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XRP is the token value of the Ripple network. In essence, Ripple is a gross settlement real-time network that facilitates currency trading, money transfers, among other things, and also functions as a network for inward and outward remittances. Ripple transactions are processed at several nodal locations.

A money transfer is made when someone initiates a transaction. The information is assigned a distinct value, which is transferred to a database in the public domain. The servers, or nodes exchanging the information, are verified. The transaction is allowed and completed if all the independent nodes verify a match. XRP transactions need the unanimous consensus of all the nodes involved, unlike, say Bitcoin, where proof of work is needed for the block, or node, to be successfully integrated into the blockchain.

Fastest Paying Ripple Casinos in South Africa

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What is a Ripple Casino?

A Ripple casino is a casino that accepts and pays in the Ripple Cryptocurrency. The Ripple network uses the token XRP. Developed by US-based Ripple Labs, Inc. in 2012, Ripple is one of the most popular digital currencies. However, there are several aspects to Ripple that make it distinct from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You can buy and sell Ripple or XRP with other fiat or digital currencies, and even purchase or sell goods and services with it. This includes making wagers and withdrawals at online casinos. As mentioned above, any casino that accepts and pays out in XRP is a Ripple casino. Here are some standard features of a Ripple casino that you should know:

  • Ripple deposits and withdrawals are quicker and more economic than conventional e-banking methods

  • Players can enjoy their pet games for real money, with a high degree of privacy and anonymity when using Ripple

  • Players who use Ripple can claim exclusive crypto bonuses for depositing with XRP at several Ripple casinos

  • Ripple casinos often have games, which can be only played by depositing in XRP, or other Cryptocurrencies

  • Responsible Ripple casinos always utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to trigger random results and ensure the games are demonstrably fair

Ripple Casino Bonuses

The majority of online casinos rely on promotions and bonuses to attract players and keep them active, and Ripple casinos are no exception. Bonuses provide some variety to the gaming experience and can help players fulfil their aspirations. In order to beat the competition online casinos oftentimes come up with innovative incentives. Here are some of the most common types of bonuses offered at online casinos, including Ripple establishments:

Ripple Casino No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are not very common but are still a standard offering. A no-deposit bonus is generally given to new players just for opening an account at the casino. A no-deposit bonus comes mostly in the form of free spins or free chips.

No-deposit bonuses are a great way for a player to get started at a new casino; you can win without having played with your own money. Here are a couple of things to remember when playing with a no-deposit bonus:

If you win any money from the no-deposit bonus, you can only withdraw it after making at least one qualifying deposit, which may be part of the welcome bonus
Many casinos put a withdrawal ceiling on the amount you can win and withdraw with a no-deposit bonus; always check the bonus rules

Ripple Casino Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is a percentage of your real money deposit that is added to your balance by the casino. There may be a minimum deposit amount, which is called the qualifying deposit. You can only withdraw the bonus, sometimes the bonus plus deposit amounts, along with the winnings, after you have wagered them a number of times as specified in the bonus rules.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

The welcome bonus or welcome package is the largest incentive an online casino gives to attract new members. The bonus generally consists of a deposit bonus, mostly with a number of free spins, usually to be played on specific games. The welcome package may also extend over the first 3, 4, or 5 deposits of new members. A welcome bonus should not be compared to a no-deposit bonus; you only get the welcome bonus after making the 1st qualifying deposit. Read the bonus rules before playing.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is another name for a deposit bonus or a reload bonus, usually on deposits made after the 1st first one at the casino. The casinos match a percentage of your deposit with the bonus money, which is added to your balance, hence the moniker ‘match’ deposit. Match deposit bonuses may be offered daily, weekly, or monthly.

Cashback Bonus

Punters play at casinos to win, but that may not always be the case. Online casinos, therefore, underwrite a percentage of their personal losses (bonus money does not count) to keep them motivated to play.

The amounts reimbursed are called cashbacks. There may be daily, weekly, or monthly cashbacks, or they may have a special promotional period. Some Ripple casinos pay the cashbacks as bonuses that have play-through obligations, while some give back as real money, which can be freely cashed out.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are not technically bonuses, but just a way to reward a player for bringing in business. However, these are often referred to as Refer-a-Friend bonuses. You can promote your casino to your friends on social media, or through a link provided by the operator. If your friends or associates sign up through your link and make a qualifying deposit, you usually get a cash bonus. This is for every referral you can get. Some Ripple casinos also give you a lifelong percentage of all deposits made through you.

Ripple Casino No-Wagering Bonuses

Wagering requirements always accompany bonuses, which are designed to reimburse the casino. Play-through obligations also prevent misuse of the bonus. As stated, the bonus amount, or sometimes deposit plus bonus amounts must be wagered a number of times before any funds can be withdrawn. Free spin wins also have to be wagered in most cases.

However, at times, in a bid to promote activity at the casino, the operator may offer no-wagering bonuses for a short time. These can be cashed out immediately.

Ripple Casino Reload Bonuses

As mentioned above, reload bonuses are the same as deposit or match bonuses. It is so-called because you ‘reload’ your account balance before the bonus kicks in. Reload bonuses are also given as a percentage of your deposit amount. The percentage of the deposit, match, or reload bonuses may differ according to the quantum of your deposits; this will be made clear in the bonus description. Reload bonuses are subject to the same rules as deposit and matching bonuses.

Loyalty Rewards at Ripple Casinos

Most casinos have loyalty programs that are designed to reward loyal or frequent players. They work much like frequent flier programs. The program incentivizes you to play as frequently as possible. You are given loyalty or comp points for every deposit you make on qualifying games. You can accumulate the points and subsequently exchange them for cash or other bonuses.

The majority of loyalty programs feature a multi-tiered VIP Club, which members can join with the points collected. The club puts players on a pedestal, which gets higher at every level. Each level also has a higher points threshold but you also get more money for the same number of points at successive levels. Examples of benefits include VIP bonuses, weekly free spins, cashbacks, express withdrawals, invitations to VIP tournaments, and other events, a VIP host, faster withdrawals, paid vacations, etc.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds at Ripple Casinos

If you’re new to crypto-gaming, you have to do the following to make deposits and withdraw from Ripple casinos:

  • You first need to open an account at a Ripple casino.

  • Ask customer care, which South Africa-friendly Ripple wallet they support

  • Set up your account at the particular Ripple wallet

  • Purchase some XRP with SA Rand

Now, you’ll all set to play with Ripple. If you’ve just registered, you’ll automatically be redirected to your account. If you opened an account beforehand, log in to start playing and make your first deposit:

  • Head to the ‘cashier’ section and click on deposit

  • Select crypto-currency and then click on Ripple

  • Select or key in the address of your XRP wallet

  • Alternatively, you may get a QR code to scan the wallet’s address

  • Enter the deposit amount in XRP

  • Enter the bonus code if you have one

  • Submit the deposit

The deposit, and bonus amount, will presently land in your account balance. When it’s time to cash out, log in to your account and check whether you have a withdrawable balance. Also, confirm that you have no pending wagering obligations. If everything is fine, then do the following:

  • Go to the ‘cashier’ section and click on the withdrawal tab

  • Select crypto-currency and/or click on Ripple

  • Enter the withdrawal amount in XRP

  • Enter or copy/paste the address of your e-mail wallet

  • Confirm the address of your XRP wallet

  • Submit the withdrawal request

You will immediately get a mail confirming receipt of your request. The Ripple casino will take some time to verify your account, before releasing your funds.

Most online casino enthusiasts play to win, but they also like to be entertained. The size, variety, and quality of the games are very important features of the casino, and this is true for Ripple casinos as well. The attractiveness of a casino’s games catalogue primarily depends on the software studios that create and supply the games. The first online casinos were single-vendor casinos, so the catalogues tended to be small. Modern casinos partner with multiple studios, and as a result, their libraries house games in some thousands.

Apart from the size, casinos also need diversity. Slots are the most popular category, but table games are evergreen. There are also fans of video poker, live casino, and instant win games. And of course, the best Ripple casino will have extensive networks of progressive jackpots, where players can hope to become instant millionaires. Most Ripple casinos will allow you to play demo games, which you can try out for free, and then decide whether you want to invest real money in them.

Here is some information about the different games categories.


Slots are games of pure chance, where you win a lot of money on your lucky day. It is the most popular casino category. There were very attractive as 3-reel fruit machines in land-based casinos. Slot games lent themselves very favourably to the digital revolution, which allowed studios to unleash a gamut of games with themed narratives, sophisticated graphics, and player-friendly bonus features.

Video slots come with more reels and rows, and a large number of pay-lines. Many video slots offer mini-games like double or quits while many others have multiple fixed, or large progressive jackpots. Winnability of individual games is measured in the published return to player percentages. The average RTP is 96%, which still provides a higher house edge, which is why online casinos encourage slots.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are games within a local (same casino), domestic (state or country) or global network. Thousands of punters play these games simultaneously from all over, and a part of the bet is collected in a pot, which can run into 5, 6, 7, and even 8 figures. The smaller the network, the bigger your chance of winning since the competition is low. The biggest winnings come from global networks.

The majority of progressive jackpots come in slot games, but can also be found in card games, roulette, and some casual games. Most Ripple casinos display the current value of the jackpot fund on the game icons, and if you know the game, you can decide when to enter the betting fray. Progressives are also games of chance alone and can change your life once and for all, on a really lucky day.

Table Games

Slots may be the most popular by category, but individual games have short shelf lives. In stark contrast, card games, roulette, and other table games have been around for ages, and are not going anywhere. Table games laid the foundation of the brick-and-mortar casino industry, and it is often said that the real casino players are to be found at the tables.

Table games do not lend themselves to variations, since the rules are the same. This is why table games lobbies are much smaller. But as long as they offer popular varieties, no one is complaining. The games have rules that enable players to develop certain skills, with which they may figuratively turn the tables on opponents with a better hand. Virtual table games are played against the system dealer.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games simulate the excitement and glamour of real casinos and mostly involve card games, roulette, and game shows. Live croupiers host the games from well-appointed remote studios. They use real cards and roulette wheels and the entire proceedings are live-streamed on players’ devices. Players can chat and interact with the live dealers, and with other, remote players.

Even seasoned table gamers can get tired of playing against a system dealer. Live dealer games often have many more variations than virtual table games lobbies. This is because virtual table games are played on a bland screen and against the system dealer, while live dealer games provide a real casino experience. The more the versions, the more diverse the experience can be.

How to Choose a Ripple Gambling Site or Casino

Shopping for a Ripple casino is just like searching for a specific shade of shirt colour. However, the fabric must also be comfortable and durable, and the stitching robust. The collar and the cuffs must have the right design, and finally, the shirt must be a perfect fit.

Selecting a casino is finally all about personal preferences, but the Ripple casino you’re shopping for must tick all the right boxes. To know whether it does, it’s better to do some research. This can involve reading professional reviews; some may be biased, neutral, but you can make out when the reviewer is being honest. Player feedback can help, but it can also be one-sided.

You may also join some gaming forums, where players like yourself discuss Ripple casinos they’ve played at and what has been their experience. You can ask questions, which will help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the must-have aspects of an online casino, Ripple, or otherwise:

Game Collection: The game collection is the second-most important aspect of a casino, after security protocols. We have seen that games libraries can be small or big, but the important thing is the quality of the games and their diversity. The games must be versatile enough to entertain players of hues and stripes. The games must be organized in a way that players can access their preferred games easily and speedily. It is also desirable that games at the Ripple casino can be played in demo mode.

Reputation: You can best evaluate the reputation of a casino by talking to people who have first-hand experience at the casino in question. This is where gaming forums or social media networks can be invaluable. Another indicator can be the licensing authority. The most reliable online casinos usually have premium regulators. The pedigree of a casino can also shed much light; many Ripple casinos are part of a chain of venues run by proven and reputable operators. A long track record is also a good indicator.

Bonus Offers: Casinos mainly offer bonuses to attract players and keep them active on the site. The bonus rules are often designed to profit casinos more than players in the long run. Hence, bonuses are not a very good indicator of a Ripple casino’s reliability. However, a sizeable range of bonuses may be an attractive proposition to punters who love to play with bonuses. If you are one of them, then you should first read the bonus terms and conditions, and ascertain whether they are fair.

Support for XRP and Other Payment Options: It is one thing for a Ripple casino to accept your currency, and quite another to support your XRP wallet. It is desirable that your XRP wallet can be used for both deposits and withdrawals for better security. And even though Ripple and your XRP wallet may be your primary payment method, it is a good idea to check out the conventional e-banking methods they offer. These might come in handy if you run out of Ripple money and are unable to deposit or cashout through your XRP wallet.

Licensing and Operator Details: It cannot be overemphasized that you may only play at a licensed casino, preferably a premium regulator. The majority of casinos publish their licensing details and the name of the operator at the end of the website. Very often, you can also find a link to the original license issued by the regulator. You can click on it to verify the details and validity of the license. You can also research the pedigree and credibility of the casino’s operator.

Customer support: Customer support is a crucial feature at online casinos. There can be a lot of issues where so much real money is involved. Most Ripple casinos have a comprehensive FAQ section, which can address the most common queries, but sometimes it becomes imperative to contact a real person. You should ideally play at a Ripple casino that has responsive 24/7 customer support and whose executives can be contacted through live chat, e-mail, and phone.

Online Casino Software Providers that Accept Ripple

When it comes to iGaming, Ripple offers inherent advantages. No wonder gaming studios have been quick to allow players to bet with cryptocurrencies, including Ripple on its games. The surge in Ripple casinos is thus, not surprising. Gaming studios that accept Ripple bets, depict their in-game values in XRP, apart from other currencies. Examples of such studios are Games Global, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Evolution, NetEnt, BetSoft, Play ‘N Go, EGT, and Pragmatic Play, etc.

Pros of Ripple Gambling

Playing at Ripple casinos has some distinct advantages:

  • You don’t have to despair if the Ripple casino does not support SA Rand

  • You can usually sign up for a reliable XRP exchange free of cost, though transactions will carry minimal charges

  • You can use your mobile to open your XRP wallet and make deposits and accept withdrawals

  • Ripple assets can be transferred round-the-clock and the exchange is lightning fast.

  • Ripple is one of the fastest networks and handles considerably more transactions per second than other Cryptocurrencies.

Cons of Ripple Gambling

Like everything, there are downsides to Ripple gaming as well. These are:

  • Centralized: Ripple is not a blockchain currency, unlike other Cryptocurrencies; XRP is not truly decentralized as Ripple Labs figures as a central authority, much like a central bank.

  • Volatility: All Cryptocurrencies are volatile; since Ripple has tremendous value against fiat currencies, even a slight shift, can have a huge impact on players.

Ripple Mobile Casinos

Ripple casinos use HTML5 for games and JavaScript for other aspects of the platform to create mobile interfaces, which can scale freely and restructure seamlessly to different mobile screens. You may access your Ripple casino on your smartphone or tablet online or through a casino app if the casino offers one. However, most modern casinos are 100% instant play platforms. So make sure you have reliable internet connectivity at all times. The mobile casinos are generally miniature versions of their PC counterparts, with minor changes to accommodate the small screen dynamics.

The Safety of Ripple Gambling

Players at online casinos are vulnerable to identity theft, fraudulent transactions. The most important aspect of an online Ripple casino is the safety and security protocols followed by the operator. The safety guidelines are issued by licensing authorities and are industry-best practices.

Personal data of members are governed by the privacy policy. The operator can never use the information, except as prescribed in the privacy document. Digital activity is stored on secure servers, and financial transactions are firewalled by cutting-edge encryption technology. An inherent virtue of XRP wallets is the high degree of security and confidentiality.

Provably Fair Ripple Casinos

We often take the integrity of games results for granted, but it takes some doing to ensure it to prevent manipulation of games results. The golden rule for achieving demonstrably fair games results is the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm, which triggers random results. All games are regularly tested for the presence and functioning of the RNG by independent labs designated by regulators. Many Ripple casinos have the test results verified by reputed watchdogs like eCOGRA and others.

Ripple Wallets Available to South African Users

A Ripple wallet is similar to a conventional electronic wallet like Skrill and Neteller, but is used as an XRP exchange. Your Ripple money originates from your XRP wallet, and you can use it to trade XRP as a currency for other currencies or make buying and selling transactions. It is important to use an XRP wallet that is South African. Here are some XRP wallets with features favourably for players from the Rainbow Nation:

  • Exodus

  • Binance

  • Coinbase

  • eToro

  • CoinCorner

  • Luno

  • Gemini

  • Electrum

  • MyCelium

Ripple Casino Sites with a Faucet Feature

The faucet feature at some Ripple casinos leaks small amounts of XRPs in players’ balances for completing some routine tasks. Examples of such tasks are taking surveys, completing captchas, watching advertisements, playing quiz games, and even downloading and playing games. The faucet feature at Ripple casinos is a great way to earn extra XRPs.

FAQs About the Best Ripple Casinos

Are Ripple Casinos Safe?

Ripple casinos are safe to the extent that their operators follow safety protocols. As a Cryptocurrency, Ripple has its safety features. The first criterion of a safe Ripple casino is a legal gaming license.

Is Ripple Gambling Legal?

Ripple gaming is legal in countries where both Ripple and iGaming are allowed. In South Africa, Ripple is a legal and taxable asset. However, South Africa is hesitant to lift the ban on online gambling, though it has no jurisdiction over offshore casinos.

Can I get XRP No-Deposit Bonuses?

No-deposit bonuses do not involve any depositing, so there is no such thing as an XRP no-deposit bonus/ Of course, you can always withdraw money won with no-deposit free spins in XRP currency.

Are There any Fees When Using Ripple?

The Ripple network may have nominal or nil transfer fees. However, the operator may impose some processing charges, particularly for withdrawals.

How Fast are Ripple Deposits and Withdrawals?

Crypto-currency transfers are extremely fast; your money can land into your bank account within a matter of seconds.

Summary: Personal Author Experience with Ripple Casinos

Ripple casinos are just like other crypto casinos in every respect. You just need the operator to support your XRP wallet both for deposits and withdrawals. I believe there are many advantages of playing with Ripple, the most prominent being processing speeds, and negligible or no transaction costs.

The cost of buying Ripple with fiat currency is more affordable compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ok, so Ripple is not wholly decentralized, which might mean technically some compromise with confidentiality. But once you get around that, XRP can be a very advantageous alternative to other digital, fiat, currencies.

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