Celebrating Women in Male Dominated SA Casino Market


celebrating-women-in-male-dominated-sa-casino-marketAlthough times are changing, it is still not wrong to call the South African gambling industry a male-dominated market – which is why it is important to celebrate progress and innovation whenever we come across them.

A case in point is Elmarie van Wyk who serves as the Gaming Manager at Sun International’s Flamingo Casino in Kimberley. Van Wyk recently discussed her job in what is still perceived as an industry reserved for men, as well as her opinion on the direction of South Africa’s gaming market.

The interview was given as part as Women’s Month in South Africa and in collaboration with ICE Africa, a summit which aims to showcase the inspiring work across the continent’s gaming market in multiple sectors.

In the interview Elmarie van Wyk said that the casino industry, especially gaming, has historically been predominantly male.

“My proudest achievement has therefore been when I was given the opportunity to become Sun International’s first female Gaming Manager,” she said. “I am a pro-active, motivated, goal-driven and confident person and I love what I do – every day is different.”

Van Wyk is convinced that the only way South African casinos can survive in this cut-throat market is to continue to be innovative. In her 13 years with Sun International, she has experienced many major technological developments and believes that she will see many more in her career.

She commented that she was able to work with “some of the latest and greatest technology” every day at work.

“I am not afraid to try new things and am always looking for more effective ways to deal with every day challenges,” she said. “I believe that my passion positively influences others working closely with me. It encourages the need to challenge conventional thinking and become more creative and innovative and, as such, positively impacts the business.”

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