High Roller Online Casinos in South Africa

Highroller casinos are those casinos who give preferential treatment for the fat cats – the people who are willing to spend a lot of money while gambling. You will find that many shops and businesses take special care of their big money clients, and it is therefore only fair that you should expect that of your online casino.

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What’s Unique about Them?

All online casinos like entertaining ‘whales’ – their special term for players with deep pockets. Not everyone caters for them though. Highroller casinos are those casinos willing to go the extra mile for their high roller players. They will also usually cater to normal players but will give highrollers better comps and bonuses.

South African High Roller Online Casinos in Zar

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Highroller Casinos have High Table Limits

Highroller casinos offer very high table limits. For example: most Microgaming online casinos have a betting limit of around $100 (approx. R1,000) per standard single blackjack hand. Then you get the few who change the configuration to allow you to bet up to $300 (approx. R3,000) per hand. This allows high rollers to spend bigger amounts and win bigger amounts, with obvious benefits for the online casino. When highrollers have been with an online casino for a while, the casino will go as far as to offer these special players an even higher betting limit than they offer to all highroller players.

Highroller Casinos have Special Comp Clubs

Although highroller players will win more money, they will also ensure that the online casino make a bigger profit. This means that it’s to the casino’s advantage to sweeten the deal for highroller players. They will ensure that highrollers join their VIP comp club, which will earn them more special comp point and bigger cash back rewards.

Highroller Casinos have Special Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are not the be all and end all when it comes to special offerings, but they can make a difference to your bankroll, especially if you are willing to bet really high amounts. You will see highroller bonuses advertised on most online casino bonus pages. The offerings can be quite lucrative but it is really important that you read the fine print to ensure that you understand their terms and conditions.

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