casino-dontsSometimes it's more important to focus on the Online Casino Don'ts when you start out. Let's look at what you should NOT be doing when you start out gambling online in South Africa.

Your Mood when You Gamble

  • Don't think that you can simply gamble lots of money at a fast pace, and hope for the best. Take it slow and steady bets will ensure a win.
  • Don't bet when you are desperate or bet bigger amounts when you are trying to recover a loss.
  • Don't think that because you have lost or won a big amount, that this trend will continue. Rather bet sensibly.
  • Don't gamble if you are drunk or tired – like if you have just finished a case of Castle and downed 2kgs of boerewors.
  • Don't gamble online if you aren't really in the right mood.
  • Don't bet with your money; rather bet with your brain.
  • Don't try and make up for a loss. Rather quit while you are still ahead.
  • Don't get frustrated in multi-player games. This will cause you to make the wrong moves when it's your turn.

The Rules of Gambling

  • Don't wager more than you can afford at any one time.
  • Don't bet without a limit and don't ever bet more than your set limit.
  • Don't just quit after a win unless you have reached a set limit or have won more than double your set starting amount.

Following these tips will guarantee that you enjoy a longer, more fun time when playing online casino games.