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Although the banking system in South Africa has become much more flexible and accessible in recent years, cash is still king in the country. As a result, payment solutions like OTT Vouchers are very useful and sought-after. The OTT payments ecosystem covers payments, collections, and instant payouts from casinos betting operators.

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In this article, we’ll look at what OTT offers and how it can be used in South African online gambling.

What is an OTT Voucher?

The OTT Voucher has been compared to an airtime voucher – no doubt, because of its ease of use – that works like a bank card. It is a payment ecosystem that brings quick and easy online payments within the reach of communities nationwide. In a nutshell, it is a payment token that you can use to pay online and top up your accounts across various providers, including legit real-money casinos.

Where to buy OTT Vouchers

OTT Vouchers are widely available at retailers as well as online. You can:

  1. Buy OTT Voucher online through OTT’s own website

  2. Buy it through a mobile payment gateway like Capitec

  3. Buy it through Kazang vendors

  4. Buy it in retail stores, petrol stations and other locations.

You can buy OTT Vouchers for any available service with any amount you’d like.

How to buy OTT Vouchers Online

When you buy an OTT Voucher online, you can easily transact online without using your bank card. This adds a layer of security to protect your banking information. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy OTT vouchers online​​​​​​:

1. Visit the OTT Voucher Website

Start by visiting an authorised OTT Voucher purchase site such as buy.ottvoucher.com. Some platforms may require you to log in or register if you’re a new user.

2. Enter Amount

Decide on the amount of the OTT Voucher you wish to purchase. Amounts can range based on the platform’s options.

3. Select Your Payment Method

Choose a payment method from the available options. Payment methods typically include Instant EFT, debit/credit card, and possibly others like Ozow for instant EFT payments.

4. Enter Your Details

Provide your mobile number or your email address. The mobile number is crucial as you’ll receive your OTT Voucher PIN through it. Ensure it’s your own number for security reasons.

5. Proceed to Payment

Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Do not close your browser until you receive a confirmation of your payment.

6. Redeem Your Voucher

Once you receive your OTT Voucher PIN on your mobile, you can redeem it on the platform you intend to use it on by entering the 12-digit PIN.

If you prefer or need to use a banking app, some South African banks offer the option to purchase OTT Vouchers directly through mobile banking apps like Capitec (see below). This process involves navigating to the vouchers or payments section of the app, selecting OTT Voucher, and following the on-screen prompts to complete the purchase.

OTT Vouchers can be used across a wide range of websites for various services, including shopping and online betting. To use the voucher, select OTT Voucher as your payment method on the participating website, enter your 12-digit PIN, and proceed as instructed.

Remember, if online purchase is not your preferred method, you can also purchase OTT Vouchers at physical locations across South Africa, including retail stores, petrol stations, and spaza shops.

How to buy an OTT voucher using Capitec

To buy OTT vouchers on your phone:

  1. Dial *120*3279#

  2. Select Buy, then Vouchers

  3. Accept the terms

  4. Reply with your choice of a voucher

  5. Choose the amount

  6. Select “From” account, and enter your mobile banking PIN to confirm

You can also buy OTT vouchers in the Capitec app:

  1. Select “Transact”, and tap “Buy vouchers”

  2. Choose “OTT Voucher”

  3. Select the account, then choose the amount

  4. Tap “Buy now”

  5. You will have the PIN on your confirmation screen

How to pay using OTT Vouchers

Paying with an OTT voucher is quick and easy. Simply:

  1. Select “OTT Voucher” at checkout or at the payment page

  2. Input or paste the voucher code

  3. Click “Redeem” or “Pay” and you are done

Casinos that accept OTT Vouchers

CasinoMinimum depositMaximum depositProcessing time
SupabetsNot specifiedNot specifiedInstant
YesPlayNot specifiedNot specifiedInstant
FafabetNot specifiedNot specifiedInstant

How to deposit using an OTT Voucher

While the specific deposit procedures can be different at betting sites, the basics of the process are the same:

  1. Log into your account using your credentials

  2. Head over to the “Deposit” or “Cashier” section

  3. Select “OTT Voucher”

  4. The site may ask you to input the desired amount

  5. Input the voucher code and redeem

Note: You can’t withdraw funds using OTT Vouchers.

Winning Free OTT Voucher Codes With Second Chance

OTT Voucher Codes With Second Chance

To participate in winning free OTT voucher codes in South Africa, there are various promotions and contests you can join. One way is through Second Chance. If you buy an OTT Voucher of R10 or more, you stand a chance to win instant prizes or even get entered into a grand prize draw for one of three Pick n Pay vouchers worth R2000 each

After using your OTT Voucher, you can enter the redeemed PIN on their platform to join the draw for one of ten R100 OTT Vouchers given out every week. Winners are announced on social media every Friday​​​​.

OTT Voucher FAQs

Can you buy OTT Vouchers online?

Yes, you can. They are available through the OTT website and other sources.

Is there an OTT Voucher generator?

No, there isn’t. All voucher codes are generated by OTT.

Can you use OTT Vouchers for Hollywoodbets, Betway, and Fafabet?

Yes, you can. All of the above betting sites support OTT Voucher deposits.

Can you buy an OTT Voucher with airtime?

No, you can’t. The OTT vouchers have to be purchased “by name”.

Can you get a free OTT Voucher?

Sometimes, OTT Vouchers can be available in giveaways or free gifts from various sources. Look for them online.

Can you buy an OTT Voucher with PayPal?

No – not directly. There is no simple way to buy an OTT Voucher using PayPal – check out the OTT website for more information.

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