Springbok Casino Showcases Sport in a Series of Stories and Videos


springbok-casino-showcases-sport-series-of-stories-and-videosSouth Africa’s love for sports has been showcased in a series of stories and videos being compiled by SA-based online casino Springbok Casino

South Africa’s Big 3

Rugby, cricket and soccer – known as the ‘Big 3’ are the most popular sports in South Africa, but the nation’s interest in sports does not end there. Daniel van Wyck, SpringbokCasino manager, said a lot of South Africans also love cycling, tennis, as well as his personal favorite which is surfing.

A video highlighting the popularity of the South African national rugby team “Springboks” has been included in recent rugby articles published by Springboks Casino. The South African cricket team is one of the top cricketing teams in the world although their fortunes have gone back and forth in recent times. Springbok casino is promoting a number of exciting rugby and cricket matches in the coming months and sports bettors in South Africa will have multiple options to wager on.

Other Sports Also Popular in SA

One sport that’s also gaining increasing popularity in South Africa is tennis. Tennis great Roger Federer’s mother was a native of Johannesburg and was a top athlete herself during her school years. Roger Federer owes much of his successful tennis career to his mother’s South African roots and their family’s visits to South Africa while he was growing up.The 2018 US open starts on 27 August and Federer will be one of the top players expected to win 6th US Grand slam.

South Africa is also home to some of the world’s best golf courses. Young golfers are being coached and trained and are given access to golf courses. Springbok’s golf page features some of the finest recovery shots on the PGA Tour.

The country also boasts some of the most beautiful surfing spots in the world. South Africans’ passion for the sport is being fuelled by the country’s interesting waves and 2000km coastline. Springbok’ssurfing feature explores the life of South African pro surfer Slade Prestwich.

Apart from sports betting, Springbok Casino also offers its players a number of exciting casion games who can play online or via the Springbok Casino Android app.

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