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Craps is one of the most sociable and exciting casino games that you can play because there’s always a different wager you can make. Even if you’re not actually rolling the dice, you can bet on a game of Craps.


The Aim of the Game

There are many ways to win a game of online casino craps. If you are the “shooter” (dice roller), you win outright if you manage to roll a 7 or 11.If you are simply betting on a game, you win if your predicted outcome comes true.

How to Play Online Casino Craps

Depending on which casino you are playing at, you will either be the shooter by default, or you will join a group of players at a craps table. The software will decide who gets to be shooter next.

There are two rounds in a game of craps. In the Coming Out round (the first one), the selected shooter will roll the dice, hoping to hit either a 7 or an 11, known as a Natural – an instant win.

A roll of 2, 3 or 12 is known as Craps – an instant loss. Any other result takes the game to the second round.

But during the first round, all players can make bets on the outcome of the first round. The safest bet, and the most commonly placed ones, are made on what is known as the Pass line.

If you think the shooter will succeed (even if that shooter is you) you place a bet on the Pass line. If you think the shooter will fail, you place a bet on the Don’t Pass line.

You can also place bets that shooter will roll a specific number. These bets are far riskier, but also return the best odds in terms of payouts.

So, assuming the shooter didn’t roll a natural and didn’t get Craps, the game proceeds to round two. Now, whatever number the shooter rolled in the first round (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) becomes what is known as the Point. The shooter must now try to hit that number again.

The shooter rolls the dice, and continues to roll until one of two things happens: either they hit the Point, or they roll a 7. The 7 is called the 7 Out, because that’s what it means – the shooter is knocked out and the game is over. Second round betting works much like first-round betting except that you now place bets on the Come line (hoping that the shooter will succeed), or the Don’t Come line (hoping they’ll fail).

Tips for playing Online Casino Craps

If you haven’t played much Craps before, then keep in mind that the safest way to wager is on the lines. That way, your odds of winning are around 1 in 2. It’s true that you make more money betting on specific numbers, but you can work up to that once you’re more familiar with the game.

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