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Bingo has never been as big in South Africa as it is in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. There are, however, some existing popular bingo halls in SA and online bingo is becoming more popular every day.

It’s probably a good idea to put your preconceived notions of bingo aside. Yes, bingo was a game which used to be ruled by old ladies in church centre, but all that has changed. Young people, especially women, are embracing bingo as a fun night out. You even get special bingo clubs which combines bingo games with a night club event afterward and online bingo is great fun as you get to meet new people and take part in chat room conversations.

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The Beginning of Bingo

Have you ever played a game of bingo or seen it on TV, and thought that bingo looks a bit similar to the lotto draw? You would be right because bingo originated as a spinoff of the Italian national Lottery somewhere in the fifteen hundreds.

This lottery styled bingo game spread through Europe like wildfire and eventually reached the US 1929, although it was called beano back then. A man called Edwin Lowe saw a version of this beano game at a carnival, and he was instantly drawn to it. He played the game and made sure he got to know everything about it, and then went home to create his own home-made version. People were supposed to shout ‘beano’ when they won until one lady got so excited that she shouted ‘bingo’ by mistake. Lowe liked this name and started to market the game.

The Ins and Outs of the Game

Each bingo player gets one or more card with a 5X5 grid. The five columns are marked by one of these letters: B-I-N-G-O. Each letter column has five numbers under it. The caller calls out the chosen numbers and players must then mark the numbers on their cards.

You can win prizes if you are the first person to cross out an entire line, two lines, or the whole card. Rules vary. When you win, you have to shout bingo! Although this happens automatically during a game of online bingo.

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