South African Lottery Funds New Limpopo Sports Complex


lottery-funds-new-limpopo-sports-complex While winning the National Lottery is obviously exceptional for the player who takes home the jackpot, South Africans sometimes overlook the fact that a portion from the sales of the money spent on their lottery tickets goes to a range of good causes across the country.

An example of this was given this week when the National Lottery Commission, the body responsible for distributing revenue from the National Lottery through the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, announced that R35 million has been earmarked for the development of a new sports complex in Limpopo.

A sod turning ceremony was held on Friday as the first step in the construction of the complex.

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The Commissioner for the National Lottery Commission, Charlotte Mampane said: “The NLC is pleased to announce that an amount of R35 million will be allocated to the development of the Mafefe Sports Complex, implemented by the Mafefe Development Trust in Limpopo.”

Mampane said that the NLC was “moved by the community’s desire to implement a project that has the potential to create a significant number of short, medium and long term jobs as well as the ability to nurture talent among the youth of Mafefe.”

According to the National Lottery Commission, sport was a proven way to keep young people employed, and to keep them off the streets and away from crime. “Sport is a means of expressing an individual’s talent,” said Mampane. “It encourages discipline, teamwork and productive habits that our youth can adopt and integrate into their daily lives.”

The National Lotteries Commission was established under the South African Lotteries Act in 1999. The Board is tasked with regulating the National Lottery as well as other lotteries, and advises the Minister of Trade and Industry on policy matters relating to these lotteries.

Revenues distributed through the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund are divided as follows: 47% goes to charities, 28% goes to sports and recreation, 23% goes to arts, culture and national heritage, and another 2% is donated to miscellaneous purposes.

27% of lottery ticket sales is transferred to the NLDTF every week. In the first decade of the National Lottery’s establishment, over R11 billion was transferred to non-profit organizations. A total of R5,177 million has been transferred to sports and recreation sectors such as the latest sports complex in Mafefe. The NLDTF concentrates its efforts on developing sports and recreational facilities in order to develop talent in rural areas and to increase accessibility to sport facilities for all, including the disabled.Click here for the Latest South African Lotto Results | Click here for the Latest South African Powerball Results

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