Best Namibia Online Casinos

The continent of Africa has had its fair share of exposure to the gambling industry for quite a few years now. There are a number of countries there where gambling is legal and regulated, at least some forms of gambling. The rules are not up-to-date in quite a few of these countries, which leaves a grey area when it comes to online and mobile casino gambling. Namibia is one African country that has had exposure to gambling and where a lot of it is regulated.

Namibia has strict laws to deal with gambling. The different forms of gambling in Namibia include:
• Land-based casinos
• Online casinos
Mobile casinos
• Online gambling
• Local gambling houses

Namibian players get access to a large number of online casinos run by overseas operators. This is because there is no law banning them from visiting these casinos and playing the games they offer. Also, since there are no adequate laws yet regulating online casinos in this country, you do not find local online casinos.

In this section we list for you the top online casinos run by overseas operators that accept players from Namibia. Not just that, we also list the bonuses that each of these casinos offer so you know what to expect in terms of a welcome bonus should you decide to sign up with one of these casinos. If you want to straightaway start playing at any of these online casinos all you have to do is click the Play Now button alongside it.

Top Online Casinos Accepting Namibian Players


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Parameters We Test Namibian Online Casinos For

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• Telephone
• Live Chat
• E-mail

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Mobile Casinos: Mobile casinos are increasingly becoming popular among players. All the casinos that we list for you have their own mobile casinos that you can use to play on the go. These mobile casinos look great and are compatible with standard platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

We believe reviewing and testing is just one aspect of the road to being the best. Even more critical is the ability to ensure the information you provide is not outdated or redundant. That is why we constantly upgrade the data we put out so everything you get is contemporary and relevant.

Gambling Legislation in Namibia

Namibia has legislation in place to regulate different forms of gambling popular in this country. The first legislation to regulate gambling in this country was passed in 1994. This was the Casinos and Gambling Houses Act (Act 32). A regulatory body was set up at the same time – the Casino Board – to regulate gambling in the country under the stipulations created by the Act. So far, the Board has issued licenses to 3 land-based casinos and over 260 gambling houses.

One adverse effect of the legalization of gambling in the country was the surge in the number of small gambling houses across the country, some of them illegal. To prevent this, the Government passed the Act 28 in 1996 that laid down a 10-year moratorium on granting of gambling licenses. The moratorium ended in 2006; however, there are still no new land-based casinos in the country.

The Casino and Gambling Houses Act of 1994 has become outdated today. The government realized this and, in 2015, proposed the draft Gaming and Entertainment Control Bill. This bill has not yet been passed and when that happens finally, the gambling industry will be much more regulated.

Land-based Casinos in Namibia

Namibia’s Casino and Gambling Houses Act has been able to regulate the land-based casino industry. One would have expected this industry to proliferate since the passing of the Act in 1994; however, that has not happened in part due to the moratorium of 1996. Even with the expiry of the moratorium no new land-based casinos have sprung up.

Currently, there are 3 land-based casinos operating in 2 cities of Namibia. They are:
• Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Center in Swakopmund
• Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino in Windhoek
• Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino in Windhoek

Lotteries in Namibia

Lotteries have been part of the gambling industry in a number of countries in the African continent. The objective of having these lotteries is to generate revenue to fund different aspects of life like sports and also social welfare. This is true about Namibia too; Namibia has its own national lottery, the Namibian National Lottery, which was launched in 2005.

The regulating authority for lotteries in this country is the Lotteries Board of Namibia, which was formed in 2002 with the passing of the Lotteries Act. No private lotteries are permitted in this country.

Gambling Houses in Namibia

Thanks to the passing of the Casino and Gambling Houses Act in 1994, Namibia has seen gambling come up quite a bit. One of the offshoots has been the proliferation of a large number of gambling houses across the nation. These gambling houses provide local Namibians with easy access to gambling.

The gambling houses are run not just by gambling outfits but also by a number of regular business houses. These include, apart from bookmakers, other organizations like accommodation providers and liquor retailers.

Online Casinos in Namibia

The Casino and Gambling Houses Act was passed at a time when online casino gambling was still a very nascent entity. Therefore, there are no provisions in this Act to deal with online casinos. As a result, you do not find local online casinos operating out of Namibia. Things may change once the updated gambling legislation in the form of the Gaming and Entertainment Control Bill sometime soon.

At the moment, Namibian players are able to access online casinos run by overseas operators and play their favorite casino games on them. We have provided already here a list of the top online casinos accepting Namibian players. These casinos do not support payments in Namibian Dollars; you can pay at these casinos in US Dollars, GBPs, or Euros, among other currencies.

Sportsbetting in Namibia

Unlike the lottery and casino gambling, sportsbetting is not all that huge in Namibia. There are land-based bookmakers and betting shops that Namibian people can visit to place bets on their favorite sports.

At this point in time, there is no locally licensed online sportsbetting website in Namibia. Since the laws do not bar Namibian players from accessing gambling outfits from overseas, you find a number of players wagering on their favorite sports at online sportsbetting sites run by overseas operators.

Mobile Casinos in Kenya

The mobile casino industry has been booming ever since the arrival of the mobile device. Overseas casino operators have seized the opportunity to expand their player base by offering mobile casinos that allow players to play games whenever they want, wherever they want. Africa has seen an explosion in the use of mobile phones ever since the devices first arrived. A study in 2011 showed that over 648 million people in Africa used mobile phones. Namibia is one country in Africa where the mobile industry has really taken off.

A study in 2011 showed that Namibia was one of 105 countries where the number of cell phone subscriptions was higher than the total number of people! In a speech at the 6th Annual Telecom Namibia ICT Summit in 2015, the country’s Minister of ICT Joel Kapanda said mobile penetration in the country stood at 110%. There were about 2.35 million users at that time, with over 470,000 users accessing the Internet through the mobile phone.

Currently, the mobile network providers in Namibia include:
• Telecom Namibia Mobile (formerly Cell One and then Leo)
• Mobile Telecommunications Co. Ltd (mCel)
• Paratus Telecom

The lack of proper legislation to regulate online gambling locally in Namibia has had a ripple effect on the mobile casino industry here as well. Currently there are no locally licensed mobile casinos. Players can play at mobile casinos run by overseas operators. These casinos are compatible with the Android and iOS platforms and offer a choice range of games.

Players get to play in the instant play mode at these mobile casinos. Some of them also have downloadable apps that they can download from the corresponding app store. They can make payments at these casinos in any of the currencies supported; some of them also support the Namibian Dollar. The usual banking methods are supported at these mobile casinos.


Is it legal for me to gamble as a Namibian player?

Namibia has had laws in place since 1994 to regulate gambling so yes, gambling is legal. There is no proper legislation when it comes to online or mobile casinos, but there are no laws banning you from playing at your favorite casino. However, you will not find any locally licensed and run online casino; you will have to play at any of the online casinos run by overseas operators that accept Namibian players.

Are online casinos secure for Namibian players?

Namibian players can play only at overseas online casinos and they are all completely secure. The ones that you find on our list are the best for Namibian players and they all are certified for security, fair play, and reliability by reputed third party auditors.

Am I required to play only for real money at an online casino accepting Namibian players?

All online casinos accepting Namibian players allow you to play not only in real money mode but also in free play mode

How old do I have to be to play at an online casino accepting Namibian players?

The minimum age to play at an online casino accepting Namibian players depends on the casino. Usually, it is 18 years.

Which are the top local Namibian online casinos to play at?

While there are 3 land-based casinos in Namibia, there are no locally licensed Namibian casinos at this point in time.

How much do I have to pay to register at an online casino accepting Namibian players?

There is no registration fee if you want to play at an online casino accepting Namibian players. However, there is a minimum amount you will have to deposit into your casino account to play for real money. That minimum amount varies from one casino to another.

What are the bonuses I can expect at an online casino?

There are different kinds of bonuses available at online casinos, some for new players and the others for existing players. The new player bonuses include:

• No deposit bonuses
• Free spins bonuses
• Match bonuses

Can I pay in Namibian Dollars? ?

That depends on the casino you are playing at. Most online casinos accepting Namibian players accept payments mainly in US Dollars, GBPs, and Euros. Some mobile casinos accept payment in Namibian Dollars as well.

What about mobile casinos for Namibian players; are there any of them around?

While there are no local Namibian casinos and therefore no Namibian mobile casinos, there are a number of online casinos by overseas operators. All the casinos on our list have a mobile version too.