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The gambling industry has had a strong presence in the African continent for quite a while now. The extent of gambling and the laws regulating it has differed in different countries. Some African countries do not have legislation in place that allow the setting up of online casinos; however, the legislation does not cover the players, which means players are free to play at online casinos by overseas operators as long as they are accepted there. This is not the case for some of the African countries, including Ghana.

Ghana has a pretty regulated environment when it comes to gambling. This allows players from this country to indulge in their favorite casino games and also in sportsbetting and lottery gambling within the laws laid down to regulate gambling. Different forms of gambling are legalized in Ghana, including:
• Land-based casinos
• Sportsbetting
• Lottery gambling
• Online casinos
• Mobile casinos

There are currently 2 land-based casinos in Ghana’s capital, Accra.One of them also has a presence in Kumasi. The major land-based casinos in Ghana are:
• La Palm Casino at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra
• Millionaire’s Casino at the Golden Tulip Accra Hotel and Casino, Accra
• Golden Tulip Casino, Kumasi

The land-based casinos are where you find a lot of foreigners and well-to-do Ghanaians playing their favorite games. The local population also has access to sportsbooks, online casinos, bingo, and more. We will talk about these and the laws governing them in a later section on this page.

When it comes to online casinos, Ghana has regulation in place that allows local operators to set up shop on their own. There have been times when some of these have had to deal with negative publicity owing to complaints from players. Another option that Ghanaians have is to play their favorite casino games at online casinos run by overseas operators. These are secure and come with a reputation for fair play and player-friendliness, hallmarks that have made them popular across the world, and Ghana is no exception to this rule.

We list below for you the top online casinos accepting Ghanaian players. There are overseas as well as local operators in this list. The list shows not only the top Ghanaian online casinos but also the bonuses they have for their players. To play at any one of these casinos all you have to do is click the Play Now button alongside and you are on your way to some good and fun gambling action!

List of Ghana Online Casinos

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Using OnlineCasinosOnline to Find the Best Online Casino for Ghanaian Players

You may find quite a few websites offering information on casino gambling in Ghana but one thing you should know: we are the best of them all. The information we provide speaks for itself. We are the leading one-stop solution for gambling information related to Ghana on the Web. We have a team of experts that ensure that all the information is not only correct and accurate but also continuously updated. That is how we have managed to stay ahead of our competition. We provide you with:
• An accurate listing of the top Ghanaian online casinos and also overseas casino accepting Ghanaian players
• The bonuses available at all these casinos
• Detailed and factually correct reviews of all the casinos we list
• Information related to gambling in Ghana
• Details about the laws regulating gambling in Ghana
• Updates on Ghana’s mobile casino scene

Parameters We Test Ghanaian Online Casinos For

Our objective is simple: to use our dedicated team of experts to make your task of finding the best Ghanaian online casino easy. We do this by reviewing all casinos out of Ghana and also overseas online casinos accepting Ghanaian players thoroughly. We test these casinos for multiple parameters; only the ones that score high on all these parameters make it to our list.

Interface: We test all Ghanaian online casinos for their interface. The different parameters within this that we check for include, among others:
• Look and feel
• Player-friendly features
• Smoothness of navigation

The ones that have made it to our list score very high on all these aspects and that is an automatic guarantee for you: no matter which casino you choose from our list you know for sure it will look great and be easy to access and play.

Software: We test each Ghanaian online casino we come across for the software powering it. The casinos on our list all use software from the top companies in the world, software that has been certified and licensed by recognized licensing jurisdictions.

Games: Another important criterion we check for is the range of games. Every casino we showcase has a good selection of games. There are different kinds of games, including slots, table and card games, video and table poker, and specialty games; some of them also offer progressive jackpots. All games come with high quality graphics and features.

Jackpots: The top online casinos for ghana players that we list out all offer support for the local currency in ghana.

Promotions and Bonuses: Promotions and bonuses are key factors that determine the volume of player traffic to an online casino. All the casinos we test and clear offer exciting bonuses: there are superb welcome bonuses for new players and also a range of cool bonuses for existing players at the casino.

Local Currency Support: Local currency support players a major role in the popularity of a locally operating online casino, and this is true about Ghanaian online casinos as well. The Ghana online casinos we feature on our list support the local currency along with other standard currencies like the US Dollars, Euro, and GBP.

Payment Methods: We test the casinos we come across for the range of payment methods they support. For instance, do they support locally popular payment methods? The ones that make it to our list support multiple payment methods, including methods that are popular in Ghana.

Security: We are very particular about security and that is an aspect we check online casinos rigorously for. Every Ghanaian online casino that makes it to our list has to clear our stringent tests on the security aspect. All of them use at least industry-standard security technology like 128-bit SSL encryption.

Customer Support: All the casinos we showcase offer excellent customer support. We put these casinos through rigorous tests to determine the level, modes, and efficiency of their customer support team.

Mobile Casinos: Many players now want to play games from their mobile casino. We therefore also test the Ghanaian casinos we come across for the availability of a mobile casino as well. Many of the casinos on our list have their own mobile versions that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Gambling Types in Ghana

Gambling has been a part of Ghana for quite a while. Players get access to different forms of gambling in Ghana. These include:
• Land-based casinos
• Lotteries
• Sportsbetting

Ghana has been unique in that it has had gambling regulation in place for quite a while now to regulate the different forms of gambling that exist. Gambling in this country has been split since the 1960s into 2 major categories:

Lottery: This is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Ghana. Today there are different lottery draws in this country, including a national lottery that is drawn weekly.

Game Of Chance:This term refers toall other forms of gambling except the lottery and includes casinos (land-based, online, and mobile), sportsbetting, bingo, and other gambling forms.

Gambling Legislation in Ghana – The Early Days

Lottery-based gambling has been regulated since 1960 with the passing of the Lotto and Betting Act 94 and the main body overseeing the operation of the lottery for over 50 years was the Department of National Lotteries. Changes came about in 2006 with the passing of the National Lotto Act 722 and the establishment of the National Lotto Authority (NLA). Today private lotto organizers are also present in Ghana; they, however, have to get a license from the NLA.

Things were slightly different for the other games of chances available in Ghana. There were different laws governing and regulating them in earlier times. These included:
• Lotteries and Betting Act 1960 (Act 31)
• Football Pools Authority Act 1961 (Act 78)
• Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174)
• Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320)

All these laws were brought under one common umbrella with the passing of the Gaming Act (Act 721) in 2006. For the purpose of regulating and supervising the different gambling forms the Gaming Commission – which reports directly to the Ministry of Interior – was set up the same year.

Online casinos are also available to Ghanaian players now. Some of these casinos also have mobile versions that allow players to play their favorite casino games directly from their mobile device.

Online Casinos in Ghana

There was no accurate law to regulate online casino gambling in Ghana. The enforcement of the Gaming Act in 2006 brought most gambling activities under the aegis of one common body, the Gaming Commission. Online casino gambling is, however, currently legal in Ghana. There are over 320 online casinos – local and also casinos run by overseas operators offering online casino gambling opportunities to players from Ghana. Players have preferred playing at the online casinos run by overseas operators because of the superior look, game range, and service they offered.

An online player from Ghana can now play a range of online casino games, including slots, video poker, table poker, table and card games, and much more. All these casinos offer cool bonuses to new as well as existing players, and some of them also come with progressive jackpots.

Sportsbetting in Ghana

Sportsbetting has always been there in Ghana for quite a while now. There are a number of brick-and-mortar sportsbetting outlets across Ghana that allow people to place bets on their favorite sports, local as well as international. All of these operate with a license from the Gaming Commission.

Now there are also online sportsbetting sites available to players from Ghana. These online sportsbetting sites look great and allow players to bet on a range of local as well as international sports and games from the comfort of their home. Games covered include football, basketball, baseball, tennis, and many more. These sites offer cool promotions and there are in-play features built in as well.

Mobile Casinos in Ghana

Mobile casino gaming has taken the world by storm. The mobile phone is single-handedly taking casino gambling to a whole new level, allowing people to access their favorite casino games on the go directly from their mobile device – a smartphone or a tablet. One continent that has not lagged behind the others in this regard is Africa. Mobile gaming is now available to Ghanaian players as well, though the numbers are not as high as in some of the other African countries like South Africa and Kenya.

Internet penetration was quite low in the early days of the mobile smartphone era. Today, over 25 million people of Ghana have access to mobile phones or tablets, spiking up the number of subscriptions to over 28 million a while back and that number is only going upwards each year. This has ensured a steady growth of the mobile casino industry in this country, with many online casinos now also having their own mobile casino offering.

There are different mobile network operators in Ghana. The 6 major operators you find across the country are:
• MTN Ghana
• Vodafone
• Airtel
• Tigo
• Expresso Telecom
• Glo

Currently, there are more than 25 mobile casinos that Ghanaian players can access from their smartphones. Many of these are run by overseas operators and all of them accept payments in the Ghanaian Cedi, along with other currencies like the US Dollar, the Euro, and the GBP. The games can be played directly from the mobile casino in instant play mode. Some mobile casinos, however, have their own downloadable mobile casino or mobile game app.

To play at any of the Ghanaian mobile casinos all a player needs is:
• Access to a smartphone or tablet
• 3G or 4G network; another option is a secure Wi-Fi connection

When you play at a Ghanaian mobile casino you can deposit funds into your casino account in the local currency, i.e. Ghana Cedi, and also any of the other currencies like the Euro, GBP, and the US Dollar.


What is the legal status of online gambling in Ghana?

Online casino gambling is currently regulated in Ghana after the passage of the Gaming Act in 1960. So yes, you will not land into any trouble if you are a Ghanaian citizen looking to sign up with an online casino of your choice.

How secure are Ghanaian online casinos?

All Ghana online casinos are completely secure. Some of the locally operated casinos have, however, had reliability issues for players. Purely from a security standpoint, however, they are all reliable and safe as a house.

Do I get only one play mode at a Ghana online casino?

Ghanaian online casinos usually offer both play modes – free play mode as well as real money mode. Depending on how you want to go about it, you can choose either of these two.

It is compulsory to download the software when I sign up with a Ghana online casino?

Most casinos accepting Ghanaian players come with a download option and also an instant play option. However, there are some casinos where you get only the download option; in such casinos you will have to download the software as instant play from a browser is not available.

How are the welcome bonuses at online casinos accepting players from Ghana?

Every casino accepting players from Ghana offers superb new player bonuses. These could be no deposit bonuses or match deposit bonuses, or even free spins. These bonuses are offered individually or in cool combinations so there is greater incentive for a prospective new player to sign up.

Do the Ghanaian online casinos accept payments in the local currency, Ghana Cedi?

A number of online casinos accepting Ghana players accept payments in the Ghana Cedi. Some of the overseas casinos accepting Ghana players do not support or list the Cedi officially as a transaction currency. However, you can make a deposit in the local currency; the casino converts it into US Dollars, GBPs, or Euros.

Is mobile play available at casinos accepting Ghana players?

Quite a few Ghana online casinos encourage mobile casino gambling. They have a dedicated mobile site that allows you to log in directly from your mobile device – usually an Android or iOS device – and play the games on offer.

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