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Gambling is a global phenomenon and has been that way for quite some time, having a presence in different continents. Africa is no exception to the rule; in fact a number of African countries have used the revenue generated from specific forms of gambling for funding social causes, building sports infrastructure, and more. The Republic of Zambia is one African country that, like many others, has regulated and recognized different forms of gambling.

Zambia has laws in place to regulate and control the following forms of gambling:
• Casinos Gambling
• Sportsbetting
• Lottery Games

As a Zambian player you have the freedom to step into any one of the casinos run by the numerous overseas onlie casino operators and play their games for real money. There is no particular legislation banning players from doing so. However, at this point Zambia does not have its own online casinos, though there is a state-licensed sportsbook operated by Sports4Africa Zambia with a valid license.

We bring to you a list of the top online casinos that Zambian players can visit to play their favorite casino games for real money. Along with the names of the casinos we also list out the bonuses they offer so you know what each of them has to offer if you sign up. Now all you have to do is choose the casino you want to play at and click the Play Now button to start playing!

Top Zambia Online Casinos and Their Bonuses

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Using OnlineCasinos Online to Find the Best Online Casino for Zambia Players

With such a huge number of online casinos accepting Zambian players around, zeroing in on one that is perfect for you can be quite challenging. The best way to find the casino of your choice is to come to us, because we are the industry leaders when it comes to providing information about casino gambling worldwide. Our team of experts dedicate all their time to reviewing, testing, comparing, and analyzing the numerous casinos that accept players from Zambia. That is not all; we also put together as much as we can about all things gambling in Zambia to give you a 360-degree perspective. The casinos that appear on our list are the ones that have consistently scored high on all the parameters we check them for. When you visit us this is what you get:
• The list of top online casinos accepting Zambian players
• The welcome bonuses at each of the casinos on the list
• Detailed reviews of the best casinos accepting Zambian players
• Zambia’s gambling laws
• Zambia’s mobile casino industry

Parameters We Test Zambia Online Casinos For

Our reputation of being one of the best content repositories for data on the online casino industry in Zambia and worldwide comes from intense, hard, work. We test every aspect of play in an online casino before determining whether they are fit for our list or not. All the casinos that feature on our list of top online casinos for Zambian players have fabulous features that enable them to clear our rigorous tests and analyses with flying colors.

The different parameters we test the online casinos for include, among others:

Interface: The first thing that attracts a player to an online casino is the interface; that is why we test all the casinos we come across for the interface they offer players. The casinos on our list look fabulous and are easy to navigate.

Software: We believe the software is the key to smooth, hassle-free, and fun online casino experience. That is why we test the casinos we see for their software and the features it endows them with. The ones on our list all use software from reputed providers, thereby giving you the automatic guarantee of reliability, safety, and fair play.

Security: Another vital parameter we check all casinos we come across for is security, especially because it is your money and personal information that you are putting out for someone faceless when you are online. The casinos on our list are totally secure and use standard 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) information.

Selection Of Games: We test the casinos we come across for the range of games they have for players. Every casino we feature has a good selection of games that look great and have cool player-friendly elements built into them.

Jackpots: Along with the range of games we check for the different online casinos accepting Zambian players for the jackpots they offer. The ones you see on our list come with mouth-watering jackpots.

Promotions We test all casinos for the bonuses and promotions they offer new players. We list only those casinos that have decent, if not sumptuous, bonuses for their new Zambian players.

Customer support: One aspect of an online casino we subject to stringent checks is the level and quality of customer support. Our experts test the casino’s support team for multiple parameters, including:
• Communication skills
• Efficiency
• Problem-solving ability
• Demeanor
• Time taken to respond to an e-mail

We also check for the different channels of communication available for a player to contact a customer support team

Banking and Local Currency: We check the different casinos we come across for the number of currencies they accept officially, and also to see whether they accept the local currency. Equally important is the number of payment methods supported – for instance, do they support payment methods that are popular in Zambia?

Mobile Casinos: We also check if the casinos have a mobile version. This parameter we have added on after the surge in demand for mobile casinos across the world. The casinos on our list all have their own mobile versions that are compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms.

We continuously upgrade our data to ensure you get the latest inputs always. One thing you can be sure you won’t get at our site is redundant or outdated data.

Gambling Legislation in Zambia

Zambia is one of those African countries that has been able to regulate the gambling industry and therefore, to a somewhat significant extent, prevent illegal gambling. There are 4 laws that have been passed over time to regulate gambling here. The first of these was the Casino Act of 1992. This Act sought to regulate the different forms of gambling in the city. Over time, this Act was seen as a redundant one and a new legislation was proposed.

In 2007, Zambia passed the Tourism and Hospitality Act. This Act defines the grounds for issuing of a casino license and also looks after the functioning of casinos in the country. Another significant act that was passed was the State Lotteries Act. As the name suggests, this Act oversees the functioning of the state lotteries. Finally, there is also the Betting Act that was designed to bring under strict regulation the numerous betting operators in the country.

Land-based Casinos in Zambia

The land-based casino industry has been around in Zambia for a while now and there are laws that regulate its functioning. At present there are 4 major land-based casinos in Zambia. These are:
• New Fairmont Hotel and Casino in Livingstone
• Inter-Continental Lusaka Hotel
• Holiday Inn Lusaka
• Majestic Casino in Makeni

There are also numerous illegal gambling joints that have been thriving for quite a while now.

Lotteries in Zambia

Betting on lottery games is legal and properly regulated in Zambia. The regulatory authority for lotteries in Zambia is the State Lotteries Act. There are daily draws and also weekly draws when it comes to lottery gambling in the country.

The national lottery in this country is Zambian Lotto, for which you can buy tickets in Kwacha,the local currency. You have to pick 6 numbers ranging between 1 and 39. You hit the jackpot if all the 6 numbers you pick form the winning number combination that is announced. One of the biggest wins while playing Zambian Lotto was for the amount of 78 million Kwachas. This was actually a part of a 858 million jackpot pool won by a total of 12 contestants.

Online Casinos in Zambia

There is no proper legislation to set up or regulate online casinos locally in Zambia. As a result you do not find local Zambian online casinos. However, the good side of the story is that there is also no legislation that specifically makes it illegal for players to play at an online casino. Therefore you can sign up with any of the online casinos run by overseas operators that accept Zambian players.

When you sign up with any of these online casinos you are guaranteed a superb and safe casino experience as they all are licensed and also certified for fair play and safety. You can actually just visit our list of top casinos, choose the casino you want, and start playing. The only thing is that you will not be able to pay in the local currency, the Zambian Kwacha.

Sportsbetting in Zambia

Zambians are known to have a thing for sportsbetting. That is why you find them eagerly visiting brick-and-mortar betting shops across the country run by licensed sportsbetting companies; some of them offer fixed odds betting. There are a wide range of games and sports you can bet on as a Zambian sports betting enthusiast, local as well as international.

Zambian players are also allowed to play at online sportsbooks, since there is no concrete law governing or limiting online gambling.

Mobile Casinos in Zambia

The level of penetration that the mobile industry has achieved over the years has been nothing short of phenomenal. In Africa alone there were over 648 million mobile phone users back in 2011. That growth is reflected in Zambia as well. That is why you find a number of Zambian casino fans playing at the mobile casinos of overseas casino operators.

The numbers speak for themselves: the number of subscribers has risen from 2.6 million in 2007 to 10.9 million in 2015. For the same period, service penetration has shot up from 22.5% in 2007 to 70.3% in 2015. Internet users have also increased, from 2.5 million in 2012 to 5 million in 2015, and most of them are accessing the Internet from the mobile device.

There are multiple mobile network providers in Zambia today, including:
• ZamTel
• Airtel

Because there is no proper legislation governing online or mobile casino gambling, there are no Zambian mobile casinos. Zambian players can visit any of the mobile casinos run by overseas operators that accept them and play the games they have. All these mobile casinos are of the highest quality and licensed in valid licensing jurisdictions.

The mobile casinos are compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. The games are available in instant play mode; however, some of them have a downloadable app that you can download from the app store. The game itself could also be available as an app. The standard banking methods are available and you have to pay in US Dollars, Euros, and GBPs as they do not accept the Zambian Kwacha.


Is gambling legal in Zambia?

Gambling is legal in Zambia and there are different forms of gambling you can try out, including casino-gambling, lotteries, and sportbetting. However, there are quite a number of illegal gambling operations; so ensure the casino/lottery/sportsbook you are playing at is properly licensed.

Is my money safe when I play at an online casino accepting Zambian players??

All the casinos that you can play at are completely secure. The ones we have listed use reputed software and are certified for safety, fair play, and security.

What is the legal age for gambling in Zambia?

To play at an online casino Zambian law requires you to be at least 18 years old.

Can you tell me approximately how many online casinos accept Zambian players?

There are a large number of online casinos – all run by overseas operators – that accept Zambian players. Unfortunately at this moment Namibia does not have local online casinos.

Is there a cost involved in signing up with an online casino as a Zambian player?

You have to be clear without one thing: signing up does not cost you anything. The question of money comes into play only when you want to use your account for real money play.

What sort of welcome bonus can I expect when I sign up?

There are different kinds of welcome bonuses at the different online casinos. What you get depends on the casino you sign up with. You would ideally get a match bonus, sometimes paired with free spins, or alone. Some casinos also offer no deposit bonuses.

Is it possible to pay in Zambian Kwachas?

Most of the online casinos on our list do not accept payments in Zambian Kwachas. You can pay in US Dollars, GBPs, or Euros ideally.

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