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Jeffrey Nel


Sports is his life and passion. Learn about the latest sign-up bets, hottest odds and more from the latest sportsbooks. He is also very active on social media, so rest assured he will reply on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram within the shortest time possible.

Sports Betting Writer

There’s sports-mad, and then there’s Jeffrey Nel. We swear, Neltjie was born in a soccer ball and cut his first tooth on a hockey stick. His first words were undoubtedly “Go Boks!”. 

Jeffrey Nel lives and breathes anything sports-related, and for that reason, he is our everything-sports-extraordinaire. He knows the ins and out of international sports teams, local teams and athletes, fantasy teams, and everything in between. He is our expert on legal sports betting in South Africa and our go-to-guy when we want recommendations on sportsbooks that cater to the African betting market.  He can walk you through all the betting types available and can explain odds to you like a pro. 

Before joining OnlineCasinosOnline.co.za as a full-time sports betting writer and sportsbook reviewer, Neltjie worked as a writer for SA Sports Trader, the retail trade magazine.  But he really wanted to combine his passion for sports betting with the world of sports and OnlineCasinosOnline was the perfect match for him.  Now he’s being paid to check out all those cool South African sportsbooks and putting his knowledge to good use, and he loves being part of the team.

In 2016, Jeff fulfilled a life-long dream and accompanied Team South Africa to the Olympics in Rio. He wrote for several news outlets about his experience and covered many sports events where South Africans excelled.  He said that one of the highlights of his career was watching Caster Semenya win Gold in her middle-distance race.

You’d think that a guy like Jeffrey spends all his free time watching sports, playing sports, or writing about sports. Well, you’re right! When we asked him for some input into this bio, especially about hobbies, Jeffrey scratched his head and suggested that we write ‘surfing’. 

If you want to know about the latest sign up bets, the hottest odds, the best sportsbooks, or mobile sports betting apps, Neltjie is the guy to ask. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and since he’s a declared insomniac, we can safely say that he’ll see your message at pretty much any time of the day or night.


Get to Know Jeffrey

What’s your favourite online casino?

“Um…I’d say Casino.com.  I like the look of the online casino and the games by Playtech are really cool.  Casino.com also has some good bonuses to help you start earning. I know that my bankroll likes this site a lot [LOL]”

What’s your favourite online casino game?

“I hope I can say more than one. My favourites, in no particular order, are Champion’s Cup by NetEnt, Microgaming’s hockey-themed Break-Away, and Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7 by the masters, Playtech. There are a ton more, but these are just three that have popped into my head. Do you see a theme??”