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sportstake 8Sportstake 8 is a game conducted by the ITHUBA National Lottery. You have to predict the first half and second half outcomes of eight given soccer matches. The official fixtures list is drawn from professional soccer leagues mainly of South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

There are three methods by which you can play.

1. Bet Slip: Obtain the official bet slip from an approved retailer, fill it manually and submit it at the Terminal. You can ask the retailer to directly enter your selections into the Terminal. You will have to make the payment at the Terminal.
2. PROPICK: The Terminal will make the choices for you and automatically generate the bet slip. The process involves a mix of statistical head to head history of the two teams and random selections. The payment will be made at the Terminal.
3. Web Site: You can register at and follow the simple instructions given. The payment will be made online.

You have to make at least one prediction for each half of each fixture. One full bet slip will have at least 16 predictions in all.

SportStake Definitions

The home team will always be the first named team in the fixture and the away team will always be the second named team in the fixture. It is important to remember this because sometimes fixtures will be held at neutral venues.

There are three possible outcomes in each prediction box.

• (1) is to be entered if you predict that the home team will win in that half of that fixture.
• (X) is to be entered if you predict that there will be a draw in that half of that fixture.
• (2) is to be entered if you predict that the away team will win in that half of that fixture.

You can make up to three predictions for any half of any fixture, that is enter (1), (X) and (2) or any two of those. You will have to indicate Multi-Play on the bet slip.

The score at the end of each 45-minute half including referee’s added time, but excluding extra time or penalty shootout, will determine the outcome of the half.

What if a Fixture is Abandoned or Cancelled?

If a fixture is abandoned, cancelled, rescheduled or postponed after the list is published but before the match starts, then all selections for that fixture will be settled as correct.

When to Buy SportStake Tickets

You can buy Sportstake tickets every day during the normal business hours of the lottery retailer. The sales will close half an hour before the commencement time of the first announced fixture.

There are three draws every week as follows.

• Fixtures published on Sunday, fixtures end on Tuesday and draw takes place on Wednesday
• Fixtures published on Wednesday, fixtures end on Friday and draw takes place on Saturday
• Fixtures published on Friday, fixtures end on Sunday and draw takes place on Monday

The cost of one board is R2 inclusive of VAT. The maximum that you can bet for one draw is R2000.

SportStake Jackpot Prizes

Normally, ITHUBA allots 50% of the net sales from the bet slips for the prize pool. There are four divisions, which are allotted a share of the prize pool.

No. of correct predictions
Share of prize pool

Winners can collect prizes as follows:

• Prizes up to R2000 from the lottery retailer
• Prizes greater than R2000 but up to R50,000 from the post office
• Prizes greater than R50,000 from ITHUBA regional office

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