EGT Makes an Impression at Gambling Expo


egt-makes-an-impression-at-gambling-expoEuro Games Technology (EGT) had one of the largest displays at ICE Africa 2019, held at Sandton Convention Center this year. The group, as well as its subsidiaries, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive, showcased a stunning 360-degree portfolio that appeals to players and operators alike. The displays were made in conjunction with EGT’s distributor in South Africa’s casino market, Custom Gaming Solutions (CGS).

The co-founder and managing director of CGS, Steve Diversi said that the companies were looking forward to their participation in ICE Africa 2019.

“Our partnership has spanned over a decade and together we have built the EGT brand to stand for some of the most desirable products in the African market,” he said. “Very soon we will put a special selection of them on display during one of the events that reflects the gaming potential of the region.”

Custom Gaming Solutions offers multiple services related to the African gambling market, including technical support and after-sales. Diversi said that the group recognizes itself as a trustworthy partner in managing all tasks, including maintenance, performance analysis and distribution management.

“In the well-regulated African market, we have built outstanding working relationships and our long-term cooperation with EGT, stemming also in their products that meet top-level standards, is also a source of pride for us,” he added.

Recently, hundreds of EGT units were delivered for use in multiple African countries, among them Uganda, Zambia, Kenya and South Africa.

EGT units were displayed at ICE London earlier this year and the group’s G 32-32 VIP and G 27-27 Up models will debut in Africa soon.

EGT games have an excellent track record on the continent already, including its Premier bestsellers P-24/24 Up and P-42V St Curved. Its Premium Link jackpot is installed across a network of slot machines, including those in the Millionaires Group’s new casino at Nairobi’s Two Rivers Mall.

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