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bingo-south-africaOnline Bingo in South Africa is becoming more and more popular and there are many online bingo sites that welcome South African players, you sometimes just need to do a bit of research to find them. We’ve made enquiries at three British bingo sites, and they all welcome South Africans. You will mostly have to convert your Rands to British Pounds before you can take part.

The Origin of Bingo

Bingo started out in Italy in the 16th century where it served as the country’s lottery. It makes sense if you look at how bingo balls resemble the balls they use in the South African lottery. Bingo is played all over the world but really became super popular with the advent of the online bingo hall.

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Bingo Sites

There are many online bingo halls to suit your mood. The reason most people prefer playing bingo to other online casino games, is that bingo is considered ‘safer’ and more social. This is because bingo has been played by church and community groups for the last hundred years. The social aspect comes in when you discover that all online bingo halls have chat rooms that allow you to chat to the other players and wish them luck.

The Origin of Bingo 

There are quite a few different game formats to choose from. Would you prefer to play free bingo, low wager bingo or high roller bingo? Would you prefer a 24-hour site or would you be happy to play at one that only features games during the hours of 11AM -11 PM? The good news is that there is a bingo hall and game out there that would suit your mood and personality. Good luck!

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