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Using POLi to make your casino payments is a convenient and safe way to transfer money without the high fees of using a credit card or wire transfer. A system that is owned by an Australian company, POLi is becoming a fast favourite amongst SA online gamblers who want the peace of mind of a system that offers them quick and easy depositing convenience that is secure too.

POLi was developed in 2006 in Melbourne as a way for online casinos players to make payments safely through their bank accounts without actually having to divulge their financial information. There no fees charged to users of POLi and all payments are immediate, which means you could start playing at any online casinos accepting POLi immediately.

Which POLi casinos do we recommend for South African Players?

Start making payments today at casinos accepting POLi and find out why more people are using it. The list of South African casinos below is the perfect place to start making POLi deposits and, if you’re lucky, to start winning too.

If you’re looking for a new way to make deposits, give POLi a try. It’s not the most popular system in SA currently, but recognition of it as a safe, reliable and quick payment option is growing, and probably it won’t be long before it becomes a frequently used deposit method.

Benefits of playing at casinos accepting POLi

POLi’s most important benefit is that it allows you to make online deposits without having to divulge your sensitive financial information to online casinos. While for some people this is not a big selling point, for others it is vital, especially given the high numbers of cyber-crime and financial information theft these days. POLi allows you to make payments even if you don’t have a credit card and you don’t need to pay any additional fees to use the system. If safety, convenience and thriftiness are high on your values list, this is certainly a payment portal you’ll want to consider.

How to start using POLi at South African Casinos

To start playing at POLi online casinos, you will need to set up an account. POLi is a system that integrates itself with your online banking account, so you won’t need to make payments into POLi or buy a prepaid card. Additionally, POLi will use the information in your online banking account to pre-populate fields, so you won’t need to fill in your name, address and account number over and over again every time you make a deposit.

To make a deposit at casinos accepting POLi, you will need to visit the casino cashier. Choose POLi as your banking method, select an amount to deposit and then click “next”. You will be redirected POLi’s website where you will need login and enter your password. Select your bank name, enter your online banking login name and password and then select an amount. Once you have reviewed the information you’ve entered, confirmed that you are happy with it and you’re ready to play, simply click the confirmation button and you’ll be ready to do.

One point to note here is that POLi makes use of the money that is in your bank account. If you have a little bit of cash that you’ve saved just to use for online gaming, this should be no problem, but if you have a lot of money stored away, or you have an overdraft, it may be a little bit too tempting to keep depositing and playing until you hit your bank account daily limit. Be sure to keep track of what you spend when you use POLi.

POLi does not allow for withdrawals, so if you have a lucky day at the casino and you want to cash out, you won’t be able to do it using this system. However, there are a variety of other systems available to you for withdrawals, so be sure to check which is the fastest at your favourite casino.

Free Casino Bonuses for using POLi

The list of casinos offering players POLi as a deposit option is slowly growing but this method of payment is not yet as widespread in SA as it is in Australia. As the method is a safe one for players, and beneficial for casinos to use since there is little risk of chargebacks, many casinos that do offer POLi as a deposit option give their players bonuses for using it. In the past, you could claim a 10% bonus at Winner Casino for using POLi and a 15% bonus for using it at William Hill. Be sure to check our list below for a full scope of which casinos accept POLi.

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