Guide to Online Sports Betting in South Africa


sports betting saSports betting is becoming more and more popular in South Africa and is 100% legal. South Africans placing sportsbets online can rest assured that they are not engaging in any illegal activity.

Licensed horse racing bookmakers are also allowed to offer sports bets, which means that our sports and horse race betting industries are mostly tied together. Most South Africans prefer to bet on televised matches of the national teams competing in cricket, rugby, and soccer.

There are quite a number of online sportsbooks that offer South Africans the chance to bet on local matches as well as international sporting events. If you are keen to try out some of the offerings, visit our Online Sportsbook Directory page. Although some South Africans still prefer to place their sports bets either in person or over the telephone, online sports betting is definitely growing since these sites offer great odds, spread betting as well as the innovative mobile betting which allows you to take your bets from your mobile or smart phone.


Rugby is South Africa’s favourite sport and it’s very exciting to place bets on the international series games like the Ruby Championship as well as our local Currie Cup. The most wagers are usually placed on matches against our arch rivals: Australia and New Zealand and recently Argentina.


It’s hard to think of placing a cricket bet without recalling the Hansie Cronje betting scandal. Luckily that’s all in the past now and it’s possible to place a bet without worrying about match fixing. Cricket betting is much more popular in India and Pakistan, and these games are always interesting to bet on.


Soccer bets are were hot during the 2010 Soccer world cup that was held in South Africa. Recently, the most wagers are usually placed on the English Premiership and our local PSL. Get in on the action as soon as possible!

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