John Ashley

Content Editor

 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. Can’t be, ‘coz it’s wearing a Superman t-shirt with Batman shorts. Then it can only be OnlineCasinosOnline’s very own John Ashley

Officially, John Ashley (aka “the JA-man”) is our chief financial officer. He’s the guy that deals with all the nitty-gritty money matters, sometimes burning the midnight oils to make absolutely sure that all the numbers line up at the end of the month. 

A true Jozi boy, John completed his studies in the BCom Accounting program at Wits. He spent three years in London working for a well-known British casino group and was bit by the industry bug. John returned to Gauteng and decided to combine his fascination and passion of the gaming industry with his knack with numbers and joined our team.

But what the JA-man is best recognized for is his absolute obsession with superheroes in all shapes and forms. He is never without a piece of clothing declaring his love for Superman, Batman or Thor. Sometimes all three at once. If we allowed him too, he’d even be donning a cape to work. There’s an urban legend (OK, his wife told us) that John wore his favourite Batman tshirt under his wedding tux.

Step into John’s office and you’ll think that you’ve entered a crazy world of Marvel-Meets-DC. On every available surface, you’ll find superhero action figures. On every available wall-space, you’ll find posters and pictures depicting superhero characters and movies. Nobody can truly understand how John concentrates in this insane, headache-inducing space, but he’s never messed up on the numbers before.  

John Ashley uses his superpowers and sixth sense to find the best bonuses and offers for OnlineCasinoOnline’s players. We honestly don’t know how he does it, but he manages to negotiate the very best exclusive deals for players – and it’s always one cut above what our competition is offering. 

All you must do is tell John that you’re after a no-deposit free spins welcome offer for South African players, and he’s onto it like a bloodhound at a shoot.  He’ll sniff out the best deals at the most reputable online casinos and proudly hand us his catch by the end of the day. If he had a tail, he’d be wagging it. 

We can always trust John to check out the available deals – whether free spins, match bonuses, exclusive offers, reload bonuses or cashbacks – and give us his expert opinion about the offer’s terms and conditions. He makes sure that the terms are fair and attainable, and that the casinos aren’t out to snag the player. John has made it his mission in life to not only bring the best offers to our gambling platform, but also to make sure that players are getting the fairest deal. 

If want to ask about the best casino deals, if you’re after something specific or if you want to bring something about online casino promotions to our attention, you can find John Ashley on Instagram or Twitter.