PowerBall Plus

powerball-plusPowerBall Plus is a newcomer on the SA scene and was launched on 28 November 2015. If you love playing PowerBall, take the next step into the realm of PowerBall Plus South Africa where the tickets are priced at just R2.50, but the wins are predicted to hit incredible highs with ITHUBA, the lottery operator, stating that the jackpot is guaranteed at R10-million and will rollover until won.

  • The all-new Powerball Plus is another chance to play for your one big thing when playing Powerball, for just R2.50 extra
  • Simple gameplay. All you need to do is tick the checkbox to select Powerball Plus
  • You have more chances to win with 9 winning divisions
  • The winning adds are high with 1 in every 18 being a winning ticket
  • There are guaranteed fixed bottem winning tiers of R5.00 and R7.50 so if you win, the very least you get will be double the money you played
  • Jackpots will roll over until they are won


Powerball Plus game rules

To play PowerBall Plus, you can choose to go with the Quick Pick or choose your numbers manually. If you decide to go with the Quick Pick, the system will choose five random numbers on your behalf, from 1 to 45, as well as a lucky PowerBall number from 1 to 20.

If you choose to go manual, all you’ll need is a valid bet slip, which you can get any National Lottery outlet, and indicate in pen or pencil which five numbers you want for the main pick. You’ll then need to pick one extra number from one to 20. You’ll notice on the ticket a checkbox titled ‘PowerBall Plus’. Tick that checkbox. Both of these options will put you in line to win the PowerBall Plus jackpot.

Don’t forget to keep your receipt for the PowerBall Plus safe and fill in your details on the back. You will need to ensure that the ticket you buy is valid, so be sure to go only to approved retailers or mail subscription agents that you know are valid. If you do happen to win, the National Lottery commission will need to validate your ticket and you will need to submit that ticket within one calendar year of having purchased it.

You can buy and play as many boards as you’d like to and can even choose the multi-draw option. This will allow you to keep playing the same numbers over many different draws.

When you can play the PowerBall Plus

PowerBall Plus tickets can be purchased between Mondays and Sundays from six in the morning (06h00) until eleven at night (23h00). If you prefer to purchase on a Sunday, you can do so between six in the morning (06h00) and six in the evening (18h00). Additionally, ensure you remember that on Tuesday and Friday evenings, ticket sales close at nine in the evening (21h00).

Powerball Plus prize draws

PowerBall Plus draws make use of two machines, one with 45 balls and one with 20. These are numbered and are drawn to determine the main numbers first (the 45-ball machine) and the extra number second (20-ball machine). Though you can win when you match three or more numbers, if you’re aiming for the main prize, you’ll need to match all of the main numbers as well as the extra number.

PowerBall Plus results can be viewed on Tuesday and Friday nights at nine in the evening (21h00) every Tuesday and Friday. Be sure to check your results and if you have won, submit your ticket to be validated. Even small amounts count and with a R10-million guaranteed jackpot, who knows how much money you could end up winning?