South African Lottery Company Awarded Malawi License


gidani-and-malawi-national-lottery Gidani International, the company which recently lost the bid to run the South African lottery has found success in another African country. It was recently announced that Gidani was granted a license to run the National Lottery of Malawi.

Chairperson of Gidani International, Bongani Khumalo said the group was thrilled to be granted the Malawi license, after losing to Ithuba Holdings in South Africa recently.

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“This is an absolutely momentous occasion,” said Khumalo. “We thank the government and the National Lotteries Board of Malawi for their confidence in us, in that way making us partners in that country’s socioeconomic development.”

The South African lottery company believes that the Malawi lottery will have a positive impact on the country’s skills development and will contribute significantly to the livelihood of the population. Khumalo confirmed that Gidani International would employ a significant number of Malawians, while thousands of other jobs would be created through retail outlets where lottery tickets would be sold.

The first Malawi Lottery draw is scheduled for November 28th, 2015.

Gidani was the operator of the second lottery in South Africa but its license expired in May this year. While it bid to run the lottery again, that bid was lost to current South African lottery operators Ithuba Holdings. Gidani challenged Ithuba’s win as new operators in a court of law but lost the fight.

In the meantime, Ithuba has been experiencing teething problems as it moved in as new operators of the South African lottery. The company came under fire earlier this month when lottery fans were unable to buy tickets since the new terminals were offline before the lottery draw.

In response, Ithubu said that it was moving into damage control and had appointed more field service staff to solve any future problems. In line with the terms of its licensing agreement, Ithuba launched the third South African lottery with the distribution of 6,000 new terminals across the country. Over its seven year agreement, it will also be required to increase the National Lottery’s retail network by thirty percent.

The chief executive officer of Ithuba Holdings, Charmaine Mabuza said that the group was very encouraged by the growth of sales figures “which is a good indication that despite the technical glitches that have occurred, people are playing their favorite lottery games every week.”

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