comp Points totals on as many individual days as possible, and you’ll soon be earning one of several great bonuses offered at the site.

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Fact-checked by: Lawrence Muller