south-african-lottery-player-opts-to-keep-his-win-a-secretAn anonymous player, who hit the South African Lotto two years ago, has still not revealed his win to some of his nearest and dearest. The player, who went by the alias of Paul Williams in an interview to Times Live, said that he hasn’t even told his partner of the R7 million windfall which changed his life in August 2015.

Williams recalled how, as a 27 year old, he was dealing with a nasty relationship breakup and was facing growing debt after finding himself unemployed. A spontaneous stop off at a Spar supermarket on his way home from supper with friends, led him to decide to buy a lottery ticket for R50.

Recalling how his life changed in the blink of an eye, Williams said: “I woke up early and checked the ticket and saw I had the matching winning numbers but I still wasn't sure whether I had won. I wasn't really sure how you win.”

“I called my sister and she confirmed that I had won and I then called my mom. We were meant to discuss my future [since I was unemployed] when I told her that she doesn't need to worry about me anymore.”

Williams told Times Live that after confirming the win with the lottery offices in Johannesburg, he was offered financial counselling (which he declined), and psychological counselling which he happily accepted. According to Williams, the psychologist helped him work through his emotions and together they decided that he would continue to live a modest lifestyle.

Of course, with R7 million sitting in the bank, Williams needed to make some adjustments, and he purchased a second hand Audi TT after he had been forced to sell his car when he was debt. Although he remained in the same house, he did some renovations and now hires a gardener.

Today, thanks to wise investing, Williams is worth R20 million, and he lives off the profits of a business that he created.

Williams said that will eventually reveal his secret to his partner of two years. “My dream has always been to get out of debt and, now that I am out, I tell him that my dream is to buy an island,” joked Williams. “Maybe we will buy it together.”

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