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ukflag logoIn the search for the best UK online casinos, a number of criteria have to be considered. From the way the sites operate to their design, the number of games they offer to their security standards, we’ve taken everything into consideration to create a list of the finest casinos you should be playing at right now. The online gaming market is booming in the UK and with so many people clamouring for the chance to play at online casinos accepting pounds (£), more and more casinos are opening every day. If you’re a new player, it could be difficult to figure out which one is right for you, and which offers you the best experience. We’ve done all the work for you including information you need to know to start playing, a list of frequently asked questions and our list of the casinos you should try out.

These casinos have been selected for UK players based on their ability to offer a great and secure overall experience. Be sure to try them out and keep checking back to find out what new casinos we’re excited about.

Top UK Online Casinos

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How we compare British Online Casinos

As you may already know, not all casinos are built equally. The top casinos are those that distinguish themselves on a number of levels and excel in providing players with the very best experience overall. The best casinos are those that offer the very best in:

• Security – cyber-crime is a very real threat and while you may be careful with your bank account and your online shopping accounts, you need the same level of security from your casino. Really secure casinos will do everything in their power to provide a safe playing environment, and that means having the right barriers in place to stop criminals in their tracks, and regularly update these to keep people’s information safe.

• Deposit options – if you’re a UK-based player and you have a UK bank account, you want the peace of mind of playing at a casino accepting pounds (£). You also want a variety of options when it comes to making a deposit. Only being able to use your credit card is simply not enough.

• Reputation – reputation is very valuable in the world of online gaming and if a casino has a great reputation, you’re much more likely to give it a try. Conversely, if a casino has a poor reputation, you probably won’t go near it.

• Support – customer support can go a long way to making or breaking a casino and if you get great service, you’ll probably keep coming back to a casino. Great customer service builds faith, which ensures you start trusting the casino you’re playing at.

The legality of UK Online Casinos

If you love to play at online casinos, the UK is the best place to do it. The Gambling Act of 2005 made it possible for UK citizens to gamble at online casinos that operate in recognised jurisdictions. Just recently, a new regulation was passed that stated that any online casinos offering services to UK gamblers will need to get licenses to operate no matter where in the world they operate from. This means that whether an online betting house is based in the UK or in Malta, Gibraltar or the Netherlands Antilles, it will need to be licensed to offer its services to UK citizens. This is not anything you should be worried about. In fact, it will add another layer of security to your online casino experience.

Making deposits, effecting withdrawals

One of the biggest benefits to being a UK player using a casino accepting pounds (£) is that you have the pick of the litter as far as deposit methods are concerned. There are so many different way to make a deposit, from using your credit or debit card to going through an ewallet system such as PayPal. If you are playing at a casino that operates outside of the UK, you may need to switch the casino currency yourself which means paying a trip to the cashier. This is a relatively simple process though and before you know it, you’ll be betting in pounds and pence.

As for withdrawals, you’ll probably find that the casino will cash out money using the same method you used to deposit it. If this is not possible, they will ask you for a preferred payment method. The safest and fastest is probably through an ewallet system but if you’re not in a rush, asking for a cheque is one way to do it too. Given the excellence of the British post office, you may find that the cheque reaches you faster than you thought.

Mobile Casinos in the UK

The availability of smartphones and tablets has made it easy for us to do just about anything from mobile devices. Playing online games is no exception, which is why the best online casinos generally offer UK players the opportunity to download apps or visit mobi sites that give them similar functionality to their web-based sites. If you want to play on your mobile device, you will need to look at the casino’s compatibility. While most online casinos allow for players using Apple or Android software, there are very few these days that cater for Blackberry users as these phones have become somewhat outdated.

One of the benefits to play on mobile for the UK is that these sites are regularly updated which means the chances of being able to play new games regularly is very high. Additionally, you can play those games anywhere there is internet access, so if you’re about to head down to Brighton for a long weekend, playing online games is a great way to pass the time on the train.

Game variety at British Casinos

When you play online, you may have one or two games that you’re really keen on. You’ll probably keep returning to these games time and time again, but when you’re ready to branch out, it is comforting to know that the casino you play at has a variety of games on offer. In the UK, video slots, video poker and table games form just a small part of the offering of online casinos. Many casinos also offer bingo, keno and scratch cards, while some have even branched out into sports betting.

Each of the games casinos offer should also come with their variants. This means that if you love video poker, you won’t be stuck playing the same game over and over again. From the traditional video poker machine, you’ll be able to make your way over to mystery bonus poker, joker poker and jacks or better, all of which give you the same game but a completely different experience. The best British casinos understand that variety is the spice of life, and for players, being able to access a variety of games is very important.


Do I have to play in pounds (£)?

If you choose not to play in pounds at an online casino, you have the option of many other currencies including euro, US dollars and more. However, if you are using a UK bank account to fund your online casino account, this will require some conversion. It may not be the easiest path to choose as you will need to figure out not just the conversion rate for how much you have deposited but you will need to convert every bet. Unless you have an ewallet account that makes use of a different currency, it is always simpler to use pounds when you play at a UK casino.

Do I have to play for real money?

Most online casinos have the facilities to allow you to play in practice mode. This means there is no need for money. You can play for as long as you want to without spending a penny, but you won’t be able to keep any of that money if you win. This is a great way to try out new games though.

Are there special VIP casinos catering to high rollers?

While there are many casinos who cater for people who want to spend a few quid and enjoy themselves, there are only a few that really know how to cater for high rollers. High rollers are those players who spend thousands of pounds at online casinos, and they have access to all kinds of promotions, bonuses and extra incentives. While not everyone has the money to be a high roller, you can also access extra promotions and incentives by joining the casino’s loyalty programme.

How do I claim my bonus?

Claiming your bonus at the casino is really easy. All you need is your bonus code. If you are playing for the first time and want to claim a no deposit bonus, you can do this by entering your no deposit code. You won’t need to spend any money, but should keep an eye on the casino’s wagering requirements. If you want to claim any other bonus, use your bonus code at the cashier when making your deposit. Some casinos will require you to put the code in during your deposit process, while others allow you to add it in after you have made a payment to the casino.

Is it legal to play at an English casino in Wales, Scotland or Ireland?

Given the special geographic conditions of the UK, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England are generally not considered different entities when it comes to online gaming. The law states that online gambling is legal within the UK as long as the casino is regulated within its jurisdiction and is licensed. So no matter where you live in the UK, you should have no problem accessing UK online casinos and playing.

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