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One of the most convenient methods of online payment, EasyEFT is an instant funds transfer system that allows you to send funds from one account to another quickly and safely. This system is owned by a South African company, although its offices are based in Mauritius, so if you are concerned that other systems don’t really cater to South Africans or that they don’t know what challenges face the country’s online players, this is the right system to use. EasyEFT is a relatively young payment system that has not gained a lot of traction in SA specifically because it is quite new, but as more and more players use it, they all seem to report that it is quite trustworthy.

One of the largest benefits of using EasyEFT has to be that you can conduct your account in rand (ZAR), rather than relying on dollars, pounds or other currencies as you may see in other online payment systems. For South Africans, this should be a non-negotiable, especially given the current exchange rate. If you have to convert your money to dollars, not only will there be fees attached to this, but the amount may depress you. At the time of writing this, the rand to dollar exchange rate was R13.85 vs $1.

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How EasyEFT works at South African Casinos

As a banking option, EasyEFT allows for a very safe and convenient experience when making payments to an online casino. There is no need for you to link your credit card to make payments and if you have an SA bank account, the initial registration is really easy. All you’ll need to do to start playing is follow the registration process on EasyEFT, ensure the casino offers EasyEFT payments as an option (you can check the list we’ve provided below to help you), visit the casino’s cashier and select EasyEFT as your payment method. You will then be prompted to make your payment, but you should note that most SA casinos will ask for a minimum deposit of R25 if you’re using EasyEFT. You’ll also need to keep in mind that though most casinos won’t charge you fees for your deposit, your bank might.

Why choosing EasyEFT casinos is a great option

Playing at EasyEFT casinos seems to be the way of the future for South Africans for a myriad of reasons. For one, the understanding of fraud in the SA market, and the preventative measures that have been put in place to combat it, make EasyEFT a safe banking option. Second, EasyEFT is quick and convenient with no need to exchange your money into dollars, euro or pounds. And finally, many casinos offer EasyEFT bonuses that give you more value for your money. With all of these benefits, why aren’t you playing already?

One of the EasyEFT’s biggest benefits has to be that there is no need to put your credit card information online. Given the high levels of online credit card fraud, this should give you peace of mind. Additionally, even with your banking details on EasyEFT, this is still a very safe system to use with a lot of high-tech barriers in place to prevent any incidences of cyber-crime.

One of the reasons players do not yet use EasyEFT is that it is a relatively new system and as a culture, we tend to have quite a deep mistrust of anything that has not yet been tried and tested. However, the system is quickly gaining popularity specifically because it allows players at EasyEFT casinos to make payments conveniently and quickly. Many have also reported that their experience has been quite safe.

The few potential downfalls of using the system include that there is a fee for using it. However, considering the safety it provides, many players probably won’t mind paying a little extra for a big helping of peace of mind. Additionally, EasyEFT uses your bank account details to make payments, which means that there is very little chance of anonymity. Your best option, if staying anonymous is high on your priority list, is to use a system such as wire transfer or an ewallet, which protects your details more comprehensively.

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