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There are a number of countries on the African continent that have had gambling activities as part of their industry for quite some time now. Most of these countries have some form of regulation when it comes to gambling, though in some cases the laws in place to address gambling are quite outdated. Nigeria is one African country where there is gambling in a very limited and regulated way.

Gambling regulation in Nigeria is quite stringent and anyone found violating the regulations could end up paying a fine, going to prison, or even both. The most commonly found forms of gambling in Nigeria include the following:
• Land-based casinos
• Online casinos
• Online gambling (and now mobile gambling)

The scene in Nigeria when it comes to online casinos is quite the same as in some of the other African countries. There are quite a few online casinos run by overseas operators that accept Nigerian players. Nigeria launched its first own online casino in 2013. However, it is no longer operational now.

We have listed for you the top online casinos that accept players from Nigeria. We have also listed the welcome bonus that you get when you sign up with any of these online casinos. Playing at these casinos is quite easy; all you have to do is click the Play Now button provided alongside the casino.

Top Nigeria Online Casinos and their Bonuses

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Using OnlineCasinosOnline to Find the Best Online Casino for Nigerian Players

The best way of finding one of the top online casinos accepting Nigerian players is to go through the list we have provided above. We are the best online resource when it comes to online casinos and the bonuses they offer. Our team of experts not only reviews and analyzes each online casino accepting players from Nigeria, they also provide additional information about casino gambling in this country. When you come to us you get:
• A comprehensive list of the best online casinos for Nigerian players
• The bonuses available at these casinos
• Detailed reviews of the casinos that pass our scrutiny and go on our list
• Information about gambling and related laws in Nigeria
• Data on mobile casino gambling in Nigeria

Parameters We Test Nigeria Online Casinos For

Our team of experts, as mentioned earlier, tests all the online casinos accepting Nigerian players thoroughly. Only the ones that score high on all fronts make it to our list, which means you can be sure that the names you see are actually the best around for Nigerian players. The parameters we test them for include:

Interface: We test the different casinos we come across for the interface they have. That is why you find that the ones on our list all look great and offer smooth navigation.

Software: Good software is at the core of a good online casino. Our team tests each online casino for the software they use and the features they offer players. All the casinos on our list use software that comes from reputed vendors and licenses from recognized licensing jurisdictions. This automatically guarantees you fair play.

Security: We test each online casino that we come across rigorously for their security measures. All casinos on our list have sophisticated firewalls and at least 128-bit SSL encryption. This ensures complete safety for your financial transactions and personal data.

Game Range: We test every online casino accepting Nigerian players for the range of games on offer. Choose any casino on our list and you can be sure you get a good selection of games – slots, table games, card games, video poker, specialty games, and more.

Jackpots: All the casinos we come across are tested for the availability of jackpots as well. You will find quite a few of the online casinos on our list with impressive jackpots. Some have progressive jackpots, while some others have local jackpots, depending on the software they use.

Promotions One important parameter we test online casinos accepting Nigerian players for is the range of promotions on offer. Each of the casinos on our list offer juicy promotions to their players. There are fabulous welcome bonuses for new players and also a range of mouth-watering bonuses for others.

Customer support: We understand the critical role that a casino’s customer support team plays in ensuring good gaming experience. All casinos on our list have dedicated customer support teams – some of them have multilingual teams – that are able to respond to your queries immediately through any of the following media:
• Telephone
• Live Chat
• E-mail

Banking and Local Currency: Players love it when they are able to transact in their local currency. That is why we test all casinos for their banking methods and currency support options. The casinos on our list accept payments in the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and support locally popular banking methods.

Mobile Casinos: We test casinos also for the availability of a mobile version. The sharp rise in the use of mobile devices has led to mobile casinos rapidly becoming the most popular form of casino gambling today. Many of the casinos on our list come with their own mobile version that is compatible with the Android, iOS, and also at times Windows Phone platforms.

We regularly update the information that we put out. That is another reason why we are considered to be among the best resources for data related to online casinos accepting Nigerian players. You get only the latest information when you come to us.

Gambling Legislation in Nigeria

Legislation has been in place in Nigeria to control and regulate gambling for almost 4 decades now. The first piece of legislation for gambling that was passed was the Gaming Machines Act. This Act was passed in 1977 and banned the import or ownership of gaming machines if the person or entity importing or owning it did not have a valid license for the same.

Even with the Gaming Machines Act being around, illegal gambling continued to be a problem in Nigeria. This led to the passing of another piece of legislation to help tackle this menace. This was the Criminal Code Act, which was passed in 1990. Chapter 22 of this Act defined illegal gambling and the different forms of gambling that came under this term. As per this Act, roulette, dice games – only backgammon was excluded, card games that were not skill-based, cowrie and chacha games, and quite a few other games of chance that were deemed unfavorable to the player were declared illegal.

Land-based Casinos in Nigeria

Nigerian land-based casinos are legalized according to the existing laws of the country. There are 3 properly functioning land-based casinos in Nigeria today that offer games like slots, video poker, table and card games, and more. These are:
• Hilton Transcorp Hotel and Casino (Abuja)
• Jacaranda Casino (Abuja)
• The Federal Palace Casino and Hotel (Lagos)

Lotteries in Nigeria

Nigeria has its own national lottery, the Nigerian National Lottery. This lottery has Lotto Nigeria, which is considered the national lottery game of this country. It was started with the objective of raising funds to help in the overall development of Nigeria. The different areas the funds generated by the lottery were to be used included, among others, the development of national sports.

The Nigerian National Lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Act of 2004. The way this lottery works is simple: choose a series of 6 numbers between 1 and 49. If all the numbers you have chosen feature on the result, you win the jackpot. Another lottery that is running currently in Nigeria is Quick Lotto. This one has a daily draw to go along with the weekly draw. You can buy the lottery at land-based shops, online, or directly from your mobile device.

Online Casinos in Nigeria

Nigeria had its first online casino in 2013 with the launch of NairaGames; this casino is currently not operational. Even though there are no local online casinos in this country currently there are a number of online casinos run by overseas operators that accept Nigerian players. At many of these casinos you also have the option of paying in Nigerian Nairas.

All online casinos accepting players from Nigeria are properly licensed and regulated by some of the well-known licensing jurisdictions. There was no licensing authority in Nigeria at the time NairaGames was launched, so that can be something to think about, as to how it was licensed in the first place. All the online casinos accepting Nigerian players that we have listed out also have a mobile casino available.

Sportsbetting in Nigeria

One of the most popular gambling options available to Nigerian players is sportsbetting. There are different games and sports to bet on, including football, cricket, basketball, rugby, and many others. There are local sportsbooks as well as ones run by overseas operators for Nigerian players to choose from.

You can bet on your favorite sport in brick-and-mortar betting shops as well as online. The mobile betting option is also available now. Licensed local sportsbooks include Winasbet and Betland. The overseas sportsbook include big names like Bet365, among others. One of the first local online sportsbooks is NairaBet, which is regulated by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. There are quite a few others available as well.

Mobile Casinos in Nigeria

The mobile device – smartphone or tablet – is rapidly changing the way we do a lot of things, including telecommunication and gambling. Africa is one continent where there has been an explosive growth in the number of people using a mobile device, with over 648 million users in 2011 alone. One of the African countries where this growth has been spectacular is Nigeria.

Mobile penetration has been quite significant in Nigeria. A study showed that mobile penetration in Nigeria in 2016 stood at a mammoth 94%, up from 75% in 2014. A study by the Africa Infotech Consulting (AIC) shows that the smartphone penetration in Nigeria stands at 30%, while feature phones make up the other 70%.

There are multiple mobile network providers in Nigeria currently. These include:
• MTN Nigeria
• Globacom
• Starcomms
• Etisalat (EMTS)
• Mtel (NITEL)
• Airtel
• Multilinks
• ZoomMobile
• Visafone

As a Nigerian casino fan, you now have the ability to play your favorite casino games from your mobile device on the go. All the top online casinos accepting Nigerian players that we list have a mobile version. These casinos are all compatible with the standard mobile platforms like Android and iOS. There are a range of exciting games to choose from, including slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, specialty games and, in some cases, even progressive jackpots.

When a Nigerian player signs up with any of the mobile casinos on our list, they get to play in the instant play mode. However, there are some mobile casinos with a downloadable app. Players are able to make payments and withdraw funds in Naira, the local currency. These mobile casinos also support locally popular banking methods including:
• Credit cards
• NETeller


Could you tell me if online gambling is legal in Nigeria?

Gambling – sportsbetting, lottery, and casino gambling – is legal and regulated in Nigeria. There is no specific law banning online gambling, however. The first online casino in this country was launched in 2013, though it is now no longer functional. Local online sportsbooks are licensed currently.

How secure is it to play at an online casino in Nigeria?

Online casino gambling in Nigeria is secure. All the casinos on our list come with industry-standard digital online security technology like 128-bit SSL encryption and also high-end firewalls.

Do I get the free mode to practice my favorite casino games when I sign up with an online casino accepting Nigerian players?

While you must fund your online casino account to be able to play for real money, the online casinos accepting Nigerian players do allow you to play in free play mode, thereby giving you a valuable shot at improving your game or getting used to the settings in the casino.

What is the legal age for playing at an online casino for me as a Nigerian player?

To be able to play at an online casino, a Nigerian player has to be at least 18 years old.

How do I locate a local Nigerian online casino?

That could be a difficult task now, because the first Nigerian online casino, NairaGames, is no longer operational. There are a number of online sportsbooks, though, that you can choose from. Also, there are a number of online casinos run by overseas operators that accept players from Nigeria. The ones on our list even accept payments in Naira, which makes your job of transacting easy.

What does it cost to play at an online casino accepting players from Nigeria?

Registration is absolutely free at all the online casinos accepting Nigerian players. However, if you want to play for money, you will obviously have to deposit funds into your account. Some of these casinos offer no deposit bonuses as incentive to play for real money.

What kind of promotions can I expect at any of the online casinos for Nigerian players that you list?

All the online casinos on our list come with superb bonuses. The bonuses at each casino may be any one or a combination of the following:

• No deposit bonuses
• Free spins bonuses
• Match bonuses

Would I be able to pay using the Naira as a currency option at one of the casinos on your list?

All the casinos that we list accept payments in the Naira to make depositing funds hassle-free for you. They also accept other currencies like the US Dollar, GBP, and Euro.

Do the casinos on your list support locally popular banking methods?

The casinos on our list absolutely support locally popular banking methods. You can deposit using a credit card or even an e-wallet like NETeller.

Do the casinos accepting Nigerian players support mobile casino gaming?

All the casinos on our list come with their own mobile version. This is because mobile casinos are the latest hot thing in gambling and allow players to play on the go.

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