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There are many Canadian online casinos (C$) that promise players the chance to have fun in a safe environment, get great bonuses and win cash, but sadly not all of these can deliver on their promises. That’s why we’ve listed the very Best Canadian Online Casinos right here, the types of casinos that really do deliver on the promises they make to players. We’ve rated these top casinos not just according to the variety of games they offer, but we’ve taken an in-depth look at just about everything you need to know about casinos accepting Canadian dollars (C$) to give you peace of mind before you start playing.

Try some of the top Canadian online casinos from our list and see for yourself why we rate them highly in terms of security, game variety and more.

    Getting to know the law about Canadian Online Casinos

    The law surrounding online gaming in Canada is one of the most lenient in the world. In an attempt to take advantage of the potential profits the gaming industry could bring in, the Canadian government has said that it will allow online casinos to be both operated and used in Canada. Many of the territories and provinces in Canada jumped on the bandwagon after the government made its declaration and opened their own mobile and web gambling sites so that they too could get in on the action.

    Many of these online casino operators are regulated by the government and have licenses allowing them to offer their services to Canadians, but in many cases, they are only able to offer their games to players from the same territories or provinces in which they operate. This could mean that if you live in Quebec, you may not be able to play at an online casino based in Alberta. If your home is in Yukon, you could be barred from playing at a casino based in Nunavut. However, you should have no problem finding a Canada casino in your own territory that offers all of the same games you would find at any other.

    What qualities do the best Canadian Casinos have?

    The best Canadian online casinos are classified as such because they have a lot of great qualities from great games to excellent security. A casino that can offer most or all of the following qualities is one you should definitely try:

    • Excellent bonuses and promotions – from a handsome welcome bonus to regular promotions, you want the casino you play at to be able to offer you something exciting every time you visit. This includes fresh and creative bonuses that give you extra cash to try out new games, as well as promotions that are smart and exciting, and in some cases, geared to Canadian players.

    • The best and largest variety of games – an online casino is really nothing without its games, and most players generally don’t play only one game every time they visit a casino. When you log on, you want to ensure that the casino you play at has lots of games, and all of the variants thereof, that cater to whatever mood you’re in.

    • Excellent customer service – while playing online, it will give you peace of mind to know that should anything not go your way, you can contact a customer service representative who can make it all better. The very best casinos understand that customer service could make or break them, which is why they will go to great lengths to offer you customer service representatives who are polite and helpful, and who speak your language.

    • Secure banking – it can be a little scary to put your payment information on an online casino site, which is why the top casinos understand that security is vitally important to keeping players happy. Any casinos accepting Canadian dollars (C$) need to be extra careful when setting up their payment systems and while they should be able to offer you a range of payment methods, need to ensure that all of those are 100% secure.

    • Licensed and regulated – one of the common problems with bad casinos is that they do whatever they want to without feeling accountable. The top casinos are those that are licensed and regulated, which makes them accountable to a governing body. For the players, this means that should the casino not be living up to its promises, there is a higher power they will need to answer to.

    • Optimised – modern society has made it possible for players to access Canadian online casinos (C$) on their mobile devices. This means you can take your favourite casino with you wherever you go on your smartphone or tablet. Great casinos optimise their sites, which means they think about how you will see the casino on your mobile device and change the design and development to make the site easier for you to access and much nicer to look at on your smartphone or tablet.

    Starting to play with real money

    When you visit a Canada casino online or on your mobile device, you will notice that without a real money account, you can’t play to win real money. This is easy to solve with a quick visit to the cashier, and a quick deposit using a variety of methods. The types of deposit methods available to Canadian players include credit and debit cards, electronic checks, Moneybookers, Neteller and Instadebit, which is an instant debiting system that is run by a Canadian company with a deep understanding on the Canadian financial landscape.

    One of the problems Canadians often face when playing at online casinos is that they have to play with American dollars. Of course, it is difficult to follow how much of your hard-earned money you’re spending if you have to try and calculate every bet in US dollars, which is why choosing to play at online casinos that accept Canadian dollars (C$) is all the more important.

    Bonuses and promotions at Canadian Online Casinos

    Believe it or not, a lot of the casinos that allow players to pay and play in Canadian dollars also offer promotions and bonuses specifically geared for Canadian players. Besides the general bonuses you can expect to find at these casinos, including the no deposit and welcome bonuses, many of these casinos really consider what kinds of bonuses could make playing more enjoyable for people just like you. They might offer bonuses based on national holidays, such as Canada Day or Labour Day or create promotions centred on the weather or a prominent news item. Not all casinos make this kind of effort, but finding one that does think about the experience of Canadian players is worth playing at.

    Of course, as with any casino, it is vital that you read the wagering requirements before accepting a bonus. These wagering requirements are your guidelines to what games you can spend your bonus money on, and how many times you need to bet, in order to be able to cash out if you win. Though this may sound quite stringent, it is vital that casinos have these rules in place to stop potential fraud. Can you imagine what might happen to casinos that allowed players to simply withdraw the bonuses they received? The casinos would be bankrupt within 24 hours. Thus, these wagering requirements allow casinos to keep operating and offering you more value for your real money account.

    We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Canada casinos right here, to set your mind at rest if you’re playing for the first time, or give you a little extra information if you’re already a frequent player.


    Is there a standard of fairness at Canadian online casinos?

    Believe it or not, online casinos that are properly regulated are held to the same standards as land-based casinos. This means that their games have to be run fairly, which in turn means that you have as much chance of winning at one of the games as anyone else. The algorithms used by the casino ensure that when you play, you have a completely fair experience, so it is possible to win a lot of money at any time.

    Can I play at online casinos in other countries?

    If you want to play at an online casino that is not Canadian, you may encounter a few problems. The first is that you might not be able to play in Canadian dollars, which means you’ll have to calculate your money spent according to the currency the casino does accept. It could be difficult trying to calculate every single bet in euro, pounds or even American dollars. Additionally, there are a few casinos not on Canada that will not accept Canadian players. They do this to cover themselves, since online gaming in Canada is still a bit of a grey area.

    Is it legal to play at Canadian online casinos?

    Playing at an online casino in Canada is not technically prohibited by the government but there are a few laws that govern it. If you live in one territory, for example, you might not be able to play at an online casino hosted in another territory. The one exception here is Quebec, which has made online gambling completely lega

    What currency can I play in?

    If you choose to play at a casino accepting Canadian dollars (C$), you can play in your own currency. You may need to set the cashier to calculate your deposits and withdrawals in Canadian dollars but you should have no problem playing in the currency of your choice.

    How do I make a withdrawal?

    Most online casinos allow for withdrawals from the cashier. You can simply visit the cashier and look for the withdrawal tab or button to request the withdrawal process to start. You will need to keep in mind though that this process is not immediate. Depending on the withdrawal method you choose and the size of the withdrawal, this could take up to ten working days after you provide the casino with your proof of residence, your ID and a copy of your credit or debit card, if you used either of those to make a deposit.

    Is it better to play online or download a casino?

    The matter of playing online or downloading a casino is one of personal preference. Some people prefer to play online because it is immediate and they don’t have to wait, while others like downloading the casino as it gives them access to a larger range of games. Both will offer you more than enough games to play though, as well as the opportunity to claim bonuses and take advantage of promotions.

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