Casino Withdrawals | What To Do When The Casino Won't Payout

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casino_withdrawalsWe all have that moment during casino withdrawals when we hold our breath and hope the money makes its way to our accounts. For those with experience in casino payouts, this is not a usual concern but for those about to cash out their big win, there’s a sense of anticipation that doesn’t go away until the money actually clears their bank accounts.

Though it doesn’t happen often, there are some cases in which an online casino South Africa simply doesn’t pay and though players are always advised to use the list of top casinos accepting rand (ZAR) so that they don’t fall victim to this kind of situation, there are some steps you can take should you ever find yourself in this position.

A few months ago, an Oregon woman found herself in that exact situation after playing a machine at a Wasington casino that she had visited with her mother. After putting $100 into the machine, she hit the jackpot of $8-million and thought all of her dreams had become reality. However, the casino staff explained to her that the machine was malfunctioning and she would not be able to claim her win. She could take home a paltry $80. Of course, the woman felt that she had been cheated but the staff pointed out that the machine’s top fixed jackpot was only $20 000, which meant the machine had malfunctioned and, as everyone knows, a malfunction voids all plays and payouts.

The story, though having taken place in a land-based casino, has led to some interesting debate about online casinos and what players can do if they are refused a payout. With online casino South Africa wagering requirements being as strict as they are, many players have found themselves in situations in which they do not receive the payout they feel they are entitled to.

If you find yourself in a situation like that, what could you do? Sadly, other than try to pursue the casino via email, live chat and phone, and contact the relevant regulatory bodies, you would find that your options were few.

However, prevention is better than cure which is why it is vital that you take to hear these top tips for safe playing online: 1. Always play at ‘recognised’ casinos – look for the eCOGRA stamp of approval. It’s a symbol that you can trust the casino you’re playing at and, if the need arises, have someone to complain to. 2. Check those wagering requirements – the more informed you are, the more likely you are to get the payout you deserve. Be sure to read the terms and conditions rather than just skimming them. They’re important. 3. Only play at recommended casinos – our list of top online casinos South Africa has been carefully compiled to ensure you have the best and safest playing experience possible. Always stick to casinos that have been tried and tested if you want a safer playing experience.

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Fact-checked by: Jeffrey Nel