The Best Metaverse Casinos in 2024

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Unless you’re totally off the grid, you’ve surely heard or read of the term ‘Metaverse’. Is it just some new tech lingo you can brush off or will it actually have a significant impact on how we work, play and live in the near future? Since some of the biggest tech companies in the world are advocating for the Metaverse, it seems likely to be the latter. 

In this article, we’re going to dig a little bit into the niche of online gambling in the Metaverse as we currently know it. We give you a list of the best Metaverse casinos and also touch on some of the basics of how gambling on the Metaverse will work and what you can expect in terms of games, casino bonuses, safety, metaverse currencies and more. 

Fastest Paying Metaverse Casinos in 2024

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What is the Metaverse?

Before we get into state-of-the-art metaverse casino gaming, let’s first establish what the Metaverse is. The Metaverse can be defined as a mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality with a timeline or time scale of 1:1 with the real world.

Basically, the Metaverse makes the web a perpetually ongoing world that you can plug into at any time for various reasons, be it gaming, socializing, attention work meetings, attending events, etc. Facebook even changed its name to Meta and this is a sign of how dedicated the company is to making the Metaverse as large as life itself. 

How to Gamble in the Metaverse

Since the Metaverse is a new technology for all of us, there could be a slight learning curve involved when it comes to getting the hang of playing at metaverse casinos. The specifics of how you play could differ at different Metaverse casinos, but the general process involves four fundamental steps as outlined below. 


  • Pick a Metaverse Casino: There are a number of Metaverse casino initiatives that are presently operational, with many more in the works. You’ll need to select the correct Metaverse casino for your gaming needs if you want to play casino games for real money in the Metaverse. Knowing what factors to consider when choosing a Metaverse casino is important, we discuss how you can find the right casino in a later section on this page. 
  • Obtain Currency: Fiat currencies are not going to be feasible for Metaverse casino gaming in most cases and you may need to use certain crypto/decentralized tokens while making purchases. The first step in getting your Meta casino friendly tokens is to sign up with a Metaverse-friendly crypto wallet and buy tokens using fiat currencies like ZAR or USD. 
  • Design your Metaverse self: Just like how you have a display picture for your Facebook or Instagram account, in the Metaverse, you will need a 3D character to represent you / your profile. These are called avatars and you will have plenty of options to customize your avatar as you like. Create your avatar and you are ready to start exploring the Metaverse!
  • Go Play: Now that you have money that can be used on the Metaverse and you have designed your avatar, you are pretty much set to explore various Metaverse casinos and play their games. Some casinos may require you to sign up while others may just allow you to walk in and play games as a guest. 

Metaverse Casino Bonuses

Online casinos bonuses are here to stay, and we fully expect Metaverse casinos to offer a great range of bonuses as well. Since bonus offers are a highly effective way to attract new players, Metaverse casinos have already started to come up with creative offers, especially for new players.

Existing players can expect a good range of offers as well. Currently, some of the standard Metaverse bonuses include the following.

Metaverse Casino Free Spins 

If you have any experience with traditional web casino gaming, you probably have used free spins and understand how beneficial they are as a bonus offer. The fundamentals of free spins remain the same on the Metaverse as well.

Free spins, in essence, can be used to play slot games at Metaverse casinos without spending any money. Free spins can fetch real money winnings and these winnings are usually subject to certain wagering requirements.

No Deposit Metaverse Casino Bonus

A no deposit bonus is one that specifically targets potential new players and it is a great way for the casino to turn a visitor or guest into a registered member at the casino. For the player, the most appealing aspect of a no deposit bonus is that they are not required to make a qualifying deposit in order to get the incentive, all they have to do is sign up. 

Some metaverse casinos may offer free spins as the no deposit incentive and others may offer free casino cash/credits. You can use your no deposit bonus to explore games and play for real money without actually spending any of your own money. 

Deposit Metaverse Casino Bonus

A deposit bonus is one where you receive a reward for making a deposit. Most new player welcome bonuses include deposit bonuses for the first deposit and sometimes a bunch of initial deposits. At the same time, existing players are usually offered deposit bonuses to keep them active and playing. 

The important thing to pay attention to when claiming a deposit bonus is the minimum deposit amount required. Only deposits that match or are greater than the minimum deposit amount will qualify for the deposit bonus. Additionally, some deposit bonuses may only be available on certain days, etc.

No Wagering Metaverse Casino Bonus 

To understand what a no wagering bonus is, you must first understand the notion of wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are a standard bonus requirement that can be found on the bonus terms and conditions page. Wagering requirements will be enforced by casinos to prevent bonus misuse and limit the amount of money a bonus will cost the operator. 

The wagering requirements specify how much of your own money must be wagered before any bonus funds can be withdrawn. So, if the bonus wagering requirements is 10x the bonus amount and the bonus amount is $50, then you need to wager $500 (10x$50) of your own money before you can withdraw the initial $50 bonus you received.

Some casinos may offer a bonus without any wagering requirements, this is rare and usually a short-lived offer. Such an offer is called a no wagering bonus. 

Reload Metaverse Casino Bonus

A reload bonus is essentially a deposit bonus. A reload is any deposit that isn’t considered eligible for a new player welcome bonus (so, your first deposit is not a reload). While it is crucial for casinos to give initial deposit incentives to new players, it is equally important for existing players to get bonuses when they reload their accounts.

By offering rewards for players reloading their balance, a Metaverse casino operator can keep players excited, satisfied and playing regularly at the casino and this is good for business. 

Currencies in the Metaverse

Metaverse tokens are a type of virtual currency used in the metaverse to conduct digital transactions. Transactions facilitated via the platforms that these tokens are based on are completed in seconds because metaverses are based on the blockchain. The metaverse is the ideal setting for an economy devoid of corruption since blockchain is built to assure trust and transparency at all stages. Therefore, fiat currencies simply don’t have the right attributes for usage in the metaverse. 

In the Metaverse, people will only be able to use Metaverse tokens. Currently, three top Metaverse oriented tokens include MANA, Axie Infinity and SAND. The ENJ token is most used for the purposes of gaming and NFTs. Other popular Metaverse tokens/networks include Illuvium, Vulcan Forged PYR, Aavegotchi, etc. 

To buy Metaverse tokens, you can use a reputed crypto exchange service (Binance is a good example). You can deposit USD to your crypto exchange account and then use this money to purchase Metaverse tokens of your choice. For the initial fiat deposit, you can use various traditional online payment methods such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank wire transfers, etc. 

Metaverse Casino Games

These are some of the casino games available in the Metaverse:


Slot machines are arguably the most iconic type of gambling game there is, be it at a land-based casino or an online casino. Metaverse casinos also offer hundreds of slot games that differ in reel format, theming, special symbols, in-game bonus rounds, and more.

Apart from the fact that they have very appealing theming and background music, slots are highly popular among players because they are really easy to play. The player will choose how much money they want to bet on a spin and then press the spin button, whether they win or lose will be determined by how the symbols line up on the screen. 

Progressive Jackpots 

Progressive jackpots usually take the form of slot machines, but sometimes they’re also available as table games. The major difference between a traditional slot and a progressive jackpot is that the top prize/reward is a fixed value in the former and an accumulative figure in the latter.

Basically, a certain percentage of every wager made on a certain progressive jackpot game is added to the jackpot value and this drives up the jackpot amount to massive values in most cases. Most stories you read about people winnings millions of dollars playing online casino games are usually stories of people who won the top prize in a progressive jackpot game. 

Live Dealer Games 

Since the Metaverse is a virtual environment that replicates parts of the real world and real businesses, you can walk into a Metaverse casino with your avatar just as you would walk into a land-based casino in-person.

Therefore, table games are usually manned by real human dealers represented by their own avatars. So, unlike traditional online casinos, there is no need for video streaming of a live dealer from a dedicated studio. In the metaverse, because of the inherent nature of the environment, most table games will be live dealer table games. 

Video Poker 

Video poker, unlike a slot machine, allows you options and decisions. That implies you have some influence over the results of the game itself and it is not entirely up to blind luck. When you play video poker, you’re playing a game with one of the lowest house edges among casino games.

This means that your chances of winning are pretty good and with the right strategies, you can further boost your odds of winning a hand. Three of the most popular variants of video poker are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Joker’s Wild. Hand rankings in video poker are the same as normal poker.  


In Metaverse casinos, you are likely to find a section of games labelled ‘Other’, ‘Miscellaneous’ or ‘Specialty’ games. This category roofs games that won’t fit into the other standard casino game categories

 Bingo is a great example of a niche game. It’s a game of chance, similar to what you’d find in a lottery. Another game that fits into this category is keno. The player can choose a single number or a cluster of numbers, then wait for the computer to churn out the winning numbers. 

Metaverse Casino Experience

VR casino gaming is now available at various VR casinos that you can download and install on your computer, VR headset, or mobile phone to play an immersive version of classic video games. Though this is an advancement over conventional web casinos, it is not the same as Metaverse casinos. 

Metaverse casinos push this to the next level. In the Metaverse, several virtual reality games and entire casinos are all connected by a single digital fabric – the Metaverse itself. Unlike a traditional online casino, your avatar can explore different Metaverse cities and the many different types of casinos built here. Since it is still very early days in the Metaverse timeline, we are not sure how advanced the casino gaming experience can get in the future. 

Security, Licensing, and Regulations

At this time, there is a lack of complete clarity when it comes to the legality of online Metaverse casinos and how they will be regulated. Since the Metaverse is a whole new virtual reality world, will there be different laws in different metaverse jurisdictions someday? There are certainly a lot of questions about Metaverse laws, but the answers are limited at this time. We will have to wait and see how these legal complexities are ironed out. 

Depending on where you live and the laws of the land in your jurisdiction, Metaverse gaming may or may not be legal. Many parties are lobbying for new rules and regulations to make activities that are illegal in the physical world illegal in online places as well.

Staying Safe While Gambling in the Metaverse

There are a lot of unknowns with regards to the safety of Metaverse gaming at this time. In fact, experts are of the opinion that they still only have a limited idea of potential safety risks in the Metaverse in general. How will Metaverse characters protect their personal spaces? How do you avoid the proliferation of unwanted and harmful content? How do you feel minors out of real money gaming on the metaverse? 

Until a clear legal framework is set up and enforced, online Metaverse casino players should continue to exercise all possible basic internet safety best practices such as keeping your credentials private, only using secured networks, etc. 

  • Experience state of the art virtual reality gaming
  • Single sign-on feature removes the need for signup/login at different metaverse casinos
  • Metaverse casino gaming experience includes social gaming features
  • Show off your creative side by customizing your avatar
  • Near-instant transactions using Metaverse tokens/networks
  • Some casinos may offer haptic feedback features for sensory experience
  • Decentralized casinos with transparent, fair gaming
  • Questions over how licensing and regulation of metaverse casinos might work
  • For premium Metaverse casino gaming, you will need AR/VR devices such as immersive headsets
  • To support high-end Metaverse casinos, players will need high-configuration mobile or PC
  • You will not be able to use traditional payment methods or fiat currencies like ZAR
  • Metaverse casino may not be suitable for some players who are not tech-savvy

How to Choose a Metaverse Casino

Toplist: Just like conventional website casinos, there are many Metaverse casinos and they all have their own sets of pros and cons. For the average Metaverse casino enthusiast, it is not possible to explore them all and find the one that fits them like a glove. Thankfully, there are some fact-based and unbiased review websites dedicated to reviewing Metaverse casinos. A player can simply pick a few websites from a list like this and then do their own research and testing to find a good match.

Reviews: When you do find a Metaverse casino that you think is the one for you, it would be in your best interest to take a few minutes to read what other players have to say about the casino. You can read player reviews of the casino to understand what is good about the casino and what the drawbacks are.

Sign up and test: The concept of ‘playing for fun’ or ‘demo mode’ originated with conventional web casinos and has made its way across to the Metaverse as well. This is a great option for players who are still deciding which Metaverse casino they want to spend their time and money at. Using the demo or fun-play features, a player can walk into a Metaverse casino, sift through the various games and try a lot of them without actually spending any money from their own pockets. 

Games: Of course, Metaverse casinos offer a social element and a few other features apart from games, but the meat of the matter at any casino is still the game library. Checking out the game library at a casino beforehand is a great way to ensure you pick the right casino for your gaming needs. If you’re someone that loves slots, then you want a casino with a good collection of slots from known and reputed slot game providers.

Promotions: Be it traditional web casinos or Metaverse casinos, players are often blindsided by casino marketing material, especially with regards to promotions. Online casinos are known to portray their promotions in the best light while hiding an array of restrictive terms and conditions in the form of fine print. It is great to play at a Metaverse casino with good bonus offers, but it is even more important to read the bonus terms and conditions of a casino bonus before attempting to spend money on it and claim it. 

Banking: As we’ve already discussed, you will not be able to directly fund your casino gaming session on the Metaverse using conventional payment methods like credit cards and fiat currencies. You will need certain Metaverse tokens and the value of these crypto tokens are subject to fluctuation. Players should research which tokens they wish to invest in and ensure that they choose Metaverse casinos that support these tokens. 

Customer Support for Metaverse Casinos

Customer support at Metaverse casinos can be significantly different from how support at traditional web casinos works. When you visit a typical internet casino website, you are usually given contact options to get in touch with customer support. These communication channels are, in most cases, email, phone and live chat. 

In the Metaverse, however, casinos may actually have professional support agents located in the virtual casino building to help you out with concerns or issues. For example, a Metaverse casino could have support agents walking around on all floors of the casino and your avatar can simply approach one of them to get help. This is not necessarily how it will work for every Metaverse casino, and many operators may still also offer direct telephone, email and live chat support to their guests and members. 

Metaverse Casino Login

Once you’ve logged in to the Metaverse, you shouldn’t need any other logins in most situations. Your avatar could literally stroll into any Metaverse casino and start gambling. Having said that, there may be some Metaverse casinos that restrict access to certain players only, just like in real life where anyone would not be able to simply join a high-stakes, VIP poker game unless invited.

Logging in to the Metaverse is easy, you simply need to visit and login to your account or create an account if you don’t already have one.

FAQs about the Best Metaverse Casinos

Which currencies are accepted at Metaverse casinos?

At Metaverse casinos, you will generally only be able to use decentralized crypto tokens. Which specific tokens you can use will depend on what tokens the casino supports and what tokens you hold in your wallet. The top metaverse tokens (in terms of market capitalization at the time of writing) are – MANA (Decentraland), SAND (The Sandbox), AXS (Axie Infinity), THETA (Theta Network) and ENJ (Enjin Coin).

Can I win real money in Metaverse casinos?

When you play games at Metaverse casinos, you are using Metaverse tokens that have a real-world monetary value. So, yes! You can most certainly win or lose real money. 

Are Metaverse casinos legal?

The legality of online Metaverse gambling will depend on your particular jurisdiction. It may be legal in some countries, illegal in a few and simply not regulated in others. Currently, the Metaverse game providers are mostly registered and licensed companies, however, Metaverse casino brands themselves are mostly unlicensed. This is because the Metaverse is simply very new and a licensing framework/procedure is still in the pipeline.

Are Metaverse casinos safe?

It is still too early to confidently say that you are fully safe on the Metaverse, let alone Metaverse casinos. Cyber security experts are still assessing the various risks that may be involved and companies are going to do everything in their power to make the Metaverse a safe platform for all. Thus far, no cases of fraud have been reported at any Metaverse casinos. 

How do I withdraw money from Metaverse casinos?

When you win money while playing a game at a Metaverse casino, the money is added to your Metaverse wallet. If you want to further withdraw the money from your crypto wallet to your bank account, then you will have to sell your winnings (tokens) for your preferred fiat currency and then proceed to request a withdrawal of the fiat currencies from your crypto wallet/exchange to your linked bank account.


The Metaverse has enormous potential to transform our way of life by creating a virtual environment that blurs the border between digital and physical reality. Metaverse casinos are all set to take over as the next level of online casino gaming.

Land-based casino properties are expected to migrate to Metaverse in order to provide their clients with a radically new gambling experience. We are still only dipping our toes into the realm of Metaverse gambling and the possibilities are endless! 

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