Linux casinos South AfricaPlaying at Linux casinos is a thought that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, unless you’re a Linux user, but as the awareness of this open source, free-to-use system grows, there is also a growing need for casinos that support this platform too. Linux, like Windows, is a form of software that computers use to run various programmes. For most desktop computer users, Windows has always been the system of choice, but now, Linux’s Ubuntu OS is quickly gaining in popularity as more and more casinos accepting rand (ZAR) are making their casino game offering available for Linux users.

It is important to note here that the concept of a Linux casino is a little misleading. There is no such thing as a casino specifically designed for Linux users, however, there are a number of ways for those using this system to access online casinos, with the easiest being Instant Play/No Download option. Ne

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arly every South African online casino today has an instant play option for their software, no download necessary.  Below is our top list of the best Linux friendly casinos available to South African players!

Instant play Linux casinos

As a Linux user, there are three ways in which you can access your favourite South African online casino. The first is using the instant play button, which allows you to play games using your computer’s browser. This is the easiest way for you to access online casinos as there is no need to install any software unless you are using a browser that doesn’t support Flash. In this case, downloading Flash is very easy and will allow you to access the games you enjoy very quickly.

When you play using the casino’s instant play functionality, you can expect to have the exact same experience as someone using a Mac or Windows. Depending on the browser you use and the strength of your internet connection, instant play casinos offer the most accessible and easy to use platform for online Linux casinos.

Linux casinos using WINE

Your next available option for accessing Linux casinos is to install WINE, the Windows simulator that allows you to essentially run Windows on your Linux computer. In order to use this simulator, you will need to visit the WINE website and download the relevant programmes that will give you access to this software. This doesn’t take up too much hard drive space, and allows you to access all of the programmes you would normally access if you had a Windows PC.

What may be important to note here is that while this is a relatively easy way to access online casinos, it may take some time for the software download and installation to happen, especially if your internet connection is slow. If you want to access a casino to play at now, this may not be the right option for you.

Dual booting for long-term access

Linux users also have the option of a dual boot, which essentially means that the computer will run Windows and Linux software at the same time. For many of us, the thought of running two different software platform s at the same time seems very complicated, and sadly, this is the case when it comes to dual booting. This is a choice that is usually recommended only to those who are computer savvy, and if you have just downloaded Linux and not even sure how it works in its entirety, this may not be the choice for you.

If you do decide to dual boot, keep in mind that two operating systems will take up significant hard drive space, and this may cause instability in your computer. Not only will this reduce the space you have available to store your programmes and files, but it could cause your computer to slow down significantly, as it uses more and more memory to run your programmes.

Benefits of Linux casinos

Each of the methods detailed above has its own benefits and drawbacks, but the most highly recommended method is probably instant play for a number of reasons. First, playing at a Flash-based casino means there is no need to install additional software, which is not only great for freeing up hard drive space, but also ensures that you don’t accidentally download any viruses onto your computer. Additionally, you can access the games quickly and easily and there is no need to wait for software to be installed, or for computer memory to be freed up.

If you run Linux on your computer, try any of the methods mentioned here to access online casinos and star playing your favourite games.