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Bingo has been a popular game in the States and later in the UK where it became very big. The game has also been rejuvenated when online bingo became famous. Virtual bingo halls are often very busy; with random number generators that call out the numbers and chat rooms where players can chat to one another.

Traditional Bingo

Normally in online bingo games, the aim is to get 5 numbers in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are prizes for anyone getting one line, two lines, and three lines.

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Cover all

Cover all is a simple online bingo game in which you have to cover all of your numbers before you can win. This game takes longer than most of the others as someone has to completely fill their bingo card to win. More numbers are called out during the game but everyone has the same odds, so don't feel like you have to buy several bingo cards in order to win. There is a special rule that says organisers can lower the jackpot amount if no one has won after the 41st number is called.


In cross, you have to form a cross on your bingo card to win. You win if you can get all the numbers in the N column, and all the following numbers: O3, G3, the open space, I3, B3.


This is another literal game where you have to form a diamond shape on your online bingo card in order to win. These games are usually quick since you only have to cover a couple of numbers. Try to buy some extra bingo cards for this game, if possible.

Have Your Pick

These are the most basic games that you will find online and offline. Trying out various types of online bingo games can help to keep the game exciting and challenging. Try out some strategies but most of all, always remember to have fun when playing online bingo games.