Not Just a Pretty Face: Suncoast Casino Protects Local Feral Cat Population

Fact checked by Lawrence Muller

not-just-a-pretty-face-suncoast-casino-protects-local-feral-cat-populationIt’s always good to know that our favorite brick-and-mortar gambling haunts go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to social responsibility. This time around, it’s a big hat off to Durban’s Suncoast Casino which has proven that it’s not just a fun entertainment destination. Recently it was reported that Suncoast Casino has taken it upon itself to protect the feral cat colony that has been living inside the surrounding sand dunes for many years.

The coordinator of Cats of Durban, Nikki Moore, explained that a group of volunteers has been looking after the cats for many years by feeding and sterilizing them. The presence of the cats in the area means that the beachfront area remains free of vermin.

Moore explained that when Suncoast Casino undertook its major overhaul a while ago, there were concerns that the cats would be scattered or disturbed. However, the casino rose to the occasion and not only did they not harm the cats; they actually improved their living conditions immensely!

“Suncoast management rose magnificently to the challenge,” said Moore. “They built little houses for the cats, for shelter, food and water, and they subsidize the food for the feeders.”

In a discreet corner of the casino grounds, Suncoast management has installed little houses for cats to sleep in. The houses are positioned so that they do not disturb guests or visitors, but at the same time keep the cats well protected and sheltered.

“Suncoast management acknowledged that a managed colony of cats is an asset for any premises, as it is a bio-friendly and sustainable vermin control,” said Moore. “Now that is a gamble that paid off!”

Last year, Suncoast Casino got a fresh R1.6 billion facelift, with floor to ceiling refurbishment. Tsogo Sun, the casino’s operator, increased the total floor space to nearly 50,000 square meters and added 10 new eateries, three retail outlets, a bigger casino floor and more underground parking.

Almost 6 million customers visit Suncoast Casino every year. The casino boasts 1850 slot machines and over 70 table games.

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Fact-checked by: Lawrence Muller