Pick 3

Updated 14 March 2019

Please be advised the game PICK3 will be removed from the National Lottery from the 15th of March 2019 (All tickets are still available to be claimed 365 days from draw date).

Pick3 will be replaced by the new game DAILY LOTTO


Pick3Are you tired of trying to match numbers with Lotto or PowerBall and losing your money? If your answer to this question is "yes", South African National Lottery has a new game to offer you which might be just what you need. It is PICK3 and just as its title says, you need to match only 3 numbers to win a prize. What's more, you can do it on a daily basis, as it is a daily game of chance with draws taking place every night, Monday to Sunday. You will easily learn the ropes with PICK3, so stay with us to find out more about this game and you can win the R10,000 top prize.

How To Play PICK3?

To start playing PICK3 you need first to get a betslip at the nearest retailer. You will be offered to choose the number of draws you want to bet on, a bet amount and a bet type. Pick 3 numbers or let the computer do it instead of you by opting for the Quick Pick option. After you have made your choice, buy the ticket and wait for the live coverage of a daily draw. You can buy a ticket until 19:30 every day before the draw.

As we have mentioned bet types, this is what you should know about your options. You can pick from six ways to bet and win and only one type of bet per combination can be chosen. You will be offered a few boards offering 0-9 numbers and you should pick only three of them at a chosen wager. The game allows you to choose the same numbers too and the Straight, 3-Way Mix, 6-Way Mix, Front Pair, Back Pair or Split Pair bet. That practically means that you can match 3 winning numbers in exact order, pick 2 numbers the same and one different and match them in any order, pick 3 numbers of different value and match them in any order, match the first 2 numbers, match the last 2 numbers or match the first and the last number.

If you make a mistake while choosing your numbers, you can simply check the Cancel Board and proceed to another board to make your selection of numbers. The minimum prize you can win while playing PICK 3 stands at R150 while the top prize stands at R10,000. The prize amount depends on your bet value and the bet type you have chosen. When you play Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pairs you can win from R150 up to R1,000 while playing the Straight bet can result in prizes which range from R1,500 up to R10,000 depending on your bet value. With Mix bet types you can win from R252 up to R3,400.

The liability limit for PICK3 is R15 million which is reached when a large number of players have chosen the same combination of numbers which are drawn by the RNG. In this case, no further bets on this combination will be allowed.



Play PICK3 Online

At the moment, you can play the game only if you buy a ticket at a retailer's.

What Does It Cost To Play PICK3?

Tickets are available at the price of R3, R5, R10 or R20. Although the offered wagers are not very high, you should play PICK3 responsibly as it is only a game of chance. The maximum bet a player can place is R5,000. You cannot wager more than R700 per betslip will be rejected.

Why Play PICK3?

One of the most important aspects of playing PICK3 is that you don't have to match 6 numbers to win the top prize. Now you can pick only 3 numbers and win up to R10,000. With only 3 numbers to match, odds of winning are higher. The odds of winning the top prize with the Straight bet type are 1 in 1,000. Although prizes are not life-changing prize like those awarded to lucky Lotto players, you can have fun at an affordable cost.

When Does The PICK3 Draws Take Place?

The PICK3 draws take place every evening at 20:00 on ETV, Monday through Sunday. If you miss it, you can always check the Ithuba website for the latest results, just like with other games.

About PICK3 Operator

PICK3 is brought to you by Ithuba, the South African National Lottery operator. This company is responsible for organizing games of chance such as Lotto, Lotto Plus, Powerball and PowerBall Plus as well as Sportstake since 2015. In October 2016 a new game was added to their offer. It is a once-off Raffle for Christmas with the draw taking place on December 30, 2016. The prize pool includes R1,000, R10,000, R100,000 in money while the top award is a Mercedes Benz C200 Cabriolet.