10 Best NFT Casinos in 2024

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Clearly understanding and defining an NFT is a prerequisite to comprehending NFT casinos. These days, the term ‘NFT’ has become yet another buzzword in the tech world. A lot of young people seem to be making millions selling NFTs, but others simply cannot wrap their heads around the concept. 

NFT is an abbreviation for a Non-fungible token. Unfortunately, the full-form isn’t greatly descriptive either and still leaves a lot of question marks. In a nutshell, an NFT is a unique digital asset or collectable. It could be in the form of digital art, a piece of software, a song or sound, or anything else that is digital.

Like real-life artwork, you can buy and sell NFTs. When you buy a tangible piece of art in the real world, you are given possession of the art piece. But when you buy an NFT, your purchase and ownership of the NFT are recorded in a decentralized public ledger and this serves as unequivocal proof that you are the sole, rightful owner of that particular digital asset. 

Fastest Paying NFT Casinos

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What is an NFT Casino?

Buying and selling of NFTs is possible via various online NFT market places. An NFT which has some application in terms of online gambling is called a Gambling NFT. 

So, what exactly is an NFT casino? In actuality, there is no clear-cut definition as to what qualifies a casino as an NFT casino. Currently, when an online casino is labelled an NFT casino, it could mean a number of things – the online casino may have its own NFT marketplace, or it could be a casino where you can bet on games with NFTs and win NFTs, or you could even earn a direct share of the casinos profits by owning one of their NFTs. 

How Do NFT Casinos Work?

If you’ve ever played at an online casino before, you understand that you can bet on casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. using fiat currencies such as the US Dollar. Typically, an NFT casino works in a very similar way expect for the fact that you would probably use NFTs as the currency within the casino instead of traditional currencies such as ZAR, USD or EUR.

Some NFT casinos may support NFTs as currencies while also supporting traditional fiat currencies and/or crypto currencies. 

Some NFT casinos will even feature NFT games. In such games, NFTs are used to facilitate gameplay and player interactions. For instance, the game may use an NFT to digitally represent you within the game. In an NFT game, some of things you come across could also be NFTs (the music, the designs, etc.). You could win NFTs and even trade them with other gamers for a profit. 

How to Play at NFT Casinos

You don’t have to be a tech guru with vast coding knowledge to trade NFTs or even play at NFT casinos. NFT online casinos are designed using basic GUI principles so that the everyday internet user is able to play on it without much of a learning curve. In fact, playing at an NFT casino is not much different to playing at a conventional web casino.

If you’ve dabbled in online casino gaming before, you will feel right at home at an NFT casino too. Below are some of the steps you are involved in setting up your NFT casino account and playing games. 

  • Go to the NFT casino website – First things first, you need to choose which NFT casino you want to play at (we have a section below about what to consider when selecting the right NFT casino for your NFT gaming requirements). Once you’ve made your choice, all that is left to do is visit the website. You can use any modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc. to access the NFT website on either PC or mobile. 
  • Register for an account – When you are on the NFT website, the home page of the website will usually have a call to action prompting you to register or sign up. You can click or tap this button to start the process of becoming a member of the NFT casino. Registration is only required once. 
  • Add money to your account – Before you start playing NFT casino games for real money, you will need to add some money to your account so that you can place bets with it. Go to the NFT casino website, click or tap on the login button and then enter your username and password to log in to your account. Once you’ve accessed your account, visit the cashier section and then go into the deposit tab.
  • Play Games – You’re now ready to play games. Login to your NFT casino account as usual and surf through the game library. Usually, the casino will have various types of games and you can choose your preferred game category and then choose a single game to play. The game will load up and you can read the rules and how to play instructions before betting money and playing. 

NFT Casino Bonuses

The online gambling sector was worth $66.72 billion in 2022 and there is no doubt that it continues to grow at a rapid pace. With so much demand across the globe, the online casino market is a profitable one, but also extremely competitive.

Bonuses have become one of the most effective ways for NFT casinos to advertise themselves and capture more of the market. You will be hard-pressed to find a casino that does not offer even a single bonus. Here are some of the fundamental types of incentives players are offered at some of the latest NFT casinos. 

NFT Casino Free Spins

Anyone that has played a slot machine before will understand what a spin is. Basically, when you play a slot game, you adjust your bet value or stake value and then spin the reels and this constitutes one spin or one round of the game. If you wish to play another spin, you must lay down some money once more.

However, when you have free spins, you can spin the reels without having to bet your own money. If you have ten free spins, you can play ten rounds of the slot and even if you lose all ten rounds, you won’t lose any of your own funds. If you win, the money is yours to keep subject to certain terms and conditions. 

No Deposit NFT Casino Bonus

There are usually two types of no deposit bonuses that we observe at various NFT casinos. Some casinos offer a no deposit free spins bonus and others offer a no deposit free cash bonus. Depending on what type of games you like to play and the bonus terms and conditions, one may be more suitable for you than the other.

The main aspect of a no deposit bonus is that you receive the incentive in exchange for creating an account at the NFT casino. You don’t need to make a deposit to receive your no deposit bonus. With a no deposit bonus, you can generally spend free cash on various types of games.

Deposit NFT Casino Bonus 

The deposit bonus is the opposite of a no-deposit bonus, basically, to receive this bonus – you need to make a deposit. The bonus terms and conditions will define how much you need to deposit, when you need to deposit, what payment methods you can use and if there is a promo code you need to enter.

Whereas the no deposit bonus is focused on attracting new players, the purpose of a deposit bonus is generally to incentivize existing players to spend money and play games at the casino. 

Reload Bonuses 

A reload bonus is essentially one type of deposit bonus. Not every deposit is considered a reload, however. For instance, your first deposit is not a reload. The word reload insinuates that you have already made a deposit or few deposits in the past and you are now ‘reloading’ your account with funds.

If an online casino has a welcome bonus where you are rewarded for your first three deposits, then any deposit from the 4th onwards is considered a reload bonus. The qualification criteria are generally laid out in the bonus terms and conditions. An example of a reload bonus: make a deposit of $100 or more on Mondays and receive a 100% match bonus (only available for deposited players). 

No Wagering Bonus 

The crux of any online casino bonus is usually the wagering requirements associated with it. This is why no wagering bonuses are a hot favourite among online NFT casino players. Any online casino reward that does not need to be wagered in order to withdraw is basically a no wagering bonus.

Typically, when you win bonus money, you must spend a certain amount of your own money (expressed as a multiple of the bonus winnings value) before you can withdraw the bonus winnings. 

NFT Casino Games

These are some of the popular online casino games you can play with NFTs:


Most gamblers have always preferred slots since they are far less complicated than many traditional table games. Online versions of old-school, land-based slots become quite popular owing to their variety, which includes features like free spins, respins, gamble bonus rounds, multipliers, stacked wilds, etc.

Given that there are slots based on all kinds of themes and popular TV shows, movies, games and comic franchises, it is no wonder that slots are the most popular category of games at online casinos and NFT casinos are no different.  

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are a coveted and in-demand category of online casinos games. In fact, some players only play progressive jackpots since these are the only games that can truly take a player to millions in a minute.

The reason the rewards are so huge at progressive jackpots is that the value of the jackpot is actually a growing number that increases with every bet that any player across the network places on the game. 

Live Dealer Games

Most NFT casinos dedicated a separate lobby to live dealer games where you will find subcategories such as live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. When you access one of these games, you will be able to view a live video feed of a real human dealer hosting the game, and the high-definition video stream is brought to you from a dedicated studio or a land-based casino that doubles as a live dealer casino facility.

Even though the human dealer cannot see you, you can see the action in real-time and the experience is the closest you can get to actually visiting the casino in person. Some live dealer games allow you to interact with other players at the table and even the dealer via a chat section. 

Video Poker

There are several distinct rule sets in video poker, and this game is very closely linked to 5-card draw poker. The winning hands are ranked in the same order as they are in 5-card draw poker. Video poker casino table games are extremely popular because they attract both novice and experienced gamblers by allowing them to win real money online employing strategy and analytic abilities.

A video poker game is essentially a conglomerate between a slot machine and 5-card draw poker. It merges the strategy of poker along with the ease and simplicity and ease of playing slot games. 

Speciality Games

Most players log in to their online NFT casino accounts and are playing either slots or table games within seconds. Sometimes, players may get a little saturated with the monotony of these games and want to explore games that are different.

If and when you feel this way, you should consider trying your hand at some of the speciality games listed on the NFT casino. Usually, these games are categorized as “others” or “speciality games”. Under this game category, you will likely find lottery-based games like Bingo and Keno and maybe even some arcade-style games like Aviator and Banana Jones. 

Sports betting

A small portion of NFT casinos may offer a sportsbook section as well. Usually, the sportsbook section will open under a separate sub-domain from the casino section. In most cases, the same user account will have access to both the casino and the sportsbook features.

If you’re someone that likes to bet on certain sports or sporting leagues/competitions, you should consider signing up at an NFT casino that includes sports betting. You can of course keep it simple and just predict the winner, but you can also find various other betting markets where you can bet on all sorts of things such as who will be leading at half-time, who will score the first goal, will there be a red card in the game, and so much more. 

NFT Casino Experience

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. Because anybody can always verify the ownership and status of these tokens through the blockchain, they are considered a more reliable type of currency.

Online casinos have capitalized on the popularity and growth of NFTs and harnessed it into their online gambling businesses. Reaping the benefits of the growing NFT market, NFT casinos essential offer a form of online casino gaming which is more transparent, fair and verifiable by each player.

Some players love the idea of being able to directly own shares in an online casino and receive a portion of their profits by simply owning one of the NFTs from the casino’s own NFT collection. As the casino grows more successful, players who own NFTs will find that the value of their NFT surges along proportionately. 

Security, Licensing, and Provably Fair

Security and safety are some of the biggest challenges faced by online casinos across the world. NFT casinos, in most cases, are also crypto casinos. This means that you can make deposits and withdrawals using crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies. Just this makes a casino a lot safer in terms of player privacy and anonymity since you don’t have to type in sensitive card and banking information while transferring funds.

Additionally, NFT casinos and NFT games could be decentralized. Being decentralized means that anyone on the network is able to take a transparent look at the inner workings with regard to game results and payout percentages, which further enhances transparency and trust within the NFT casino community. 

Staying Safe While Gambling in NFT Casinos

Even though playing at an NFT casino is safer than playing at a traditional web casino, there are still a few risks. However, with good safety practices, these risks can be greatly mitigated. Here are some ways in which you can stay safe when gambling at NFT casinos.

Firstly, you could read about common crypto and NFT scams so that you are able to identify a scam and avoid falling prey to one. You can also do some background research on NFT projects and ensure they are reputable. Finally, when playing an NFT game, it is best to read the game rules and guidelines so you don’t end up losing a valuable NFT without meaning to put it at stake. 

  • The game process is sure to be honest since players can access and verify the fairness of each bet and its outcome ultimate privacy
  • Complete security – no one has ever been able to hack a blockchain.
  • At some NFT casinos, you can receive a percentage of the casino’s profits by owning and holding one of their NFTs
  • Using NFT tokens and cryptocurrencies is much faster, safer and more private
  • NFT is a new technology and many players are not yet comfortable with what it means and how it works
  • The value of certain NFT tokens and crypto coins can fluctuate at considerably higher rates than fiat currencies

Best NFT Casino Software Providers

Online casino software has reached unprecedented heights in terms of how well they perform and how easy it is for players to plug and play. One of the main reasons for the advancement of casino software is that it is being produced by professional gaming businesses rather than by the casinos directly.

As of today, the leading NFT casino software providers also happen to be the best online casino software providers. Here are a few worth a special mention: 

  • Evolution Gaming: The world’s top provider of live dealer casino games. Although the firm was only established a few years ago, it has already secured many large contracts with prominent operators. The demand for their services grew quickly, and they currently deliver live games to a variety of gaming sites.
  • BetSoft: Betsoft creates some of the most technologically advanced casino games available on the market. They supply their games to hundreds of leading casino operators and are famous for the advanced visuals of their games. BetSoft slot games are known for certain characteristics and this includes great 3D graphics, sophisticated character design, plenty of special bonus rounds and symbols, etc. 

A few other game providers that have established a footing in the NFT casino world include Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and Play’n GO.  

How to Choose an NFT Casino

  • Pick from our list: Despite NFTs being a new technology, millions of people around the world already hold NFTs and likewise, there are hundreds of NFT casinos on the web. Choosing from such a vast field of options is not easy for most individuals. One of the easiest ways to find the perfect NFT casino is to check out NFT casino review websites where they shortlist top NFT casinos. In fact, you are on one such web page right now and you could just scroll up for a list of top-quality NFT casinos available in your region!
  • Game library: Playing games is the whole reason a player signs up at a casino and this holds true for an NFT casino too. You need to ask yourself what type of games you want to play and whether you want games where you can gamble with NFTs and win NFTs. You should choose an NFT casino that offers the types of games you’re looking for.  
  • Promotions: It is easy to be swayed by an NFT casino and its marketing material. Most casinos sell themselves using their bonus offers. They promise great bonuses before you sign up, but in reality, the bonus is stifled by a variety of restrictive terms and conditions. Bonuses are important and they increase your chances of winning money, however, when you are choosing an NFT casino, you should always try to read through the bonus terms and conditions.
  • Banking and Withdrawal Policy: At an NFT casino, even though you may not be playing with fiat currencies, you are still playing with tokens that have a real-world monetary value. This means that you will need to add and withdraw funds to and from your NFT casino account. When choosing an NFT casino, you want to take a look at the various cryptocurrencies they support, which crypto wallets are suitable and also check whether they support fiat currencies and traditional payment options.
  • Customer Support: Online casinos must cater to the concerns, questions and issues that their members may be facing. Even if you’re an experienced online gambler, there will likely come a time when you run into a wall and will need help. For such moments, you want to select an online casino that has reliable and timely customer support. What you should look for is an NFT casino where you can reach support in minutes via chat, email, phone or other communication channels.

NFT Casino Login

It’s fairly easy and quick to access your NFT casino. In fact, it is nearly indifferentiable from how you would log in to a traditional online casino website. You basically have a username and password which is used to authenticate that you are the rightful owner of your account and then allow you access to your account. Here are the steps to take to log in to your NFT casino account:

  • Go to the NFT casino website using a PC or mobile device that is supported 
  • Click or tap on the login button
  • Enter your email/username and password and press login or hit enter 
  • You are not inside your account 
  • If you forget your username and/or password, click the “reset password” link and follow the instructions on-screen. 

FAQs about the Best NFT Casinos

What is an NFT casino?

Currently, there isn’t one agreed-upon definition as to what constitutes an NFT casino. The term is still being used pretty loosely across the industry. When a casino is called an NFT casino, it could mean one of a few things. Either the casino has an NFT collection of its own and holders can rake in shares of the profits, or there are games in the casino where you can win NFTs. You may even be able to use NFTs as currencies within the casino (you can basically gamble with NFTs instead of fiat currency). 

Is NFT gambling legal?

The legal status of NFT gambling will depend mostly on where you live and how old you are. If you are an adult as per your jurisdiction and cryptocurrencies are recognized as a legal digital asset, then NFT gambling should be of legal status too, provided only gambling is not outlawed. 

Should you play at NFT casinos?

NFT casinos are a great spin on online gambling. There are many distinct advantages to playing with NFT casinos that include fair gaming, transparent transactions, privacy, security and anonymity. However, these advantages can also be had at crypto casinos, they are not exclusive to NFT casinos. If you are someone that believes in NFTs and their value, then NFT casinos are certainly a great platform for online casino gaming. 

Can you use NFTs as an-in game currency in NFT casinos?

Yes, many NFT casinos allow you to bet with NFTs and even win NFTs. However, this does not necessarily mean that every NFT casino has this feature. Some NFT casinos may not support NFTs as an in-game currency. You should do your due diligence and find out the details before signing up with the casino.


Only the future will reveal how far blockchain technology will extend, considering how it has already altered the art, music, sports, banking, and real estate sectors. NFTs and blockchain technology has already gotten a grip on the online gambling industry as well. NFT casinos are a fascinating and, some argue, inevitable evolution in the business.

In the wake of concerns of nefarious practices in the traditional online web casino sector, many are advocating for the complete decentralization of the online gambling industry. There appear to be several advantages for NFT casino players. Players can actually trust their NFT casinos since these are decentralized and verifiable. Players are also appealed to the idea of being able to play a game and win a high-value NFT. 

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